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Teen Wolf: I.E.D.

“There has to be more.”

This season is really playing to Teen Wolf’s angsty strengths. Maybe it’s the injection of these new freshmen who are really pushing the teenage rebel bar, or the fact that the show seems really grounded by high school events, but I think it works incredibly well, especially since this is a show about kids being thrust into a crazy situation.

Liam is feeling like he’s becoming more and more important as the weeks go on. I guess it’s a good thing that he’s keeping the show fresh, but it can be a little overwhelming when there are so many more established characters that deserve more attention.

That being said, I think his presence is less about his own struggles, and more about Scott’s in trying to be this young kid’s mentor and Alpha. So far Scott has transitioned really well into the role as pack leader, and now with Derek literally becoming more irrelevant by the week now that his powers are fading, it’s becoming even more apparent just how much Scott has grown.

Lydia is growing too, though it’s in less of a way of strength, and more in a way of open mindedness, which is her biggest roadblock when it comes to her powers as a banshee. She can’t even fathom what she is, so how can she start to understand what she can do? This season is really delving into the different identity issues that all of the pack are struggling to come to terms with, which only makes the series more relatable and Lydia’s story feels like the show’s strongest one in that regard.

Alongside all of these personal struggles, there are still other more whacked out ones, like a teenage wolf assassin ring, which isn’t what I thought was going to be the big plot of the season. Though it does make me think that Kate will become a reluctant ally just like Peter is if she wants to survive the dead pool. What was it Braedon said about looking for the highest bidder?

4 out of 5 laced lacrosse sticks.


Liam has a condition known as I.E.D. Convenient for some tense lacrosse action.

I don’t get how this tiny 15 year old girl beat all of these supposedly bad ass werewolves.

Well, I guess if they're stupid enough to hop into some random guy's car when the coast was completely clear, I guess they deserve it.

He Said, She Said

Scott: “What are you smiling about?”
Derek: “You’re gonna be good at this.”

Originally posted at PandaTV.

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  1. I'm having a hard time relating to all of the new characters, especially Liam -- like you said, Panda, what about the established characters? I also have zero interest in lacrosse. Maybe less than that. Minus five interest. I like the increased focus on Lydia, though.


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