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Lost at PaleyFest

The stars and showrunners of Lost celebrated the show’s tenth anniversary and I am so old and—Look! Ignore the old lady typing and check out the video below instead:

(video no longer available -- sorry!)

If the 68-minute video is too long for you, here are a few highlights I culled from recaps on the web:

• Terry O’Quinn was once nearly kidnapped: after hitching a ride from a Hawaii local, O’Quinn found himself driven past his own house. “Why?” he asked. “I have to show you to my husband!” cried his kidnapper/driver/crazed fan.

• Josh Holloway was solicited repeatedly by a fan who wanted to make him a “chicken dinner,” if you know what I mean. (I don’t.)

• In “The Little Prince,” some of the Losties were shot at by people on an outrigger. Who were those people? Darlton refused to divulge the answer, claiming they wrote an answer into the script, that “definitively answered who was on the outrigger in a perfect, very satisfactory way,” but realized that “what’s much cooler is not answering this question. And we all looked at each other and said, I shit you not, ‘Years from now someone is going to stand up and ask us about the outrigger …’ That is the truth. The scene exists, it’s on paper. And years from now, for some excellent charity, we’ll probably auction it off. But we do know the answer.”

A few more recap details available here and here and a not-very-good one here that explains no, Duckling, they weren’t really dead the whole time.

Josie Kafka is a full-time cat servant and part-time rogue demon hunter. (What's a rogue demon?)


  1. Totally worth it for the Duckling link! I never would have seen it otherwise. Loved it. I wouldn't have made it through Lost without the reviews from this site. I don't care if that makes me a dim-bulb or not, but I never would have paid close enough attention to a TV show to follow it down all the rabbit holes it went down. So thanks for all you all have written.

  2. Is it just me or does the title of the article make it sound like Josie actually attended PaleyFest and couldn't find her way around of the building? :)

  3. Sunbunny, I did that on purpose. I swear. :-)

  4. You're so welcome, Katherine. What a lovely comment.

  5. I always assumed the shooters in "The Little Prince" were Ilana and her crew. They were crossing from Hydra Island to the main island (as seen in "The Incident"), they spotted Time Traveler Locke in the other raft, assumed he was Smoke Monster Locke, and opened fire.

  6. Chicken dinner?!
    Wow, watching it made me want to watch Lost all over again. Gosh, I miss it!

  7. Samantha, it had the same effect on me, but I started at the end and am working my way backward. I still won't get all the details that Billie picks up, but I won't be "under water" anymore. Enjoy.


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