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The Originals: Moon Over Bourbon Street

"You can all play nicely together, or you can leave."

We learn at the start of the episode that it's been a month since Rebekah left. Klaus is shacking up with Genevieve, the Crescent Pack curse is gone, and the witches and vampires are basically at war. Of course, once again the main revelation is that in this universe, parties never turn out well.

I suppose you could argue that things did come to a satisfactory end after the party, but as for the party itself? Well, it was one step removed from a bar fight. At least Hayley was there and her ability to cut through the bull prevented outright war, for now at least. And of course the Hayley and Elijah dance continued, but with the official inclusion of an unwanted triangle. Seriously, did they really need to add Jackson to the mix?

Anyway, the rest of the episode was all politics. Players maneuvering their pieces and planning their moves just as a treaty of peace was signed. I'm thinking Klaus is right, that piece of paper isn't going to hold things together for very long. Of course he isn't exactly helping things along, giving the wolves what essentially amounts to an ace in the hole. Moonlight rings, figures. It makes perfect sense in the scope of this series -- vampires have daylight rings, mortals have resurrection rings, it fits that werewolves would have moonlight rings. I'm not sure if the writers are really going to give the werewolves that kind of power, but considering who our central characters are, they might.

We also got some movement on the human side of things. With Father Kieran deteriorating from that hex, an ambitious and morally corrupt woman named Correa has stepped up to replace him. She's already threatened Elijah, and made grand egomaniacal gestures by insinuating herself into the position of queen of the city. Sure, she isn't at the head of the table, but she is as far as the human community is concerned.

It's become more and more clear that Cami needs to step into a leadership role, she needs to be the human faction leader. I didn't realize that would be her role at the beginning of the series but it makes sense. She had to learn about what was happening in the supernatural world, had to have a reason to want to protect the people. Also the kings of the city trust her, and that's no small thing.

Of course she's currently dealing with some pretty horrible stuff. Her only remaining family is slowly losing his mind. That scene where he attacked her was miserable. Poor Cami. She got drunk and slept with Marcel, which was a lot of fun -- not only because Cami is a fun drunk, but because her chemistry with Marcel is much stronger than Marcel's chemistry with Rebekah. She also has to deal with Klaus literally sleeping with the enemy. She might not be super close to him, but he is one of her few friends in the city.

At least she still has Davina. I'm so glad Davina's back, and I'm even more thrilled that it looks like her power came back with her. Perhaps not to the same degree, but she's definitely talented. For most of the episode she was convinced that her power was only ever a part of the harvest ritual. Thankfully Josh helped her uncover her own abilities.


This is the first time I've felt the city come together as a whole, now that all the factions are represented. Not sure why there are three vampires sitting at the table, though?

Bad Elijah for leaving the werewolves out of the conversation. That was a betrayal on a couple of fronts. Did he really think Hayley wouldn't be pissed?

Cami knows how to hit Klaus where it hurts.

Thierry isn't willing to back up Marcel this time. Gee, I wonder why?

Fitting that Klaus was working on a painting throughout the episode, and it turned out to be a cityscape with a full moon front and center. It does look like Klaus is betting on the werewolves. Of course looks can be deceiving where Klaus is concerned.

We're getting another break. The next episode airs April 15.


Cami: "I saw the light from the courtyard and took a chance that... you weren't with a half-naked psycho witch. Seems like I gambled and lost."

Thierry: "It's gonna take more than a pretty speech this time."

Klaus: "It's difficult trying to unite a community that has a history of mutual loathing."

Elijah: "I do hope your daughter inherits her mother's . . . everything."

Interesting episode, but not necessarily great.

2 1/2 out of 4 Moonlight Rings.

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.

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