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Teen Wolf: Silverfinger

“I don’t have any tails.”

‘Silverfinger’ was an important episode in terms of filling in the gaps in this season’s mythology, adding even more essential monster info into the mix. I’ve been enjoying the heck out of this season so far, but it was a relief to get some background to what’s been happening in Beacon Hills. Even though it heralded a wealth of exposition, the episode didn’t let up once, and balanced all those long explanations with explosive fun.

The Kitsune myth is an interesting one, and though we’ve seen a lot of different types of mythology thrown around during Teen Wolf’s run, they’ve all been more or less wins in terms of entertainment and outcome at the end of each respective season (or half season as the case may be), so I've no doubt that it will continue to keep us entertained.

That Kira wouldn’t even be the one that the demons were after brings even more weight to what we’ve learned about the Kitsune. It’s interesting that Stiles was kept relatively low key throughout the episode. It’s common for shows to keep the obvious culprits off screen just before a big confrontation, and in this case it worked well, with Stiles turn to the dark side getting its full effect.

It broke my heart, though, to watch him suffer so much. Even if I wasn’t aware of what was really happening inside of him when the episode started, I still felt so much for him. He’s a kid who’s always moving and helping the pack out, and even in a state of insomnia and utter confusion, he still can barely give himself some time off.

The show has shied away from bringing the loss of his mother into the forefront, and up until now I never thought they’d make it a part of the supernatural part of things, but could it be that Claudia suffered the same possession that Stiles did? Maybe I’m reading too much into it, though.

But if Stiles is who the demons are after, then is Kira the potential saviour in all of this? Akumicho did say that there were a lot of different Kitsune out there, and it fits that she might be one of the few good ones. I’d really love to see her accept that and become a part of the Beacon Hills power pack.

Season 3B has been a crazy ride so far. That we’ve been given so much already is very promising for what the show has left in the tank for episodes 18-24. Could we have a Kitsune on Kitsune showdown on our hands further down the line?

4 out of 5 Kitsune


Lydia was out this week.

I really liked that scene between Melissa and Scott’s dad, and her reason for not letting Scott see him.

Originally posted at PandaTV.


  1. At this point, my only worry about this show is how they're going to keep this momentum going through the next seven episodes, because it has been pretty much non-stop awesome since Season 3B started.

    The McCall house has been trashed in a supernatural assault, how very Buffy of them. Too bad they don't have Xander Harris to fix the windows.

    Scott & Kira make such a great couple, their chemistry is fantastic. The scene where Scott showed her his fully-shifted face was beautifully done. And good Lord, Arden Cho's smile is just devastating, it lights up the entire screen.

    Very interesting bit of dialogue between Derek and the twins, about whether they would die for Scott. Are they setting up for one or more of those three to sacrifice themselves to save Scott?

    I'm just gonna skip right on by the scene with Allison boosting Isaac's confidence by making him grab her ass. Every time I try to write something about it, I feel dirty. :)

    Ok, so Stiles is possessed by the nogitsune(yeah, I looked up the proper spelling). I can't imagine the show would get rid of Stiles, so I'm assuming they'll find a way to get it out of him. But with a full seven episodes left this season, I can't imagine it's going to be that simple. It can't be a coincidence that a nogitsune comes to town at the same time Kira and her family did. And what about Kira's family? They mentioned something about her mother's lineage, and I doubt they hired Tamlyn Tomita just for one dinner scene.

    Oh, and have I missed something? Did we actually learn why Scott's dad is in town, or has everyone just been talking around it so far?

  2. I really liked this one, and I totally agree what a great way to deliver exposition while keeping the audience engaged.

    I should've seen the Stiles reveal coming. I wonder if he is at all aware of what is happening to him. Is the Nogitsune corrupting him, or simply possessing him?

    I'm really enjoying the Kira & Scott relationship, much more than I expected. I was bummed when they started putting Issac and Allison together, but it almost works now.

    Patrick, I was also lost about the reason Scott's dad is in town. I think they've been talking around it so far.

    Of course Kira and her Kitsune abilities will be involved in the Stiles conflict, but I bet Lydia will come into play too. She's important to Stiles, and she had abilities yet to be explored.

    I'm a bit behind, but so far I'm loving this half of the season.

    Great review Panda!


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