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Teen Wolf: De-Void

“It still feels like he’s got us right in the palm of his hands.”

‘De-Void’ definitely required the viewer to keep up to date with what’s been happening over the past few weeks. In that regard, it’s a massive reward to those of us who’ve been glued to the show since the start of this incredible stretch of episodes.

If you didn’t understand the significance of Lydia and Peter’s past, Danny and Ethan’s relationship, or the sacrifice Scott was willing to make to save Stiles you’d be hard pressed to keep up with everything that happened here.

Probably the biggest reward was seeing Stiles finally come back, just as we enter the final battle. Scott may still have to turn him before the end, but if Stiles is finally free of the Nogitsune then all the guessing over whether or not he would become a wolf was a great red herring. I also liked that it was Malia’s name that gave Stiles his final push to the surface.

I’m at a loss as to what the Nogitsune will do now that it doesn’t have a home. Does it still look like Stiles? What will it do with Lydia? I really hope she survives the season, if only because she and Stiles have yet to get together. Although, Malia’s arrival might put a dent in that plan. She could be distracted by her father coming knocking. With Peter finally on her trail, we could be looking at a huge plot for the fourth season. She was a fantastic character when we were reacquainted with her in ‘Echo House’ and there’s still a lot that the show can do with her.

The female characters on the series have seriously blossomed this season, and I think it showed how much fun that the writers have been having with them in that big squabble where Kira and Allison teamed up against the twins and Isaac.

Kira may or may not have to hurt Stiles, but she will definitely still have a huge role to play in ending the war against the Nogitsune. I really hope it’s a war that not only she survives, but all the other characters that bring out the best in Teen Wolf.

4 out of 5 board games on tree stumps.


Poor Melissa. The Nogitsune using tears to pull Melissa in was hard to watch.

I wonder what the real reason for Scott’s father leaving is?

Stiles vomiting up the plasters? Seriously gross.

He Said, She Said

Allison: “Remember, try not to kill them.”
Kira: “I was just going to try and stay alive.”
Allison: “That works too.”

Originally posted at PandaTV.

1 comment:

  1. Loved this episode, for a few reasons. The trip inside Stiles' head was great. Lydia & Scott always seem to make a good team. And I loved that Lydia brought up the idea that Scott's pack wasn't just made up of other wolves. It's his friends, his family, the people he cares about that give him strength.
    The team-up of Kira & Allison to take on the three wolf-boys was good too, mostly because I'm so glad that in this entire episode block we've yet to see a single catty moment between those two girls. The stuff with Scott throwing Isaac into walls at the beginning of Season 3B was different, it's a whole 'nother thing when your friend starts dating your ex. Bro code, and all. Plus, those scenes were funny. :)
    Very sweet scene with Scott & Kira in Scott's room, I'm glad it stayed as chaste as it did. If they'd started ripping each other's clothes off it wouldn't have felt right for these two characters. I really really hope the writers keep them together.


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