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Teen Wolf: Riddled

“Everyone has it, but no one can lose it.”

This episode was close to perfect. It made use of every character, maximized the crazy and upped the stakes. Lydia and Derek finally got more attention, the horror spectacle was the best it’s ever been, and the Kitsune myth got even more dangerous. The biggest highlight of this episode though, was Dylan O’Brien.

He’s grown a lot since the show started, and as the series has made Stiles more imperative to the group, O’Brien has found it easier to straddle the line between kooky sidekick and selfless hero.

Like last week, it seems like everything is about Stiles even though he hasn’t been on screen much, although this week we were all thinking about him when he was missing not being distracted by everything else that’s going on instead. I love how much the pack cares about him, and would rush out in the middle of the night to save him. Scott, more so than everyone else, proved that this week. That moment in the hospital between the two of them was heartbreaking, and says so much about how their friendship is one of the anchors of the Teen Wolf dynamic.

Lydia showed almost as much loyalty to Stiles, but less to her new abilities. Did failing to find Stiles make her lose faith in her ability? Or is she just starting to lose control? It seems now more than ever that everyone in Beacon Hills is lost in the chaos of what’s been going on.

Even as Stiles is the centre of attention, the new recruits are still just as important. Kira’s mother being an all knowing Kitsune badass is a fun twist. Not all that surprising, but it does make the dynamic between Kira and her mom more interesting. Is Kira the one that she promised would stop possessed Stiles?

Even though we know it’s the lovable Stilinski underneath the stone cold exterior, this episode sold the villainy of hijacked Stiles incredibly well. As is customary with Teen Wolf nowadays, ‘Riddled’ defied a lot about what we know about standard teen fantasy, even when we’re watching what could easily play out in a slightly funny way. Stiles’ riddle master wasn’t really all that scary, but clever direction and styling made him more than he was.

At the halfway point I’m astounded by how great season 3B has been so far. Even if things do taper off, I’m almost happy with what we’ve been given so far. Things can change quickly though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this season’s main arc took a massive turn before the final hurdle.

4.5 out of 5 magnetized baseball bats.


Agent McCall wasn’t all that terrible this week.

I love how Melissa and Sheriff Stilinski support each other.

How will Kira escape that cable in time?!

He Said, She Said

Mrs. Yukimura: “I won’t be deterred by your choice of host, even if it’s an innocent boy.”

Originally posted at PandaTV.


  1. This episode was definitely a tour de force for Dylan O'Brien, he knocked it out of the park. He's done great work on this show, it's about time he gets the chance to be front and center.

    I loved how it got everyone involved, especially Derek. He's been on the sidelines for a lot of this episode block. I really enjoyed the conversation he had with Scott about how the town needs a protector. If all this leads to Scott officially building a pack, it certainly seems like Derek is ready to sign up.

    Well, now we know why they hired Tamlyn Tomita to play Kira's mom. She's been a favorite of mine for a while now(She absolutely broke my heart on Eureka. Twice.) so it's great to see her in this.

    I'm with you Panda, the friendship between Melissa & Sheriff Stilinski is definitely a highlight of the show. And I love how both of them interact with the kids now that they know about the supernatural stuff.

    In that MRI scene between Scott & Stiles, was Scott hinting that he'd attempt to turn Stiles if that's what it would take to save his life? I hope they keep Stiles human. Every Scooby Gang needs a Xander.

    Season 3B has been absolutely fantastic so far. I can't wait to see how this storyline plays out.

  2. I'm so behind with Teen Wolf and trying so hard not to read your reviews, Panda -- although I can practically see how glowing they are. I *will* catch up!

  3. Finally saw it and it was probably the creepiest, most powerful episode of this show that they've ever done. I'm *very* fond of Stiles. He'd better be okay in the end. Even if Scott has to turn him, which is what I assumed they were discussing in the MRI room. (That was a lovely scene.)


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