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Teen Wolf: The Benefactor

“Control is overrated.”

Last week was all about introducing new characters and defining their roles in the show, ‘The Benefactor’ felt like it was trying to re-establish the role of existing characters, and where they stand in light of all the changes that have been happening in Beacon Hills.

Scott made some lame attempts to pep talk Liam in the aftermath of his werewolf bite last week, but it was only when Scott realised that he just needed to tell Liam what he needed to hear, not what he thought he should be telling him that he was able to break through to the anger-fuelled freshman. He really feels more like a leader than he ever has before, even though biting Liam is more than likely going to bring chaos into Beacon Hills, but it was his only way to save the boy.

Lydia’s role is growing even stronger too, with her banshee abilities being explored more and more each week. I didn’t really understand how seeing those faces in the wallpaper helped her to decipher the code she was leaving herself, but it’s exciting to see her powers becoming more prominent. I imagine we’ll see her learn even more over the next few weeks now that we know her mother (or whoever used that soundproof room) was a banshee as well. At least, that’s what that I’m drawing from that discovery.

Kira seems more important as well. Scott needs someone to keep him grounded, and as much as I detest the idea of relegating someone to a love interest only role, she does fit with Scott quite well. She’s not overtly sexy, sometimes even goofy, but she’s incredibly charming and brave. I liked her a lot when she arrived last season and I want to see her grow more on her own terms, not defined by who she is to Scott, but now does seem like a good time for them to come together, even though they managed to let Liam escape while they were canoodling.

Stiles and Malia seem to have a different relationship, with Stiles helping to bring Malia down during the full moon. It was strange that he used control as a negative influence to help her come back to him. But Malia isn’t someone that can contain rage and energy; she needs to learn how to master her inner coyote in a different way to Scott. Maybe this is her way.

I like that this season isn’t making these changes out to be game changers. Things are still familiar, with Ed Argent back in town, but also fresh and exciting at the same time with newbies making their mark on Beacon Hills. I like this season a lot so far, hopefully it will continue to bring more of the fun we’ve seen in the past.

4 out of 5 weirdly decorated soundproof rooms.


I wonder who’s behind this dead pool, and if there are more creepy hitmen on the way.

Who are these crazy assassin freshmen?!

Did Lydia manage to get the wine out of the carpet? Mason disappeared completely after he offered to help get that club soda.

Stiles makes his father question his sanity. His face when he walked in on Stiles chaining Malia was priceless.

He Said, She Said

Derek: “We’ve learned a better way.”
Peter: “I’m a creature of habit.”

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