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The Originals: The Brothers That Care Forgot

"It's difficult to believe we were all this innocent once. We musn't let the world ever hurt her."

So much developed in this episode that I hardly know where to start.

Rebekah was back this week, and I was very excited to see her and baby Hope again. I actually forgot how much interest Rebekah has expressed in the past about wanting to be human again. Finn reminded us first, and then she confirmed it to Elijah. I was glad that Elijah didn't keep Esther's plan from her and even more impressed that she didn't jump at the chance to be human. I'm not sure what it says about a show when I expect my favorite character to abandon the niece that she is in charge of protecting for her own selfish pursuits, but I'm glad it didn't come down to that. Way to keep me on my toes, TO!

Finn spilled the beans about Dahlia, and now Klaus knows about yet another threat against his daughter. I just noticed that every threat against her has been at the hand of a family member, which now includes her great aunt Dahlia. I was wondering if Esther would be angry at Finn for telling them or if it were part of her plan all along. I guess it doesn't matter now, though, since Finn is cooling his heels in a coffin with tiny air holes. Did he look horrified or what? Sheesh.

Someone else shocked me this week, too. Marcel. I mean he did manipulate Davina, kidnap and torture her friend, and steal the white oak stake, but he came clean about all of it which isn't always how these kinds of secrets are handled. I wonder how long Davina is going to allow Marcel to call the shots before she starts acting out. He should start taking her more seriously. She came up with a plan that didn't suck and executed it perfectly. It was smart of her to play on Klaus' weakness of 'kill first, ask questions later.'

The side effects of opening the red door are still unfolding in front of us. As I suspected, Elijah found his mother's offer tempting, but he knows he can not accept it without putting Hope in danger. Is that why he killed all those people? Out of frustration for his current situation? This new turn in Elijah's personality is infinitely interesting to me. How much of a person is written in stone? How much of us could be changed with only the power of our thoughts? His shirt was even dirty when Rebekah showed up.

I liked this episode a lot, but it wasn't as good as other 3s I've given. The acting and plotting was way better than a 2 though.

2.5 out of 4 Bird Stalkers.

Next episode December 8. See you then!

Bites and pieces

Jackson downgraded his day drinking booze of choice from whiskey to beer. Cheers to baby steps towards leading his pack.

Did Marcel ever meet Finn? Or was Finn always daggered?

I appreciated that Marcel showed signs of being protective over Rebekah. I never really bought into their romance, but it would make no sense if he carried a torch for her for so long just to throw it in a puddle when she ran from town to save her life.

At some point, Kol told Marcel that if they teamed up, Klaus wouldn't stand a chance against them. What a stupid thing to say. Is Kol delusional or was he just buying time?

Freya continues being mentioned. I feel like we should all start making bets. Is she still alive? Will we meet her? Why did Dahlia take her?

There has been a lot of talk about Esther, Finn and Kol getting their old bodies back. It was something I had been secretly hoping for. I realized this week that I like the new Finn and Kol more now. Finn's angular face and pointed way of speaking lends itself to the character. And Daniel Sherman's accent makes me melt.

Klaus: "We arrive in this world as innocents. Wide-eyed. Vulnerable. It is the job of our parents to nurture and protect us. Unfortunately, our own parents failed miserably at even the most basic of parental tasks."

Klaus: "Today, a new future awaits."

Josh: "Every werewolf in town is trying to kill me. Except the super hot one that I'm kind of dating. It's a kind of Romeo and Romeo thing."
Josh and Aiden are officially making out to romantic music. Sadly, we know how these things have ended in the past.

Hayley: "Well that's convenient. We'll find a shaman, say some vows. Hell, we'll make it a party."
Jackson: "It's not just a party. If the vows aren't honored, it doesn't work."

Kol: "You daggered me a dozen times."
Klaus: "I didn't realize I'd hurt your feelings."
The more we learn about Kol, the more I like him. If I had five siblings and they all left me out of their little cliques, I might act out and/or try to charm everyone I meet into liking me, too.

Cami: "I don't know about you guys, but when I hear ancient and spell, I think of Esther."

Hayley: "Keep the rings and be somebody's bitch or become the greatest pack that ever lived."

Klaus: "He's waiting uncomfortably for me to return and deliver his punishment. Pass the beignets, please."
FINALLY. Beignets aren't exactly Cajun, but they are very New Orleans.

Klaus: "A mother loves her children, a monster does not. Once you accept that she is the latter, you'll stop expecting the former."

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