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Teen Wolf: Muted

“Maybe we should just let the adults handle it...”

There’s been a slight disconnect so far this season, and it had me worried for the past couple of weeks. For that reason ‘Muted’ is easily the strongest so far. It felt like the show was brought home after a long vacation, and everything is the same, except totally different.

It’s strange that Allison’s absence is such a non-factor. I honestly thought that we’d see the effects for a while, but it’s really like life has moved on without her, and I guess it makes sense. We already saw everyone mourn her last season; it doesn’t make sense for this series to slow down to and remember her right now when there’s so much going on and the new girls are starting to feel like they belong.

Kira finally showed that she’s less of a stand in for the late Ms Argent and more of a character in her own right this week. Sure, a lot of this episode focused on her and Scott, but she also had fun on her own. Could she be the first female lacrosse player to join the Beacon Hills team? Is that even allowed? I really hope it is.

Also, how great is it that lacrosse is part of this show again? It’s fun watching such a familiar Teen Wolf trope being used with completely different characters, whether they’re Kira or newbie Liam (who I really didn’t like all that much). It’s easier to watch them being integrated into the show like that when it’s being done in such a classic Teen Wolf way.

It’s also great that the series is remembering what age these characters all are. You’d forget that in between all the trips to Mexico they’re still high schoolers who have mid-terms and reading assignments to think about. I think that setting makes Malia’s struggle to join the real world that much funnier. Although I really don’t think she should be in the same math class as Lydia, who we all know to be a certified genius.

Algebra and Hale resume-packing aside, it’s not all real world problems that are part of Beacon Hills this season. Not with mouthless mass murderers running around. I wonder what that was all about. Is he independent of Kate or the Hale robbery? Scott has even more supernatural problems to deal with now that he’s bitten someone for the first time. How long until those Mexican wolf hunters come a knockin’?

I should have more faith in this show. It always has an endgame in sight, but I don’t want to be left wanting like I was last week. ‘Muted’ proves that Teen Wolf can dedicate equal parts to arc building and stand alone action without breaking a sweat.

4.5 out of 5 Wendigos.


Derek continues to be irrelevant now that he’s an adult again.

Peter and Braedon are fun to watch together. More of them please, show.

Coach is the best, isn’t he?

He Said, She Said

Stiles: “It’s okay to want something for yourself once in a while. Team captain, alpha werewolf, you’re still only human.”

Originally posted at PandaTV.


  1. I do love the Coach. He makes every episode better. But an entire episode about Lacrosse and wendigos seemed a bit strange.

  2. Why's that Billie? I loved it (obviously) :)

  3. I had to think about it for a bit.

    Teen Wolf is very Buffy-esque. It's about a group of supernatural and non-supernatural teenagers in high school dealing with a lot of life-and-death supernatural problems. If this were Buffy, an episode about lacrosse would have been about something else. This episode was actually about Scott and Stiles and how much they missed normal stuff like playing lacrosse.

    So maybe I was being a bit unfair. Teen Wolf isn't Buffy. It's its own self.

  4. True, Joss always liked to draw parallels between the supernatural issues and regular teenage drama on Buffy. This show is a lot less metaphorical. :)

    This was definitely the strongest of the season up to this point. I loved the scene with Melissa & the Sherrif(do we even know his first name?) talking about wanting to give the boys a break from the mayhem. I dunno if I'd ever want those two to hook up, but I would like to see more of them working together & leaning on each other for support. Especially if it means fewer scenes with Scott's dad.

    It was also cool to see Scott fully wolfed-out in front of his mother again, I think this is the first time she's seen it(on camera, at least) since she first saw him like that in Season 2. The only other time that came close was in "Anchors" when Scott had trouble keeping himself from shifting around his father. And this time, when she saw him, she didn't even flinch. Coolest. Mom. Ever. :)

    I was only *slightly* ahead of them on the Wendigo reveal, and that's only because I've watched both Supernatural and Grimm. :)


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