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Supernatural: Girls, Girls, Girls

Sam: "It's like a Penthouse letter."
Dean: "Is that bad?"

What a sad, introspective little episode.

With an episode entitled "Girls, Girls, Girls" that starts with Dean and a dating app, I thought it was going to be fun sexy party time. But then it turned out to be hookers forced to make soul deals, so Dean even saves people by accident. Or he's karmically drawn to this sort of thing, duh.

Then the plot made a sharp left turn and became all about Rowena. To be honest, I'd completely forgotten that scene with Rowena in the hotel room and the bodies on the ceiling. And then I thought she might be saving the two hookers. But no. I knew Crowley was going to say "Mother?" right before he said it, but this could indeed be fun. Was Rowena deliberately trying to wind up in Hell with Crowley? That speech of hers at the end was all over the place.
Rowena: "The king at last. King of what? Lilliput? I mean, I heard you were short, but… well? Get to it! Time for the coup de grace. Wee boy, is something the matter with you? Cat got your tongue, hmm? Meow."
Crowley: "Mother?"
And then there was Castiel and Hannah on their eternal "will they won't they" road trip, and I thought maybe this time they would, especially after that shower scene and the kiss in the lobby in front of her vessel's husband. But no. Instead, Hannah has taken Castiel's how-to-be-human lessons to heart and she decided to check out forever and give Caroline her body back. It was sort of sweet and sort of sad, mostly because Castiel needs a friend and he was fond of Hannah and now he's alone again, doing web searches for "Jimmy Novak" and wondering about Jimmy's family. At least Hannah didn't die. What will happen to her swirly white essence if Hannah is averse to taking another vessel, and I can only assume that she is? Will she return to Heaven?

So the title "Girls, Girls, Girls" was accurate in that most of this episode was about Rowena, those two unfortunate hookers, and Hannah. But it ended with Cole, who turned up a third time to take out Demon Dean. That scene in the alley where Dean handed him his gun and told him the truth was just wonderful. I was going, yeah, that's my Dean... but no. "I'm past saving"? Dean told Sam that he was just telling Cole what he needed to hear, but I don't think so.

Where does that leave Cole? I still think he'd make a great hunter, but that story about his father made me think that Cole might end up eating livers instead. I hope not. It would be nice if he just went home to his family, got over his obsession, and had a good life. But as Dean pretty much told him, there are no happily ever afters on this show. Cole will be back, and it won't end well.

Bits and pieces:

— Black vomit demon death and boiled brains. That was new.

— Cole's father was Ed Trenton from Nyack, New York. Dean killed him in 2003, before the series began.

— Rowena is 300 years old. She explained that there are three types of witches: 1. ones that borrow power from demons; 2. naturals like Rowena who are born with the gift; and 3. students who are trained.

— The restaurant that Rowena caused such havoc in was called Bistro des Moules. "Moules" is French for mussels.

— I liked the ambitious demon who was trying to get their numbers up, and who nabbed the body of a crossing guard.

— This week: somewhere between Connecticut and the bunker. Dean's dating app handle was "Impala67." It said he was 35 and lived in Lebanon, Kansas. Lebanon is where the MoL bunker is.


Dean: "Is it so hard to believe that an attractive, red-blooded American female could be interested in someone like me?"
Dean, have you looked in a mirror lately?

Sam: "For all you know, it could be some Canadian trucker named Bruce."

Dean: "I have this code. No cash for ass."

Castiel: "We don't need to shower."
Hannah: "I know."
Good to know.

Rowena: "Hardly the most appetizing process in the world, but killing demons always makes me hungry."
Well, sometimes I crave a nonfat yogurt afterward.

Crowley: "So you and your halfwit pal threw me into the sex trade? I'm evil, but that's just tacky."

Dean: "The truth is, I'm past saving. I know how my story ends. It's at the edge of a blade or the barrel of a gun. So the question is, is that going to be today? Is it going to be that gun?"

My four star rating system sucks when it comes to Supernatural because the quality of the show is such that it's nearly always a three. Oh, well. Three out of four nonfat yogurts afterward,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. Aaaahh... this show. It is truly my favourite. I'll admit, I wasn't expecting Crowley to say, "Mother". It was clear he knew her, but I was more expecting him to simply say, "Rowena", indicating to us that they had a past. Of course, this would not have had the impact that "Mother" did. I was also puzzled by the fact that Jimmie Novak is listed as missing. I would have expected an obituary. After all, Jimmie was dying when Castiel left Jimmie's daughter's body to rejoin Jimmie. But I suppose anything is possible in the Supernatural universe. And while we have been deprived of yet another love interest for Castiel (poor Meg), I was heartened to see Hannah's unselfish choice.

  2. Felt compelled to make another, general Supernatural comment. I didn't follow the show in the beginning. A few people told me about it, and my god daughter lent me her DVD set of Seasons 1 through 3 if I'm not mistaken. Like so many before, I was not impressed at first. The pilot wasn't bad... but Wendigo? Ugh. I would have given up. Wendigo was horrible. On paper (at that point), the show really didn't have the elements that spoke to me (road trips, muscle cars, guys, small town America, American "lore" (the Colt, as in a Western vibe, guns)... nothing bad... just not really in my wheelhouse). However, I had the DVDs and figured, What the heck? So glad I did. By the time Season 4 and my all time favourite episode, Lazarus Rising, aired, I was completely hooked. For a while I was completed hooked on New Girl, but where I live New Girl airs at 9 on Tuesdays (same as Supernatural)... so I have to watch Supernatural. It just goes to show that shows really need that time to find themselves and an audience. Firefly never got that chance. Hannibal almost didn't get that chance. And some shows were either never really all that good, have worn out their welcome, or aren't that innovative to begin with IMO, even if they are good (I'm looking at you, Big Bang Theory). But Supernatural? It is in a class all by itself. The only thing that would make it better is a strong female presence. So... nothing better ever happen to Jody Mills!!

