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Lost Girl: Origin

“I am so sick of Fae and your blood oath bullshit!”

I’m seriously starting to question why I still watch this show.

I’m probably still here because I love the characters so much. Even though Bo has been annoying the hell out of me these last few weeks, I still have a lot of love for her, Kenzi, Lauren, Tamsin, Trick, Evony, even Dyson has won me over this season (who would’ve thought?). But the writing has taken a swan dive of late. I know I shouldn’t expect Buffy or Soprano quality writing when it comes to this show, but I at least expect a certain level of professionalism. The writing for these last few episodes has been staggeringly sloppy. It is now painfully clear that the writers have completely lost the plot. I honestly don’t think they had any kind of well thought out master plan and are now just making things up as they go. At the same time, no one is bothering to explain things clearly and it is driving me up the wall. We’re told that Bo is “The One”, but Dyson and Tamsin never elaborate what they mean by that. Is she the Keanu Reeves of the Fae world, meant to save them, or is going to rule over them? Ugh, will everyone please stop being so cryptic?

Worse still, they are not stopping to ask the important questions they should be asking. Why is no one talking about how Rainer is not the Wanderer who hired Tamsin to find Bo? That has been completely forgotten about. What the frak, man? You know what, I give up. I’m as done with all this Wanderer bollocks as Kenzi is. I don’t care if Rainer is the real Wanderer or if it is Bo’s daddy, the demon horse lord of darkness, I just want this storyline to be over and done with. Maybe then we can have back the real Bo, the one we all fell in love with, not this pea brained imposter. I’ve holding out hope that her actions for the last few episodes were because she was under some kind of external influence. Alas, it looks like they are simply the result of bad characterization.

Poor Kenzi just can’t seem to catch a break. All she wanted to do was bury the man she loved and avenge his murder and she couldn’t even do that. She’s hurt and she’s angry and this is the time when her friends should be there to help her get through this. But one by one they abandoned her when she needed them the most. Dyson won’t let her kill Massimo because of, err, reasons. Bo agrees with him because of, err, reasons. Even Vex, a not exactly reformed sadistic killer who once made someone stick their hand in a garbage disposal, turned against her to protect Massimo because he’s the creep’s godfather or something. They all promised to help and then broke that promise without a second thought.

This all put a further strain on Bo and Kenzi’s currently fragile relationship, culminating in Kenzi asking Bo to unclaim her. Kenzi loves her BFF, but I can understand her frustration with everything being all Bo, Bo, Bo, Bo 24/7. Bo has been too wrapped up with all this Wanderer bullshit lately and Kenzi is finally as sick of it as I am. But I'm not too concerned about their estrangement. When characters who have a bond as strong as the one Bo and Kenzi share fall out it is usually never for long. Half a season at the most. With the season finale (and possibly the end of the world) just around the corner, I expect there’ll probably be some quick fix solution to their relationship issues next week.

Dr. Lauren Lewis deserves a round of applause for a very inventive use of her vagina. She discovered that the Morrigan was planning to kill Bo and decided the only course of action was to bang the Fae out of her employer. Yep, you read that right. Lauren made Evony human with sex (and a new serum she’d developed). She rocked Evony’s world before turning it upside down. It was gratifying seeing Lauren, who has been used and abused by the Fae for far too long, finally make one of them her bitch in such a creative fashion. And watching the now human trying to melt Lauren was, as the doctor said, adorable.

The question now is, will she use the serum to make Bo human? It would solve of lot of their relationship issues. It would have to be consensual of course. Lauren would never do anything like that to Bo without her permission unless the situation was dire. It would be a hell of a game changer, but Lost Girl doesn’t strike as the kind of show to take that kind of creative risk. This is a show about a succubus after all, not a show about a former succubus. Still, it would be interesting see Bo adjusting to such a major change. Maybe they could do a human for a day episode next season.

This week’s moment of uncomfortable viewing was provided by Massimo and the Morrigan, the Norman and Norma Bates of the Fae world. Yes, the stylish leader of the Dark Fae and BBQ druid are in fact mother and illegitimate son. That sure as hell explains a lot. Since Emmanuelle Vaugier seems to be channelling Faye Dunaway, I’d say Evony went to the Mommie Dearest school of parenting. Nothing her son does is ever good enough for her. He jumped into a pool of lava to get her that Valkyrie hair and she tosses it away like he got it off a Barbie. And yet he still goes out of his way to please her. I was going to say that it’s probably because he wasn’t cuddled enough as a child, but I suspect, after seeing that kiss, that he was maybe cuddled way too much, if you catch my drift.

Notes and Quotes

--Massimo has consumed the Origin Seed and now has all the powers of the Una Mens. Expect Tim Rozon’s acting to be even more OTT next week.

--As Rainer said, Hel or Helheim and sometimes HelvĂ­ti, is akin to the Underworld in Norse mythology.

--Since Bo’s father is trapped in the Norse underworld that's more evidence to support my 'her dad is Odin' theory. Everything about this Wanderer character keeps coming back to Norse mythology. Wait a minute, if the real Wanderer is Bo’s father and he’s trapped in Hel, then just how did he hire Tamsin?

--If what Massimo had to say was so important that they couldn’t kill him, why did they just leave him in Dal with no guard?

Bo: “Look, I don't give a shit about prophecies, or seeds, or pyrippuses. This is my family, and they need me.”

Evony: “You think that just because the Una Mens went tits-up that things will just fall into place?”

Kenzi: “I didn't call you for cuddles, Vex. I need to get revenge.”
Vex: “Absolutely! Revenge is my middle name... Well, second middle, actually... after Chauncey. It's a family thing. Don't judge.”

Lauren: “Are you trying to melt me? That's adorable.”

Two out of four creative uses for a vagina.
Mark Greig has been writing for Doux Reviews since 2011. More Mark Greig.

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