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Continuum: Second Chances

"What are you up to, old man?"

Lots of changes for our characters. And oddly, some interesting scenes in prison. Prisons.

Kiera, out of the VPD and pursued by Agent Gardiner, has become an anti-Liber8 superhero vigilante in her supersuit. Where is she living? I don't think she's still in the motel because Kellog mentioned that she was laying low. He's supporting her by giving her money, and she is not giving him sex in return.

Alec, obviously traumatized by what happened at the farm and freaked by the message from his future self, has left home, gotten a room in a house with other nerds, and landed a sales job at the BuyMore. He was also avoiding Kiera, quite understandably – at least until she tricked him into downloading that surveillance footage, and they didn't quite solve the assassination of the Mayor together. She even trusted him with the segment from the Grapefruit of Death.

But the thing is, future Alec wants present-day Alec to change the timeline. ("I have gone down a dangerous path and I have taken the world with me. Only you can prevent this future from happening.") This has to mean that Kiera and Alec are at cross-purposes. I certainly don't want Kiera to lose her family, which would probably happen if the future is changed, but let's face it – the Corporate Congress future sucks, big time, and should be changed. Liber8's methods are evil, but their desire to change the future is spot on. Was the elder Alec specific about what he wanted present-day Alec to do? There had to be more of the message that we didn't see.

(This episode may be when Alec became my favorite character. He's fascinating, and young Erik Knudsen does a terrific job portraying his complexities.)

In the flashforward, the elder Alec downloaded his message into Kiera's CMR, and she awoke from a nightmare in which she was wearing a white nightie and was imprisoned in a tiny plastic cell with a serious lack of amenities. Did that vision come from the elder Alec, along with the message? Since the episode began and ended with it, it must be important. How much did Kiera's husband know? When she woke up in pain, he turned and glared at what I later realized was the elder Alec's techno palace in the sky.

Meanwhile back at the hospital, Sonya killed Travis, and he didn't stay dead. I guess it takes more than five shots in the chest to take out a supersoldier from the future. Was that an internal defibrillator? How will Garza and Lucas react when they learn that Sonya tried to kill Travis? I almost felt bad for Travis – that is, until he murdered several of his would-be saviors in the hospital. This seems to happen with Liber8 characters a lot. They do something or something happens to them and I sort of like them, then they do something horrible and I don't again.

Travis and Julian are now in prison together, which I thought was a huge mistake on the part of the authorities, except that it was a deliberate move by Gardiner, who is eavesdropping on them. Gardiner is obsessed with Kiera and Liber8, and who can blame him? Gardiner has also expressed an interest in Alec. That could be a problem.

Tahmoh Penikett is back, and Liber8 wants him to be the new mayor. Since he allied with Liber8 to assassinate the previous mayor and pin it on a gang, I'm guessing Jim Martin is not a good guy. I hear power corrupts. That could be it.

Bits and pieces:

— Loved the scene at the plaza where Kiera put all of the surveillance footage together. Also loved the Vancouver skyline transition from the present to the future.

— Alec put all of his father's equipment in storage. The set-up in the barn, I assume? Except I thought it was all in his new room?

— Alec, when you get a job, you ask, "When do I start?" and "How much am I going to be paid?" You don't go, "See you tomorrow" and hang up. Bad writers, no biscuit.

— "Section 6" must be a little tribute to SD-6. Rachel Nichols was an Alias cast member in the final season.

— In this week's hair report, Kiera's isn't as bouncy as it used to be (if she's homeless, that's not a surprise) and both Kellog and Carlos have changed to longer styles.

— The highly visible mole under Rachel Nichols' right eye is now gone.


Kellog: "Perhaps my bad behavior is simply masking a deep insecurity. It cripples me. You know, emotionally."
I love Kellog.

Kiera: "I covered for you and here you are: rich, alive and free."
Kellog: "Are you blackmailing me? I have to say, this only makes you more attractive."

Kellog: "How do you know the future hasn't already been changed?"
That's a very good question. How could they tell if it were?

Betty: "I'm the geek in this conversation, and I don't understand what you're up to."

Kiera: "Alec, you're overthinking the message."
Alec: "When you get a message from your future self telling you what my future self told me, then we can have this conversation. Until then, I think this situation deserves a little overthinking."

Alec: "Is this how you solve murders in 2077?"
Kiera: "There are very few murders in 2077."
Alec: "I can see why."

Gardiner: "I saw you survive the explosion, the fireball. And then vanish."
Kiera: "Yeah, that. I'm a stranded time traveler from the year 2077 using technology that hasn't even been invented yet."

Kiera: "Wait for my signal."
Carlos: "Yeah. Is it going to be a big bat projected into the night sky?"
Kiera: (confused) "What?"
Carlos: "Really? Never mind."

I loved this episode. Four out of four big bat signals projected into the night sky,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. All the characters look a little rough around the edges which makes sense with all that has happened. I am worried about Kiera who is obviously in a great deal of pain and I agree with you Billie, I am quite enjoying Kellog. Too bad Tahmoh Penikett is a bad guy. I like him as the hero. Great review Billie - thanks.

  2. I am very excited about the changes that seem to be happening in this season. I like that Kiera is a bit more reserved and focused. Like you, I am fascinated by Alec. Did you notice that when older Alec sat down at the computer, he sat in exactly the same way that younger Alec does? Great acting.

    I am intrigued by the Kellog/Keira relationship. His pursuit of her is fascinating as I am convinced there is some hidden agenda in there somewhere. Keira's playing hard to get with him is fun.

    LOL on the BuyMore link. I had exactly the same thought.


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