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Teen Wolf: The Fox and the Wolf

“Sometimes history does repeat itself.”

It’s important to remember that a lot of ‘The Fox and the Wolf’ requires a certain amount of oversight. It’s the sort of episode that doesn’t pay attention to historical detail, and throws the repercussions of certain actions to the wind. It’s all fine though, when you remember the nature of this show, and see how well a creative license serves it at a time when exposition is the name of the game.

The brutality of what happened in the internment camps was well played. And the motivation for Noshiko to seek revenge is both understandable and heartbreaking. Obviously, there are leniencies with regards to following the history books fact for fact. I know that a few people online are criticising the series a lot for this.

I’m not taking it all that seriously. For me, it’s less about the detail and more about the effect that the circumstances had on the major characters involved. It explained what birthed the Nogitsune and what role Noshiko played in its creation in as satisfying a way as possible.

Sometimes when you learn the truth it sort of lets you down a bit, never living up to the amazing explanation you had built up in your head, but in this instance I’m happy. Flashback episodes tend to deflate the excitement of learning the truth behind a mystery that’s spanned a number of episodes of a TV serial, but Teen Wolf beefed it up a lot with gore and action.

My favourite part of it all was werewolf Satomi and the role that she played in Noshiko’s fight against the Nogitsune. It certainly paints a picture of what Scott and Kira might have to do down the line if they can’t find another way to save Stiles.

This episode was definitely a place setter. There was less forward development, and more time spent on defining the story, the stakes and the potential losses that we might suffer when this is all over. I’m definitely worried about who will fall by season’s end.

4 out of 5 stolen bottles of aspirin.


I loved Allison’s breakdown in the elevator.

Arden Cho has such starring quality. If we lose her I’ll be devastated.

He Said, She Said

Noshiko: “You want to save Stiles, you kill him. That’s the only way.”

Originally posted at PandaTV.

1 comment:

  1. Geez, this season just isn't letting up, it's a shame this show is on MTV or it might be getting the attention and praise it deserves. Then again, maybe the reduced expectations are helping it to stay on the air.

    OK, first off? Loving the outfit they put Kira in for this episode. Combined with the kitana it makes her look like the heroine from Blood: The Last Vampire. Arden Cho is a bona fide star, pretty please let her stick around after this season. She also did great work in the flashback sequences. Although I gotta pick a nit. Kira's mom looked like Arden Cho all the way up to 850 but aged to Tamlyn Tomita by 900? Don't get me wrong, Tamlyn Tomita is a beautiful woman who doesn't look 48 any more than Ming-Na Wen looks 50, but c'mon. :)

    When Scott said, "All this, it's all happened before, hasn't it?" how many of you reflexively said "And all of it will happen again", just me? :)

    Glad to see that bit about the internment camp wasn't a throwaway, bits like that rarely are on this show.

    Kudos to Kira for making her mother get to the damn point, and to Scott for realizing right away that she was trying to stall until the Oni could arrive. Scott's really not the naive kid he was when this show started anymore, is he.

    Every time I hear characters talk about history repeating, I'm reminded of the quote attributed to Mark Twain(but which he may not have actually said), "History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme."

    Oh, and about Allison's breakdown in the elevator. NOW she's having second thoughts about breaking up with Scott? Sorry lady, you had your shot. I like him much better with Kira. :)


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