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Teen Wolf: Perishable

“He wasn’t on my list.”

This was typical late-season, expositiony fun.

Teen Wolf always does right by its villains. Each of them usually have some redeeming qualities, or a varying degree of past wrong doing in order to justify their actions. Meredith seems, so far, like the most sympathetic of them. We’ll have to wait and see how they sell the idea of a timid, weird, introverted head case as the brains behind the Benefactor.

I loved how Lydia’s grandmother tied into the arc, without having to be the villain herself. I also enjoyed all the flashbacks, and how they weren’t really flashbacks at all. I’d love to see another episode like last season’s ‘The Fox and the Wolf,’ with Lydia doing the same past role playing that Kira did as her mother. It could give us some insight into the banshee mythology.

Outside of the Benefactor/Banshee mash-up, there was another hit on the pack, which was conveniently in the middle of a lacrosse season kick-off party. I still love how each of these assassins are doing something different. Since Meredith herself isn’t all that intimidating, it might be fun to see them get progressively more insane before the season finishes.

Things elsewhere didn’t progress a whole lot, but we are starting to see things take their toll on Liam. As the youngest of the pack it makes sense for it to bring him down the hardest, especially if he already had issues coming into this. The only thing is, I’m still not sure about his relevance outside of his role as Scott’s little protégé.

This episode didn’t do anything remarkable for Teen Wolf, but it was one of those insanely entertaining episodes that barely gives you time to digest one piece of information before moving on to the fun ass kicking, and I really enjoyed it.

4 out of 5 killer DJs.


So Deputy Parrish can survive fire. I wonder what that makes him. Any ideas?

He Said, She Said

Malia: “Is this what drunk feels like? It doesn’t feel as good as I hoped.”

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