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Witches of East End: Sex, Lies and Birthday Cake

"We need to find someone that trusts you."

The episodes are continuing to get better. Trust me... Why else would the writers throw a party in to celebrate? I mean, it certainly had nothing to do with the plot.

Trust was the name of the game this week. Also, there was a birthday.

Freddie needs to find someone that trusts him so they won't reject the king's symbol. Or something. I find it mildly annoying that we finally got rid of the disturbing rapey monster only to be subjected to uber disturbing carving rituals. Poor Caroline has fallen in love. That whole scene at the end made me kind of feel bad for her. In general I don't feel very attached to any of the characters, but she could not have been more vulnerable. Almost naked. Tied up. Blind-folded. Numbed. Being honest about her feelings. She trusted her boyfriend completely and he carved her up like a turkey. On the other hand, I think bringing the king into the show as a woman is wild with possibilities. I'm interested to see where that goes.

Freddie and Tarkoff know they can't trust each other, but neither one can kill the other. Talk about an awkward partnership.

Tommy saw Wendy shift from a cat, and witches aren't supposed to trust mortals with the secret. She desperately wants to trust him, but I have a feeling this is all a big set up that will end with her spelling him to forget and Wendy being heart broken. His reaction was simply perfect though. I laughed out loud, but it was believable and genuine. The two of them are awfully cute together. She'll always have Bali I guess. Speaking of... there was a lot sex in this episode. More than this show has ever seen before.

Killian trusts Eva to be a good person, but we know he shouldn't and we finally found out what she has been up to. She needs to get knocked up so that her daughter (who is in the body of an ailing elderly woman) can be reborn. Or something. Freya trusted Killian, but we know he has been spelled to stay with Eva. So, for her birthday Freya got her soul mate back only to lose it all again without any explanation. Ingrid trusted Dash, but we know all the terrible things he has done. At least this last one finally came out into the open, but the audience knows too much that the characters don't. It's starting to get very frustrating watching them all stumble around making decisions without all the facts and trusting the wrong people.

There is so much more that I want this show to do, but it has come leaps and bounds from where the season started.

3 out of 4 flaming blue cocktails.

Spells and charms

It's Freya's 30th birthday. It's also the first time she has ever made it to her 30s.

Freya was impaled and killed on her birthday in 1875. This year she was metaphorically stabbed in the heart.

Killian was in Asgard according to Freddie, which makes no sense to me. Does anyone have an explanation? Maybe he came to the new world with everyone else and then died and started being reincarnated.

Freya and Freddie have different birthdays since Freya has died and been reborn on a different day.

Tarkoff is telepathic like Killian. He also has the hots for Joanna.

Is it possible that Freddie really is a good guy and he actually just carved some kind of protection symbol into his girlfriend's stomach? Yeah... probably not.

Joanna had almost nothing to do in this episode. Everyone got to have fun sexy time and all she got was an awkward side hug with someone that's actively working against her. Life is so unfair.

Wendy: "Honey, I have known you for a very long time and one thing you never lack for is love."

Joanna: "You can't end every discussion by turning into a cat."

Wendy: "I'm a witch."
Tommy: "You're a witch. Are you gonna drop a house on me?"
Wendy: "No. I'm a good witch. One of the pretty ones."

Freya: "I know I hate that. Not being able to show the world what you can do."
Killian: "At least I can show you."

Tommy: "I think you're a great person. If you are in fact a person."
Wendy: "Oh, I'm a person. I'm just other things too."


  1. Yeah, I'm a bit confused about Killian, too, and twice. He was in Asgard? Was Dash there, too? You might be right about the baby thing, LaureMack, because that makes sense.

    Freddie is also confusing. He seems to be villainous, and then he seems to be pretty cool, and now he seems villainous again.

    It's starting to get very frustrating watching them all stumble around making decisions without all the facts and trusting the wrong people. I agree. Although a lot of television is like that, isn't it? :)

  2. You're right, Billia. That is how a lot of television is, but on this show it seems to be the only tool the writers use for suspense on this show.

  3. Much better. I think the new baby is meant to be possessed by Eva's old daughter too.
    Killian is really confusing me.
    Poor Wendy's headed for heartbreak.
    Well at least we have James Marsters for a while longer I hope.
    Tarkoff's a hoot, even if he's evil.


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