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Teen Wolf: Insatiable

“What am I missing?”

All season long Teen Wolf has been trashing every single cliché that teen dramas have been known for, and in ‘Insatiable’ that subversion reached its climax; a tragic, shocking and game changing climax. Beacon Hills will never be the same.

Allison Argent, the first love, the “it” girl, the newly evolved action heroine, has been killed off, and I think it’s a death that’s going to stick.

After this episode finished and I had finally gotten over the shock of what just happened, I started to think about season one. Teen Wolf was so different back then, almost no comparison to the relentless, unforgiving and undeniably entertaining show it is now. Forgetting the mythology, the over emphasis on who plays lacrosse (well, can’t say no to a few locker scenes, to be fair) and how annoying Stiles used to be, it’s Allison that I’m thinking about most of all right now.

It’s only now that I’m realising how much she’s changed. Not just in how badass she’s become in a fight, but how she’s developed and grown as a singular unit, completely separate from Scott. It was after the series placed the epic love story on the back burner and focused on what really works that we saw her become her own person. She no longer depended on the male lead to make sense. She wasn’t Allison, Scott’s girlfriend. She was Allison Argent, the wolf hunter.

She’s become the greatest and most devastating example of how incredibly unforgiving, devastating and sensational Teen Wolf has become.

Right now it’s difficult to say what direction the show will take in light of Allison’s death. There’s still so much left to be wrapped up in next week’s finale, with The Nogitsune still loose and wolf hunters on the prowl, but it’s fair to say that the show has been irrevocably changed.

‘Insatiable’ started out as a typical action packed episode of Teen Wolf, and a pretty great one at that, but ended with its biggest statement to date. It isn’t just a shameless hunk show anymore. It’s an exciting, surprising and dark take on the once thought standardised teen fantasy genre. Where do we go from here?

4.5 out of 5 arrow heads


I love that Coach didn’t know who Kira was.

I think Allison’s death, as sad as it is, might mean good things for Kira next season.

I guessed during Allison’s big speech that either she or her father would die, but I was pretty sure it was going to be the latter, more expendable one.

Will the twins make it?

He Said, She Said

Allison: “I’m here to save my best friend.”
Scott: “I came to save mine.”
Isaac: “I just didn’t feel like doing any homework.”

Nogitsune: “I eat what you feel, and I’m insatiable.”

Scott: “I can’t take your pain.”
Allison: “It’s because it doesn’t hurt.”

Originally posted at PandaTV.


  1. Just a quick FYI for anyone who didn't know and is swearing blood vengeance at the writers, leaving the show was Crystal Reed's decision, she didn't get fired or anything.

    I've got mixed feelings about Allison's death. Crystal Reed for the most part did a very good job playing her, and she started coming into her own as a hunter of late. On the other hand, I never really bought into Allison & Isaac as a couple(based on her dying confession, neither did she), but with Kira here now I didn't want Allison & Scott back together either(Scott & Kira are just TOO awesome together). Panda, I hope you're right about what Allison's death means for Kira's future on the show. Arden Cho has fit in beautifully, and they've only begun exploring Kira's power as a kitsune.

    The real disappointment for me this episode was the talk between Scott & his father about why he left all those years ago. Really? That's it? Does anyone else feel like the writers built before they actually decided what the big secret would be, and then got brain freeze at the last minute? My biggest gripe about it is the whole thing with how if Scott supposedly found out he'd never forgive his mother. WTF?

    LOVED the Coach this week! He's become such an awesome character since the first season. :)

  2. Brilliantly gut-wrenching episode, and a fitting send-off for Allison. But *sob*!!! :o(


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