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Castle: Famous Last Words

“Sometimes, when we lose an artist we like, it’s kinda like losing a friend.”
Poignant words in a week where we lost Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall.

The death of a celebrity can be tough. Although we have never met this person, we feel as if we have and we feel as if we know her. Especially if that celebrity has touched us through her art, we can feel as though the world is a lesser place without her.

Alexis is dealing with this issue for the first time this week. Hayley Blue, the singer from her favorite band, has been found dead in a manner eerily reminiscent of her latest video. While the case itself was convoluted and contrived, we did get to see yet another step in the Caskett relationship.

As viewers of the show, we have seen Castle in father mode; Beckett has not. Castle does a great job with Alexis this hour. He never negates how she’s feeling and gives her examples of when he felt the same way. Beckett is impressed and breaks though her own reserve enough to tell Castle that she is. Castle is not ready for compliments and the implied intimacy. He is much more comfortable with the banter.

Castle’s strength as a father is in direct contrast to Ian, the weakest kind. Although he acted in the role as Hayley’s father, he abused that position of trust in the worst way possible. Castle is understandably outraged that anyone in such a position of responsibility would break the honor of it to such a degree.

We have seen it before, but Castle is always ready to help out young women in trouble. He sprints when he thinks Sky is being attacked and it is clear that he can barely stop himself from hitting Zack. He keeps pacing and glaring while Beckett is the one to step in and diffuse the situation.

Similarly, in the scene where Caskett confront Ian, Castle’s rage is barely suppressed. He can’t take his eyes off Ian and the tension in voice is palpable. In typical Castle fashion, however, he does not take credit for figuring out who killed Hayley. He allows Hayley the final triumph through her song.

Beckett likes what she sees in this side of Castle and responds in kind. When he feels compelled to find Sky, Beckett goes with him. Most importantly, however, is the look she gives Castle as he walks away after telling her that he will tell Alexis the truth. There is a new found respect for the man written all over her face.

And, isn’t it interesting that Beckett is included in the Castle family for the Hayley tribute? This one is all right, but not up with my favorites. Two and half out of four creepy stalkers with blue hair.


— Richard Castle playing Guitar Hero as Billy Idol. Love it!

— Perlmutter. Love him!

— “Fifty feet or less.” “Me and Nick.” ARRGH. I admit to being a grammar nerd, but come on!

— Pink, the singer for whom The Blue Pills opened, has had a song on this show before.


Castle: “OK, you know, I - you know what? I think it's time we reset the parental controls on your computer.”
Alexis: “Please… I had to set Parental Control on your computer. Remember?”
Castle: “Speaking of which…”
Alexis: “No.”

Alexis: “But, I won't be able to focus on school today. I just can’t concentrate.”
Castle: “Which will make you just like all the other kids in your class.
Alexis: “Dad…”
Castle: “I am serious or I will call the truant officer. Do you still have truant officers?
Montgomery: “Budget cuts.”
Castle: “Oh, you're so lucky.”
Esposito: “Found your stalker. Franco Marquez, AKA Frankie Markie. Hayley filed half a dozen complaints against him. It says here that he even tried to break into her apartment and when she filed against him he showed up in court and called her a… B I T C H.”
Castle: “She can spell, Detective.”
Ryan: “Probably better then you!”

Castle: “What?”
Beckett: “Nothing. It’s just I’m so used to you acting like a twelve year old all the time, it’s kinda refreshing to see you as a father.”
Castle: “It makes you want me, right?”
Beckett: “And, there’s the twelve year old again.”

Castle: “Does he look like a killer to you?”
Beckett: “Everybody looks like a killer to me, Castle. Job requirement.”
Castle: “Do I look like a killer to you?”
Beckett: “Yes. You kill my patience.”

Beckett: “Don’t leave town.”
Castle: “But, feel free to bathe.”

Beckett: “How did you kill her?”
Sky: “I told her to do the world a favor and drop dead. And then she did. It's funny. She usually doesn't listen to me.”

Castle: “You thought you sounded so smart when you started that sentence, didn't you?”

Beckett: “So, what are you going to tell Alexis?”
Castle: “What I always tell her… the truth.”

ChrisB is a freelance writer who spends more time than she ought in front of a television screen or with a book in her hand.

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