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The Originals: The Battle of New Orleans

Bombs, betrayals, and blood. Also quite a few secrets, lies, revelations, and even more blood. Hell, there was even a fountain of blood. Saying this episode was packed is a bit of an understatement.

So I never could figure out Ms. Correa. She seemed slimy, of course, but I didn't figure her for a big player. I knew she had an agenda, I knew she was to be trusted about as far as Cami could throw her (only human on the show at the moment, no offense to Cami). I just didn't see her reveal coming, and I'm totally floored.

Way to hide in plain sight. Francesca Correa stayed human by not killing anyone by her own hand. Then she orchestrated a major battle on multiple fronts, which set the stage to eliminate Marcel's city of vampires in one bloody sweep. The Guerrera werewolves had been mentioned several times, so I should've seen their return coming. I just thought it was world building, nice job there. Great twist.

Unfortunately, Ms. Correa's true play to become the head of the werewolves meant she had to take Hayley out of the equation, and giving her to the witches was unforgivable. Does that make her the new big bad? How big of a role will she have? Will she die in the finale? Or is she being set up as a continuing menace for next season?

At least the door is open for Cami to step up and lead the human faction. As it turns out Cami's secret weapon is knowledge. Makes sense. I just wonder what other interesting bits and pieces of history and magic she has in that secret room of hers. Whatever it is, she could potentially have quite a bit of power. I wonder how she's going to use it, if she manages to survive until next season. Also, I thought it was pretty impressive of her to walk into the middle of the compound with dozens of weakened and bloodthirsty vampires just to warn Elijah and Hayley about Ms. Correa's lineage.

Interesting that we finally have a chink in Klaus's power. Once a month on the full moon, Klaus will weaken as each werewolf with a moonlight ring draws power from him. It was such a witchy betrayal on Genevieve's part. I can totally see why she did it too. It basically incapacitates her greatest opponent, giving her a chance to kill his child and fulfill her obligation to her coven.

Still, it was so obviously a trap that I rolled my eyes when Klaus volunteered his blood. A thousand years old and paranoid, and he still fell for her betrayal. I'm not sure if that's lazy writing, or Klaus showing signs of growth. For example; Klaus was crying when he bit Marcel. Now that the season is basically almost over, I'm glad that Klaus has made a bit of progress but is still Klaus. His edges are a bit softer, and he's made some almost human choices, but he hasn't made an unrealistic transformation in a single season.

Although it is a pretty solid move strategically, I wonder how much Genevieve hates herself for being so monstrous. That scene in the church at the end was pretty horrible. I did love when Hayley called Monique a little psychopath, though. It's not surprising that they didn't include Davina in this little horror show either. She would never go along with hurting Hayley or her child.

Unfortunately Davina might bring Mikael back from the dead. I believe he will keep his promise and bring Klaus's blood back to save Josh. Only it doesn't really matter, because he would shortly die afterward because Klaus's vampire line would die out. He gets to keep his word, and still be a horrible monstrous evil sonofabitch.

At least Elijah finally answered Hayley about his feelings. About freaking time. Right before she is captured by witches. Considering she's basically the female lead since Claire Holt left, I doubt she's going to die in the finale. But that doesn't mean things are going to be left on a positive note.


Marcel setting up Jackson to be blown up by dozens of boxes of explosives was a fun scene. It made me like Jackson even more, he shares some of the same traits as Elijah. Still, Elijah saved him for Hayley. Being noble really is Elijah's defining characteristic (or "default setting").

I really like Josh. Wasn't sure about him at first, but he's good for Davina. I hope he isn't a casualty in the next episode. I feel like I'm saying that a lot.

Mikael definitely brings the creep factor. He's just standing on a street corner and I'm like, eeeaaaggghhh.

Klaus doesn't plan small, does he? A hundred moonlight rings. That's a freaking army. A vampire-killing army.

Not sure how I feel about Hayley giving birth in a church. Feels a bit too on the nose for me.


Davina: "Now that you have a ring, I think you need to leave town."
Josh: "Whoa. Wait. We breaking up?"
Davina: "I'm serious."
Josh: "Yeah, I know. 'Serious' is kinda your default setting. Which is why you need me around to lighten you up. Ergo, not leaving."

Davina: "… if Klaus finds out…"
Josh: "Hey, look, if Marcel's got a plan, maybe Klaus will buy a clue, realize he's negative on the popularity chart, and go into vampire retirement. I hear Palm Springs is nice."

Elijah: "Disregard my brother. Over the course of the last millennium, his capacity for tact has somewhat diminished."
Klaus: "That's typical, isn't it? Marcel fills a room with dynamite, and yet I'm the tactless one."

It was penultimate, but this episode gave us more than most season finales do. I thought it was a really good episode. Now that the blood bath is over, you'd think there would be a calm. Unfortunately I bet everything will be pretty horrible at the end of the finale. It is after all a Vampire Diaries spin off, and TVD is notorious for brutal season finales.

4 out of 4 Fountains of Blood.

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.


  1. This episode was awesome. it was so brutal and so amazing it made me jaw-opened long after it was over. If the finale is anything close to this one, or even better, it will be the perfect ending for a season that started off quite shabby and now has shown its true colors: lots of red! Blood fountains and all!!
    I fear Mikael, pity JOshua for I doubt he'll make it to next season, and hope deep in my heart either Klaus's bite has lost some of its deadly power now he has been betrayed by Genevieve, or that Klaus shows some mercy and saves Marcel to align against Mikael, perhaps?
    All I know is next week will be massive.

  2. Yeah, I was shocked by Francesca Correa, too. They've been setting that up for a long time.

    And I'm glad that they're not redeeming Klaus overnight. If they're smart, they won't ever do it completely. They already have a noble leading man that I like much better -- for me, this series is all about Elijah.

  3. Well, that was an amazing episode! There were very few times I saw what was coming (Genevieve betraying Klaus comes to mind). The Ms. Correa reveal was AMAZING for me. I never would have guessed, but looking back it makes complete sense, which always makes me excited.

    I've always liked Cami, and I have the highest of hopes that she will make a fantastic leader for the human faction. Speaking of, now that we know who Ms. Correa really is, there was no human rep to sign the peace contract. Does that make it void. I guess all the bloodshed is what voided it. Nevermind.

    Poor Josh and Davina. These two can't catch a break.

    Also, the scene at the end in the church had strong rape vibes to me. I literally thought those witches were about to start ripping Hayley's pants off multiple times. Did anyone else get that vibe or was it just me? Very strong acting from Phoebe Tonkin. I can't imagine it's easy to scream and writhe around that convincingly, and her name calling of Monique was hilarious.

  4. Yeah, this was good. The first season of The Originals has felt like a story of two halves. After Clare Holt left I wasn't sure I would keep watching. The tone of the show seemed to change, the focus shifting to the werewolves, and I've never been a fan of TV werewolves. They feel like an excuse to have hairy blokes, being violent, and testosteroning all over the place. But these last two episodes have been outstanding. I think I see the show's true identity and I think I like it. Looking forward to next week's finale immensely. Great review, D.


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