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24 Live Another Day: 3:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m.

"We've just given our enemy a moral victory."

This felt like a bit of a bridge episode, which could probably be said about most of the middle episodes in every 24 season.

This was more Kate's episode than Jack's. Kate kept her word; she worked with Chloe. She was ready to take risks because she had nothing more to lose. Once she realized Jack was on the level, she went for it. Unfortunately Navarro had to be right in front to get all the credit, which also kind of telegraphed that ending scene. I'm glad that Erik made it out of the missile attack, though.

I like Benjamin Bratt, but I don't care a bit about Navarro. Maybe they made him dislikeable so we wouldn't care, but that doesn't make much sense. Same with Boudreau. He's really dislikeable. Is that so we won't be upset with Audrey when she turns against him? Or is Boudreau going to be the redemption character?

I really liked the subtle way Audrey said 'my father needs you', instead of 'I need you' to Boudreau. Then we find out that Boudreau had something to do with the drone strike that killed Margot's husband? Covering up the deaths of civilians and children is one thing, hiding it from the President seems a little fishy.

Thankfully Jack is back in their lives, although he has to do a bit of mop up after his killing spree at the end of season 8. I'm a little fuzzy on the specifics, and I know it wasn't black and white, but he was guilty of killing those men (even if they deserved it). I'm glad that Jack told Audrey the truth about his role in those events, even if he didn't go into specifics. The way they moved around each other said so much more than 'I love you'.

I really liked the Jack and Heller scene as well, since it was like old times with Jack basically doing what he always does, telling the President of the United States exactly what he needs to do. It doesn't help that Heller and Jack have always had a bit of a... tumultuous relationship, and Jack doesn't make things easy sometimes. His demand that they let him do it his way was a bit too much to ask, but I can totally see where's he's coming from: a lack of trust in the government and knowing that his way usually works. I bet Kate will be the one they use to work with Jack when they eventually decide to go with his plan.

Naveed really did stand out. He took a stand knowing it might kill him, and it did. Margot is scary. This entire plot with Naveed and Simone was to make her scarier, and it worked. But I do wonder if Margot went further than Simone was ready to go. You could kind of interpret Simone's expression when she was standing on the stairwell watching Naveed's execution in more than one way. Her face was blank. She didn't smile, she didn't cry. She kept her face neutral. What is she thinking? Is she really wrapped around her mother's finger (sorry about the pun)?


Six stealth drones with enough fire power to level multiple city blocks. Sounds about as bad as it gets. Of course they had to be entering British airspace within the hour, it's always within the hour.

Simone could literally die from shock, and Margot says it was Naveed's fault. "Forgive me?" and "A mother should never have to see her daughter go through something like that". Really? Seeing it is horrible, but it's perfectly okay for a mother to put her daughter through something like that?

Adrian caught what Chloe didn't with the flight key code. Which was 24 shorthand for; 'This guy knows his shit'. Interesting choice to have Adrian tell Chloe he loves her. Is it romantic? Familial?

Looked like at least a couple Open Cell members wanted to stay with Chloe. I liked that Jack's Serbian ally stood up for Chloe too.


Adrian: "Well done, Yates."
Chloe: "What?"
Adrian: "You don't see it?"
Chloe: "If I saw it, I wouldn't have said 'what'."

Although I liked this one, and a lot happened it felt like it was really just a way to move some pieces around the board to set up the several moves off checkmate.

2 1/2 out of 4 Subroutines embedded in code that should be impossible to screw with.

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.

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  1. Agreed that this was a bridge episode, but the scene between Jack and Audrey was worth the price of admission. The way the two of them kept moving closer together, as if against their will, was brilliantly done. When he threw her out of the room, I was devastated.

    I also like the Kate and Chloe dynamic. The two women have real chemistry. The way they interact is fun to watch.


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