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Continuum: Playtime

The Continuum future just gets more terrifying each time we catch a glimpse of it.

Technology that can control people is hopefully far-fetched but I worry that as humans we do things just because we can, not because they are particularly smart or good. I would argue that technology that can control people is evil and immoral. We need to stick to the old-fashion non-tech things like brainwashing, torture and fanatical religion. At least they take time and are labour intensive. To bring that technology to the present and give it to someone who is obviously immoral seems to go against Kagame’s principles, as flexible as they might be. Nettinger has now sold that code and I imagine it wasn’t to the good guys (unless Liber8 bought it themselves or gave him inferior code). This kind of ends justifies the means thinking certainly moved me away from camp Liber8 although I certainly won’t be joining the corporations camp anytime soon.

The relationship between Kellog and Kiera is getting interesting. Does he actually have a crush on her, is he a good guy, or does he need her for protection? He has certainly put himself in harm’s way with his successful attempt to save her and Carlos. It will be difficult for him to play the middle now although he is very clever and thinks on his feet. I kept trying to think up stories that he could use to explain his assistance to Nettinger and Kiera and I couldn’t come up with anything. Now, he, Kiera and Alec are in danger. I was chilled when Kagame and Ingram figured out that Alec was the hacker.

It was interesting to see Alec completely realize that he was the originator of Kiera’s software. He knew what direction he would take and he even knew what password he would use. It must be disorienting to interact with the products of your future self. And the final scene where he unlocked the hidden file in Kiera’s CMR seems to indicate that his future self is trying to tell him something. It also seems to indicate that Kiera was sent back intentionally. She’s not going to be too happy with Alec (future) when she finds out.

Bits and Pieces

I enjoyed Betty the geek.

Interesting comment on energy drinks.

How did they know Kiera was going to try the virtual reality technology? Also if the CMR can be so easily hacked, wouldn't they have done that in the future? It would be a lot easier than blowing up buildings.

The hacker war between Alec and Ingram was intense. If Alec is this good as a kid what will he be like when he's older?

Kiera looked so vulnerable without her CMR and her connection to Alec. Alec was also somewhat panicked. They have become closer than I think either of them realized or expected.


Kellog: "It's like a promise, right? Like a small piece of metallic hope."

Carlos: "You’ve never played paintball before?"
Kiera: "I completed several hundred hours of simulated combat training."

Carlos: "University kitchen, gun to your head, happen to ring any bells?"

Alec: "Who da man? I'm the man!"

Carlos: "Despite what you want people to believe, I know you’re only human."

On the computer screen "READ ME FIRST."


  1. Really good. The murder/suicides were effective, and the story, while predictable, turned out to be super creepy. I hated watching Kiera beating Carlos. And I was really upset that it meant that the bad guys had found out about Alec. Is Alec in danger? Is the farm in his stepfather's name? If they never researched his family, will they be able to find him?

    "Read me first" blew me away when I first saw this episode.

  2. I am completely invested in the Keira/Alec relationship. I love they way they interact, the way she has come to rely on him, and the way he acts with her. It is a lovely thing to watch.

    "Read me" freaked me out. Just glad I don't have to wait a week to find out what happens next...

  3. The implication that future Alec deliberately chose to send Kiera back makes me wonder if Continuum will be more fatalistic than I thought. Is he choosing her because he remembers Kiera Cameron from 2012?


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