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Person of Interest: The Devil You Know

“Guess the young lion’s looking to be king.”

I feel like I should apologize for what this review turned into. But I’m sort of not sorry.

We began the episode with Shaw’s identity exposed to Samaritan and its agents and a war brewing between Dominic and Elias. By the end of the episode, Shaw’s identity had been exposed to Samaritan and its agents and a war was brewing between Dominic and Elias. Oh and the guy who always stands next to Elias died.

Honestly, the episode was tedious and dreary. Dominic just gets more and more dull with every appearance. He’s just Elias. But taller. And without a tragic backstory developed through flashbacks way back in season one. And while the ‘new gang takes control of city away from old gang’ thing isn’t a bad idea on its face, we’ve done this already.

As you may remember, last week ended on Reese and Finch despairing over Elias being in danger.

With Shaw in danger, Finch presumably grading midterms, and Fusco dealing with Shaw’s latest dance partner, Reese was left to protect Elias all by his lonesome. Reese tried to explain to Elias what danger he was in but Elias didn’t seem fussed. “Run. Run away and never return” urged Reese. But Elias was all “everything the light touches is our kingdom.” Then he ran off to meet up with hyena guy his friend, quickly and inexplicably discovered that said friend had betrayed him, and decided

Dominic showed up to meet with the hyena guy and reassured him “I know it sounds sordid, but you’ll be rewarded when at last I am given my dues!” He then (surprisingly) didn’t kill hyena guy and sent a herd of wildebeest with remarkably poor aim over to shoot and/or kidnap Reese, Anthony, and Elias (or any combination thereof). They managed to get the least valuable of the three. Somewhere off camera, I’m fairly certain Dominic made this expression.

Meanwhile, Root had saved her lady love from Samaritan’s impeccably dressed agent and was trying to get her to relax and not run off half-cocked to save Reese. “Hakuna Matata!” shouted Root. Shaw did not listen. So Root drugged her. (cue song: “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?”)

Dominic called up Elias to taunt him with the capture of his friend which lead to a debate over whether Elias should save Anthony or save himself. Reese was trying to convince him to “be prepared” but Elias was all “Kings don’t need advice from little hornbills for a start.” And then Elias had an epiphany

and decided that he needed to save Anthony who, in the meantime, had just sort of been sitting around like this.

Dominic started to work on Anthony: “So prepare for a chance of a lifetime, be prepared for sensational news. A shining new era is tiptoeing nearer…” but instead of joining in the song, Anthony was just “Oh, I never had to do this with Mufasa.”

Finch popped out of his train car hermitage to give Elias a pep talk about how if he died, Dominic would take over Pride Rock and put the hyenas in charge and would somehow cause a drought because the actions of lions have a very direct effect on the amount of rainfall a region gets. (If you’ve been experiencing a drought, please take it up with your local zoo). But Elias decided what he really needed to do was dress in drag and do the hula.

Then Elias and Dominic had their intense confrontation where Elias said “If this is where the monarchy is headed, count me out.” He then grumbled something under his breath about Dominic getting “wildly out of wing.”

Elias tried to negotiate with Dominic to get him to release Zazu Scarface Anthony, but Anthony fairly literally told him that everything was cool and he was ready to die. So Elias gave Dominic the code that made the safe go boom and I was actually a little bit emotional over the death of a guy whose name I just learned this week.

two out of four Lion Kings

sunbunny, who is not sorry

sunbunny, who is maybe a little sorry


  1. When Greer said her status was being upgraded, I was expecting a surgeon with her implant ready.

  2. Wasn't too keen on this episode, but this review is just so cute I want to snuggle it.

  3. Well, I liked Scarface. For a man who mostly keeps silent, he was quite cool. I wonder if he was a werewolf.

    sunbunny, your review is very funny even for those of us who never saw "Lion King" (or whatever).

  4. I really liked Scarface too, he was the Reese to Elias's Finch. Very sad to see him go, but that's what happens on this show.


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