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Witches of East End: A Moveable Beast

"He betrayed us once, Joanna. We can never trust him again."

Waiting for the second season of a show you really like can be nerve-wracking, because time can change things into something you don't recognize. Thankfully, that didn't happen here. It was a fun hour.

Let's start at the beginning. The first time through, I wasn't crazy about the opening, but the more I think about it, the more it seems to fit. Very witchy and mystical. Ethereal fits this world quite well, and it was nice seeing Freya being useful and serving a purpose even if she is still on her boy drama. Except cat Wendy was too CGI for my taste.

It's been a week since the season one finale, and none of the Beauchamp girls what happened when the portal opened. A lot of this episode was spent on Joanna and the argentium poisoning she received last season. We knew she wasn't going to die, but some good emotional scenes came out of it so I will let it slide. My personal favorite was Joanna telling Wendy who should get what jewelry. I've seen this play out in real life and it pretty much goes just like that.

Frederick is back, and I don't think we are supposed to know how to feel about him. On the one hand, he saved Joanna's life when no one even expected or asked him to. On the other hand when he finally makes his way to the house, he lays on dazed and confused act a bit thick when we saw him in the woods disappearing clothes and seeming pretty sure of himself. I can't seem to put a ton of faith into him, but only because the only main characters to survive the first season were characters with a sibling counterpart. It seems to be a theme.

Speaking of siblings. Dash is haunted by what he did to Killian. What I really didn't understand is why Dash was spending so much time in the tiny attic when he should have a huge mansion all to himself. Maybe there was a budget cut? Also, did no one notice that Athena up and disappeared?? It's been a week, wouldn't Dash have looked for her at some point? We didn't hear about what happened to Killian until the very end. It didn't take very long for him to get over losing his soul mate.

The last scene was gross, and made me uncomfortable. That's all I can really say about it. Gross. Creeptastic. Weird.

Bits and pieces

Aunt Wendy lost a life in a trapeze accident. What other incidents have we learned about? She was hit by a car, stabbed by Athena and killed by 1906 Ingrid last season. If I remember right, she was also eaten by an alligator in New Orleans.

Freya now has premonitions and Killian can read minds. The fact that Killian uses his new found gift to gamble is true to character and very funny.

The tramp stamp owl tattoo showing up in the cards. Did anyone else see that coming?

A "moveable feast" is a religious feast day that does not occur on the same calendar date each year. For example, Easter.

Dash: "I didn't murder you, but I hope you're dead. You and Freya can rot for all I care."
Spoken like a true destroyer.

Ingrid: "I guess Mike really did burn to a crisp, huh?"
Wendy: "Mike was a little shit. He deserved it."

Joanna: "I'm fine."
Victor: "No, you're not fine."
Joanna: "I KNOW I'M NOT FINE! I've never felt so helpless in my life and I hate it."
Poor Joanna. Facing mortality is hard enough as it is, but it has to be exponentially more difficult with centuries worth of immortality under your belt.

The bit about doing a spell to get Ingrid the job was adorable so I typed it out. Plus Tom Lenk is back! Yay.
Hudson: "You know what we should do? A spell. Like we did for Barb to get her pregnant. That totally worked."
Freya: "I love that idea. Can I help?"
Ingrid: "We're not doing a spell, Freya. There's no such thing as spells."
Freya and Hudson: (talking over each other) "Come on! Who cares? Why not? It'll be fun!"
Ingrid: "Because it's wrong."
Freya: "First of all, it's not wrong because like you said there's no such thing as magic. Secondly, as a wise woman once told me witchcraft lets you the break the rules."
Ingrid: "I think you're quoting that woman out of context."
Hudson: "We just need to find a spell."
Freya: "Oh, I'm sure we can throw something together."

I had to deduct some points for that last scene, but over all I think this is going to be a great season.

2 out of 4 tramp stamp owl tattoos.

1 comment:

  1. They're back. That's great. I wonder what possessed them to do the final scene though. That belonged in a bad horror movie or an especially lurid fanfic, not the show. Eugh.
    The owl tattoo thing implies the lady is a bit shady perhaps. Tramp stamp indeed.
    Nice review as ever.


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