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Teen Wolf: 117

“We’re all works in progress.”

Some of this episode was hard to take.

Some parts were even a little silly, even by Teen Wolf standards; a secret vault that happens to be underneath the high school? Really? It was all a bit too convenient, a bit too circumstantial.

And what about Kira? She’s supposed to be a super kick-ass Kitsune but so far this season she’s run around looking lost, posed with her sword and gotten thrown around. If her only role this season is Scott’s love interest I’ll be a little disappointed. I really like her a lot, but Malia is really trumping her big time in the bad-ass bitch department, and she’s significantly more entertaining.

Malia’s recklessness is definitely going to be a massive part of her story this season. You can see the hints to her unstable temperament all over the place, whether it’s her slightly primal dance moves last week, or improper claw control this week (poor Stiles, some Aquaphor will clear that right up). Her lack of general knowledge is a big giveaway to her less than ideal childhood as well. That could be fun to play with in the coming weeks as far as comic relief goes. Do you think she’s team Edward or Jacob?

Kate has been interesting so far as well. She was an obvious choice of villain to bring back, and she plays off the cast really well. Even though watching her perv onto young Derek was a little creepy, she still has a lot of chemistry with the fully grown version.

Her plan is so wack, though. I struggled to understand what the whole point of her elaborate strategy was, but I think the same can be said for a lot of the past big bads’ schemes and they all turned out pretty well, didn’t they?

Lydia feels like she’s coming into her own a lot now that Allison is gone. There’s more time for her to shine and prove how important her powers can be for the Beacon Hills gang. I’m hoping that there’s even more to her role as a Banshee than a corpse track-me-down service all the same; maybe a supersonic scream that can cripple a few of those nasty Berserkers?

Teen Wolf was never one for subtlety, so maybe some of my complaints here are unfounded, but I didn’t walk away from this one with the same buzz that I usually do, even though some parts were a lot of fun.

3 out of 5 Berserkers.


I hope that cutie deputy gets more to do this season.

“Satan in a v-neck”; what a name, I really want that to stick.

Looks like the Stilinskis are having a bit of a cash flow problem.

He Said, She Said

Peter: “I’m sure they told you a lot about me.”
Malia: “The homicidal killing spree came up.”
Peter: “Well, we’re all works in progress.”
Malia: “Well, when you progress to your next killing spree why don’t you try to make sure they all stay dead.”

Originally posted at PandaTV.


  1. improper claw control. LOL, Panda.

    Yeah, I'm having trouble relating, too. Although I often find that Teen Wolf goes off in directions that I'm not expecting.

  2. The upside is sometimes these episodes that don't seem to flow as well end up making more sense later on when they reveal what was *really* happening. I bet once we learn who broke into the vault, we'll see this episode differently. But in the meantime, yeah. It felt a little off.


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