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24: Live Another Day: 5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.

“I shouldn’t have done that. I just hate these people.”

When 24 was, in fact, twenty-four hours, there was always a subplot or two that felt like filler and, finally, didn’t have too much to add to the central story. Now that 24 is only twelve hours, I was hoping that these distractions from the main action would be kept to a minimum. So far, so good.

The first real subplot was revealed quickly at the end of the last episode and was expanded upon in this one. Turns out that Steve Navarro is the mole. We knew there was going to be one; there almost always is. What was surprising is that he is working for Adrian, the man who works with Chloe at Open Cell and told her that he loves her. I was genuinely surprised at that reveal. It’s also clear that Kate wasn’t blind to the fact that her husband was selling secrets to the Chinese; he wasn’t doing it.

Poor Jordan, this year’s Edgar Stiles, just won’t leave well enough alone. His gratitude at being sent to his almost certain death was a touch sad, but I was very glad he survived. We’ll just skip over the fact that a CIA assassin would probably not have missed, and give thanks that Jordan has survived for at least another hour.

Unlike some of the subplots in the past, this one is interesting and exciting. However, I found myself having the same reaction to it that I had with others in the past. The main story is so compelling right now, I don’t want to cut away from it.

Margot ranks right up there with some of the best villains this show has done. The coldness in her eyes and her willingness to sacrifice anyone, including her daughter, to achieve her objective is fascinating to watch.

The bulk of this episode was taken up with Margot sending one of the drones she controls to kill her daughter. What is even more interesting is that the person actually firing the missiles is Margot’s son and Simone’s brother. I loved the scenes where he was trying to get a lock and then firing. It was as if he were playing a video game, completely caught up in “winning” and forgetting that what he was doing could not be reset and would have real world consequences. This family has issues.

What made this episode a classic was the car chase through the streets of London. While I am not sure how realistic it was, it was so much fun to watch. In classic Bauer fashion, we watch Jack steal cars as he manages to evade the highest technology around. Although Kate has definitely become his partner, she didn't have too much to do except warn him about oncoming cars and try to take care of Simone.

Again in typical Jack fashion, we see him resort to anything to get the information he needs. Torturing a suspect is not new for this man, but as Kate is obviously upset by what he does, he sees himself through another’s eyes. His apology to Kate is not really an apology; it is more of a justification for his actions. He makes it clear that it is not something he wants to do, but something he feels he must. Kate remains unconvinced.

While Jack, Kate, and Simone are dashing through the streets of London, President Heller and Prime Minister Davies are confronting each other. Heller loses his temper; Davies accuses the President of being too ill to run the country. Heller vehemently denies that he is, but does he truly believe that? The scene where he talks about giving up his presidency rang false to me. This is a man who never gives up anything.

Which is why the final scene was so excellent. I can’t imagine that anyone would think the President turning himself over to a terrorist is a good idea. Even Margot is suspicious of him. There can only be two motivations here. One, Heller realizes how sick he is and wants to go out in a blaze of glory. Two, we are in for a classic 24 double-cross in the next episode. Either one should be fun to watch.


The car Jack drives at the beginning of the episode has the steering wheel on the left, so it is not a British vehicle. Interesting choice.

The Russian minister knows that Mark faked the President’s signature on the transfer order to retake Jack. How?

Adrian may be working for the Chinese, but he genuinely cares about Chloe. It was his warning that got her out harm’s way and into the cafe.

ChrisB is a freelance writer who spends more time than she ought in front of a television screen or with a book in her hand.


  1. This family has issues. LOL.

    I really enjoyed this one -- from Jack's surprising apology to Kate for his torturous behavior, to the manic chase scene through London with the two of them dragging poor semi-conscious Simone around like a serious Weekend at Bernie's.

    Heller is such a tough guy and must obviously hate the possibility of going out with Alzheimers. I keep thinking he's going to sacrifice himself. Who is VP right now? They haven't said. I wonder if it's anyone we "know"?

  2. I hadn't thought of who the VP might be, Billie. What a great twist that would be.

  3. If the VP is someone we know I'm betting on Mike Novick. Aaron Pierce would be cool, but make about as much sense as Wayne Palmer holding office in Season 6.

    I've heard some people blasting (pun unintended) the drone/car chase for being "unrealistic"; these are the type of people who must find very little joy in life. I loved it; it was breakneck, thrilling, and something not yet seen in an action series about to reach its 200th episode.

    Speaking of that - I can't help but think that there's something big about to happen in "honor" of that milestone... Maybe the death of a President?

    And this is completely out of left field, but with all the movies being reviewed on this site and nobody bothered to write about Godzilla?


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