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Teen Wolf: Letharia Vulpira

“Power doesn’t come without a little pain and struggle.”

Most other series would fall apart if they tried to cram as much chaos into an episode as possible, but this is Teen Wolf. Chaos in Beacon Hills is no big deal, and it was definitely the name of the game here, but every single move was calculated and important and, best of all, fun.

Since the Nogitsune feeds off strife and pain, it makes sense that this episode would be nothing but. From the electrifying opening in the hospital to the explosive conclusion in the Sheriff’s station, the pack were kept busy this week. What’s even greater than all that excitement, though, is that they’re all included, and are all important to the story.

Peter’s return is definitely welcome. He’s become a pivotal part of the show’s wit and comedy, something that’s necessary in the face of all the ridiculousness elsewhere. His sarcasm and self aware dialogue balances things extremely well. Dropping a bombshell like his link to Malia was very clever, and keeps him tied to the major narrative for the foreseeable future. As much as I enjoy his banter with Derek, seeing him flourish in a separate storyline will be fun to watch.

Peter’s silly impersonations aside, things got pretty serious as far as Kitsunes and Nogitsunes are concerned. I sort of guessed that Stiles was playing everyone, but I hated watching it happen, and hate seeing him on the wrong side of the fight. As a character that is pretty much the heart of the show, staking things on his survival gives the plot’s outcome some serious weight.

Scott’s position as Alpha has been neglected for a few episodes, but seeing him take away the pain of everyone this week was a nice reminder of why he became one in the first place. Including Ethan and Aiden more is only working as well as it is because they’re falling in line behind Scott. He’s got authority not because he’s more powerful than them, but because they see how great a leader he is. It’s great that he’s starting to embrace that leadership.

Lydia and Kira both embraced their abilities as well. Lydia used hers to uncover Peter’s secret (and burned him pretty good, too), and Kira used hers to save a lot of lives. She may have bit it after Stiles duped her and Scott, but I liked her finally stepping up to the plate. She defeated those Oni pretty easily, the same Oni that her mother was convinced were more powerful than the last. I’m sure she’ll be important in helping bring Stiles back to us.

The Kitsune myth, as far as I’m concerned, has been the most successful legend that Teen Wolf has incorporated since it started. In part that’s down to how exciting it’s been, but it’s also down to how clever the writers have been at tying it to the established plots and dynamics that the show already has. Viewers don’t care about new mysteries and demons unless they concern the people we tuned in to watch, and it seems like Jeff Davis knows that better than anyone.

4 out of 5 letharia vulpira weeds.


Can’t wait to see Shelley Hennig come back! How long will Lydia and Allison keep Malia from Peter?

I loved the opening with Deaton and him popping up towards the end. I hope we get Stiles back soon. You really do miss him when he’s not fumbling around.

Poor coach. I never want to see him killed off.

He Said, She Said

Allison: “You attacked her and nearly killed her.”
Peter: “Power doesn’t come without a little pain and struggle.”

Chris: “I’m not interested in being a fugitive from the law.”
Derek: “Well, I’m not interested in being a victim to a seventeen year-old possessed by a psychotic fox.”

Originally posted at PandaTV.

1 comment:

  1. I'm definitely glad to see the plot thread about Malia wasn't a throwaway, and I'm curious what they intend to do with it. Why is Malia a coyote & not a wolf like her apparent father?

    Once again, Dylan O'Brien acted his socks off, I'm so glad he's getting a chance to really shine in Season 3B.

    I hope Kira's mother finally starts talking to her daughter about the whole Kitsune thing, so the rest of us can get some answers too. And I *really* hope Kira sticks around next season, she's proven to be a fantastic addition to the show, & I like her chemistry with Scott even more than he had with Allison in Season 1. I'm genuinely concerned about who's not going to survive this season. There are too many people that would be really hard to lose. But that line from Derek a couple of episodes ago when he asked the twins if they were willing to die for Scott was just too ominous.


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