  3. Loved your comment(s), Heather1 -- they made me grin. I remember the two episodes together that made me realize that Supernatural wasn't just good, but great: season two's "Born Under a Bad Sign" and "Tall Tales". That's when I decided I absolutely had to review it.

    And nothing had better happen to Jody Mills.

  4. The only other show that even came close to understanding their relationship with their fans was "Chuck"... and as much as I loved that show, it couldn't keep it together at the end. It is amazing that Supernatural is still strong, fresh and true 10 seasons in! And Billie, you are right, Born Under a Bad Sign and Tall Tales are fantastic! My other perpetual favourite (among many many more) is Dark Side of the Moon. There are alot of episodes that I go back to time and again; they're like old friends: The French Mistake; Changing Channels; The Born-Again Identity; anything with Death; I smiled all the way through the 200th episode (setting it in, not just a school, but an all-girls school... absolutely brilliant); Time After Time (for the scene when Dean meets Elliot Ness and his note à la Back to the Future)... Oh I could go on, but that is probably a subject for another day. One last thing: the one episode I have never watched all the way through is the finale of Season 3. I can't take it that Dean goes to Hell, even though he comes back.

  5. Heather, I'm exactly the same - I love New Girl and was hooked on it during season 2, but I watch Supernatural before anything else now. :) I liked season one a lot because I love ghost stories, but the episode that was the first that made me think 'actually, I think this is a great episode that I'll return to again' was probably What Is Now and Should Never Be (er, I may have remembered that title wrong - the genie one!). I mostly re-watch seasons 3 4 and 5 and Lazarus Rising is absolutely my favourite episode ever, even though I was completely spoiled for it!

    This was another round of 'I thought this would be terrible but it's actually quite good!'. I'm mostly excited to see Jimmy mentioned again - I head-canoned that he was allowed to go to heaven and the body given entirely to Castiel after Swan Song, but if the show's going to provide an actual answer that's cool too. Castiel/Hannah/Caroline's story was my favourite of this ep by far and I loved the way Hannah was developed and the fact she cared about her vessel - and she's still alive! If not on Earth. Rowena bored me a bit up till the end, and I found it hard to believe Cole was convinced. And poor Dean :( When he said he knew where he was going, I wondered if he also meant that he thinks he's going back to Hell when he dies - he literally knows (though actually that would go for Heaven too!).

  6. Wow, Juliette! What is and What Should Never Be... I just re-watched that the other day. God, I fee for those Winchester boys. Billie, I think I... must... have to... go watch Born Under a Bad Sign right now! I meant to mention as well the appearance of Chuck at the end if Fan Fiction. I literally called out to him from my couch! And you know, I tried to imagine anyone else appearing... John... my lovely Kevin... Bobby... Jo (can't watch Abandon All Hope either... although I have watched it all the way through)... but no, it had to be Kevin. He was the author, after all. I noticed quite a few articles online, in preparation for the show's 200th episode, lists of the best, worst, etc. It would be great to have a Doux Reviews list(s) of Supernatural episodes... your readers and reviewers... their all time favourites (even not so favourites).

  7. Wrote it too fast... I meant that no, it had to be Chuck.

  8. Heather1, it wasn't specifically for the 200th, but we did a Supernatural Binge Watch article right before the tenth season began and it included faves. Although doing a specific article on Supernatural faves would be fun.


  9. Heather, funnily enough I was thinking about which I find the worst episodes of Supernatural the other day! I quite like some most others hate - for me the absolute low point of the series is definitely Dog Dean Afternoon. Maybe it's because I'm a cat person.

  10. I believe you are so right... there are so many things wrong with Dog Dean Afternoon (for starters, if we could use magic to communicate with dogs, I doubt they've think/communicate in English). I am a dog person and that one just didn't work for me. But... one of my good friends absolutely loved it! She really enjoyed how Jensen got into it; how he sometimes spoke and communicated like he was barking; stuff like that. Continuing the dog theme, I really didn't like Man's Best Friend with Benefits. And outside of Benny and the First Vampire (the one captured by the Campbells), I'm not fond of how they portray vampires. It just leaves me cold (maybe because I'm too much of a Buffy fan).

  11. I totally agree! Man's Best Friend With Benefits is pretty much second to Dog Dean Afternoon for me. And I agree on Benny and the First Vampire and vampires in general as well - though I also quite liked the one played by Amber Benson. And I did like the Gordon episode and its opening with Mercedes McNab, who I swear was basically playing Harmony!

  12. I've always much liked how often Supernatural has brought in Buffy actors, especially when they're doing vampires. It's a nice little nod.

  13. I figured the intro this season had to do with Dean being a demon but it's more likely that it's to do with Rowena. Having a witch for a big bad is an interesting choice.

  14. This episode surprised me as well. It took a sharp turn and the conversation Dean had with Cole broke my heart. Even worse was the expression on Sam's face. He was not at all pleased at what he was hearing.

  15. If I remember correctly, it came up in a previous episode that Crowley's mother was a witch. Nice consistency there! Rowena seems like a fun big bad!


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