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Continuum: The Dying Minutes

"If you hadn't shot me, I never would have found you."

Enter the Original Freelancer, or the Traveler, or whatever, who has the power of life and death. Who is he? It could be freaking anyone under that black hood with dreads over his face – and with a blue blinking light on his wrist. And was there glowing stuff in his chest, too? It must be somebody we know. Any guesses? I never even once considered it until this point, but the now defunct Freelancers were taking the Traveler's word about what the future is supposed to be. What if Kiera's horrible corporate future isn't the original timeline?

Curtis was indeed dead, and three months ago, the Traveler revived him. Or "merged" him, whatever that meant. Did that mean merging the dead Curtis into another timeline's Curtis? Apparently, it wasn't fun; Curtis expressed some serious double-knived rage at Catherine. Bye, Catherine.

Sonya is dead, too, and Travis just left town for somewhere "north". Lucas is probably too crazy to plan effective sabotage on his own, and who knows where Garza went. Is this the end of Liber8? (You know, I'm okay with that.) Sonya had already decided to end it all, so she dumped the whole time travel story on Julian, who also heard about time travel from Jason last week. And Dillon was taken out of the building on a stretcher. Is he dead, too? Now, when I finally do believe that he believed he was doing good, kissing up to corporations in order to save the people?

After all that death, I was so happy that Kiera finally rescued Week Ahead Alec, who was being tortured with suffocation so that he would give up GPS coordinates. (To what? The Grapefruit of Death that Jason already dug up?) And the fight in Freelancer HQ was coolness itself. The futuristic weapons useless, hand-to-hand, and then Brad versus Curtis using a keyboard as a blunt object. No symbolism there. Brad literally shot a hole through one of Catherine's minions. That's some bad ray gun he has there.

Kiera and Brad as a couple just makes me smile. If someone had told me a few weeks ago that they would introduce a love interest for Kiera that would not only work but would make her a better and more relatable character, I wouldn't have believed it. But he does. They are both out of their time period, they've both lost their families, they're both practical and tough on the outside while hiding a soft, chewy emotional center, and their banter has this sexy, emotional edge to it that just works. If he'd been her husband in 2077, I'd actually care about her losing him.

I especially loved the scene right outside Freelancer HQ where Brad trusted Kiera to take him to the enemy in handcuffs, and she knew that he'd trust her and back her play. I like Kiera and Brad together so much that I'm very worried he's going to die in the third season finale. They'd better not do that to me. (And we'd better get a fourth season announcement PDQ.)

I got the shudders when Dillon put the Grapefruit together. And then Carlos stole it from Dillon and gave it to Kiera. Next week is the season finale. I bet someone is going to time travel somewhere. I'm also wondering what Brad is going to do with the Cryptex thingy that he quietly removed from Freelancer HQ without telling Kiera. Uh oh.

Bits and pieces:

— Alec and Emily were prepared for trouble after all; they had a cabin in the woods that they've now left for Kiera and Brad. I liked the shot of Alec and Brad on the dock looking out at the water, and Emily and Kiera looking at Alec and Brad.

— I thought at first that Sonya's Halo sabotage would go off anyway, but then we saw the flash drive on CEO Alec's desk.

— Sometimes I wish Kellog would just disappear from the story. And sometimes I think he's the most interesting character in the show.

— Sonya drank quadruple Americanos. Not a small caffeine addiction.

— Carlos again stood pensively in Betty's empty office, this time contemplating her hair scrunchie of eternity.

— The building that Kagame blew up is becoming SadTech.

— The Freelancer building is so gorgeous that I looked it up. It's the Marine Building in Vancouver.


Alec: "I'm a loose end and yet I get to live? Wow. Well, in that case, how about a few plants in my cage, maybe a Daft Punk poster?"

Julian: "Garza told me the band split up."

Catherine: "What do you need?"
Kiera: "Alec Sadler. I brought you the wrong one."

Julian: "You want me to just sit here and watch while my brother takes over the world?"

Sonya: "What chance is there for any real change when anyone can go back and tweak events in their favor?"

Kiera: "Way to communicate."
Brad: "It's like we're married."

Julian: "How many do I kill?"
Sonya: "Thousands."

Kiera: "You took away my chance to get back. And destroyed worlds, Alec. You. That was you."
Alec: "I thought you were getting me out of here."
Possibly the best Kiera/Alec scene yet.

Alec: "So nobody in this car is from now?"
Three characters in a car, all from a different timeline. Wow.

Would this be four out of four Daft Punk posters?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. This was totally a four. I'm so in love with whis show that I was looking forward to the review all day long. I don't have the time now to write all my thoughts on the episode, but it was so, so good. It's up there with the premiere and the episode set in the future as the best of the season. Can't wait for the finale.

  2. Brilliant episode, felt like a season finale! Can't wait till the real deal, but please don't kill Brad!!! And I do hope there isn't another time travel reset thingy, feels a bit like cheating (last season I'm looking at you).

    Hood traveller must be someone we know, otherwise why all the secrecy?


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