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The Originals: An Unblinking Death

"This story does not have a happy ending."

This was a sad and powerful episode. All the politics that had been set in motion over the last few episodes just took off.

One thing that The Originals does well, like The Vampire Diaries, is pointed segues. For example; when Hayley asked who would change her baby's diapers, Elijah showed up as if on cue. It's a common enough occurrence that it's almost guaranteed if there is an unanswered question floating in the air, inevitably the subject of said question will show up in a visual way. It's a stylistic choice that gives The Originals a nice little nod to its TVD roots, without needing to mirror themes and tone.

Another thing that carries over rather well is that we also expect someone in deep shit to actually die. Sometimes they come back, like Davina. Sometimes they don't. I went into the episode knowing with unspoiled certainty that Father Kieran wouldn't make it past the end. Sometimes I hate to be right. His death was pretty horrible. If the intention was to make us feel for Cami, I could say mission successful.

It was an appropriately tragic death, but there was definitely a feeling of transition. Much like Kieran's own transformation into a monster, he also passed the torch onto Cami. Whatever their family legacy is, it's clear she will eventually step into that role. The question is when? Clearly she isn't ready, and I'm actually glad that Marcel had the presence of mind to protect that key (whatever it's used for). Even if he isn't in the good guy camp, I believe he wants to protect her.

Because the alternative is Ms. Correa, who wasn't in this episode at all, but was obviously behind the explosions at the werewolf camp. It was very mafia-esque (i.e. overly dramatic and horrible), to set off bombs in a camp full of innocents and children. That in a world with actual monsters that go bump in the night, the human leader committed the most heinous act of violence so far. Which just goes to show how needed Cami is, she is so much like Father Kieran, and would definitely be able to fill his shoes.

Unfortunately Oliver was also behind the attack. He claimed ignorance, saying that he didn't know it would be that bad, that he was betrayed as well. I'm not sure I'm buying that line. He killed a defenseless woman in cold blood. Then he immediately went out to rally the rest of the pack so he could become the new leader. It's a classic move, and I hate to say he played it perfectly.

At least Jackson displayed some humanity, he seemed genuinely upset about Evie's death. It made me like him a bit. It does look like Hayley really is the only one capable of leading the wolves though. Jackson sat back and let Oliver take over; grieving or not, he needed to take control of the situation before it escalated. I just don't think he's strong enough to lead like that. As a advisor, or a second, I think he'd do great, though. Perhaps that's where he's going to end up, as Hayley's right hand. Hopefully that isn't as her king.


Okay, so a daylight ring gives immunity to vampires from the sun. The resurrection ring protects a human from death. A moon ring will supposedly give a werewolf a break from their curse. That leaves one big group unaccounted for. Sure, they create the rings. But shouldn't there also be a witch ring? Perhaps a witch grail of sorts? I don't know if the show will ever go there, but it's food for thought.

The electro shock stuff was not so fun. I wonder if you really need to hold the electrodes on that long?

Kieran biting off his thumb was a bit... pun aside, it was jarring and gross, but effective. It was a overly visceral way of confirming he was totally and completely gone.

I loved Hayley going mama bear, threatening Diego and Marcel while very very pregnant. She has the power of protection, and instead of cowering behind it, she uses it like an offensive weapon, like the best kind of fighter. Stuff like that makes me like her even more. She was also one of the first people to respond after the initial explosion.

Klaus knew that Kieran would never choose to become a vampire. It was a surprisingly kind thing to do, to give Cami a chance to say goodbye to him. Well, until he turned into a monster.

I kept thinking as Father Kieran succumbed to the hex, that he was a crazy priest turning into a vampire, wearing his full regalia. Can you get any more horror movie?

This whole mess at least brought Elijah and Klaus together again.


Klaus: "Turning him wasn't the goal. It was to give you a chance to say goodbye."

Elijah: "They will want vengeance. Blood for blood. And unfortunately, in troubled times, people do not look for the best, but rather the loudest."

Klaus: "You deserved far better than this."

I expected Kieran's death to be tragic, but I didn't think it would be this sad.

4 out of 4 Crazy Homicidal Vampire Priests.

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.

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  1. An excellent review to an excellent episode. Can't wait to be terrified by the season finale.


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