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Supernatural: There's No Place Like Home

"You know what I learned about being dark? It sets you free."

Not to overuse the word "dark," but this one was several shades in-the-shadier than Charlie episodes usually are.

The evil double is a beloved genre show staple for a reason: it's a wonderfully extreme way to explore a character. The split in Charlie felt a lot like one of the first and best: the original Star Trek's "The Enemy Within." The so-called "evil" Kirk was indeed a badass but he was the one who could captain a starship and make the tough decisions, while the good Kirk was a washed out wimp. Dark Charlie won a war in Oz singlehandedly by doing terrible things, and she took down Dean with scissor legs like Scarlett Johansson. Light Charlie couldn't even hack a computer or pick up a bartender.

The split in Charlie was, of course, a parallel to the internal war going on inside Dean. He was trying so hard to be good that he was eating egg whites and kale. I can almost see the discussion in the writers' room about what they could do to make Dean hit rock bottom, and hitting a woman he and Sam treat like a beloved little sister definitely worked. But you know, Charlie did actually go through with it. She killed the man who destroyed her family. She got in touch with her inner darkness and came out the other side. She can help Dean do the same thing.

It's too bad she's not going back to Oz, though. It's tantalizing. I realize that this is Supernatural and it's about two brothers in the (well, sort of) real world, but doesn't anyone else wish they would do a few episodes in Oz, like Angel in Pylea?

Bits and pieces:

— Pretty much all the drama was Charlie and Dean this time. Sam was mostly just there, doing his Sam thing.

— We already knew Charlie's real last name is Middleton, but I'm pretty sure we didn't know that her first name is Celeste.

— Clive Dillon, one of the Men of Letters, was living quietly in Kansas while his doppelganger stayed young as the not-so-wonderful Wizard of Oz. Have we seen that picture of Dillon before?

Book of the Damned is a real book. Charles Fort is famous for his books about the paranormal and unexplained.

Stargate Atlantis's Paul McGillion played the D.A. He also played a completely different character in season 5's "Fallen Idols."

— This week: Topeka and Junction City, Kansas. Dean and Sam were special agents Gabriel and Collins. I'm assuming Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins? Later, Dean was "Mr. Presley." I don't have to say who that is, do I?

— Dark Charlie stole the Impala. Now that's evil.


Dean: "As soon as we get rid of this demonic tramp stamp, I am back on the booze, burgers and more booze."

Dean: "What are you saying, Charlie tortured someone? Our Charlie, yea high, wouldn't hurt a hobbit, practically sparkles?"

Dean: "What the hell is kale?"
Sam: "… anti-authority disorder, clinical depression, violent outbursts, Charlie was… ah…"
Dean: "If a shrink interviewed us at that age, do you think the report would be all kittens and rainbows?"

Dark Charlie: "Should have known Rocket and Groot would track me down."

Light Charlie: "Being good is really annoying. Normally in a place like this I'd be pounding Harvey Wallbangers, checking out the bartender's ass. Now, all I want to do is sip club soda and send her to college."

Dark Charlie: "You Winchester boys and your talk. Blah blah blah repressed feelings, blah blah blah passive aggression."

Dark Charlie: "You hit like a girl who never learned how to hit."

Charlie: "I forgive you, Dean."
Dean: "Well, I don't."

So what did you think? How many out of four club sodas?

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. Don't ask me - I'd always give maximum to SPN. The boys in Oz is a bright idea, though I'd send them to Oberon. Let's see if they could those fairies.

  2. I have trouble with Oz in Supernatural I'm afraid, it's just too much for me - I like my urban fantasy (or whatever the rural road trip/small-town equivalent is) to stay as close to 'real' folklore etc. as possible. I only like Pylea cause it was contrasted with the end of Buffy season 5, and we all needed cheering up! Plus, the Dance of Joy.

    Glad Charlie's working with the boys, albeit from Italy. Presumably Cas doesn't have enough angel juice to fly there. Though you know what would be handy when you're taking your psychotic brother on an emotionally touchy hunt, Sam? Some kind of guardian angel. If only they had one of those...

    I so badly wanted Charlie to say "Kill us both, Spock!" at some point in this!

  3. (By the way, this is the first time I've recognized all the fake names' origins. I think they're running out of rock stars. And even though it's for Peter Gabriel... Gabriel, Sam? Really?!)

  4. So, I'm still not watching SPN. But I wanted to check in on your review to see what happened with Charlie in Oz, since I like Charlie. And when I read this sentence:

    [Dean] was trying so hard to be good that he was eating egg whites and kale. I can almost see the discussion in the writers' room about what they could do to make Dean hit rock bottom, and...

    knowing nothing about the context, I assumed it was going to end like this:

    ...about what they could do to make Dean hit rock bottom, and a kale smoothie was the first thing that came to mind.

  5. I'd like to claim credit but one review pointed out that Charlie should have said, "Kill us both, Spock!"

    I've decided she said it off screen.


  6. I watched the episode last night but my wifi stopped working and I couldn't read your review.
    I'm so used to reading your reviews right after watching an episode that it felt like the experience wasn't complete.
    I feel better now.

    I liked Pylea because it was Lorne's homeworld (and because Joss Whedon doing the dance of shame is not someting you get to see every day), but I don't really care about the world of Oz. Like Juliette, it's a bit too much for me, too far from the real world.

    I was a little afraid that they would have Dean kill Charlie, of hurt her really really bad, so that he would really hit the bottom.
    I'm glad they didn't, because I don't think Dean could live with it. Plus I like Charlie. I celebrate every time she survives another episode, just like I do with Jody. Since when getting attached to female characters has become so stressful?

    I can't rate Supernatural. Even if I find flaws in every episode, it's still five out of four anything.

    "Dick Charlie just hotwired Baby!"

  7. Raya, that's so sweet. :)

    The writers probably wanted her to say "Kill us both, Spock" but couldn't work it in. I think Dark Charlie was too focused on successfully carrying out her mission to joke about the Winchesters taking her out.

    Josie, at one point I think Dean *was* drinking a kale smoothie.

  8. Parks & Rec (which I think is set in the same year as Supernatural at this point, 2017) also mentioned kale last night. Apparently all of you in the US are going to start eating - and hating - enormous amounts of kale in two years' time!

  9. I love kale. Also turnip and mustard greens, and stinging nettle (it doesn't sting anymore after you boil it, and it tastes just like spinach).

    Why yes, I am from the South. :op


    Charlie in Oz was a little cute. I'd like to keep the boys a little more grounded in this reality.

    I wasn't crazy about this episode either -- I feel like my beloved writers have been rather phoning it in this season, although I can see why they're running short of great stuff -- they've really used up a lot of the great ideas. Hope that they can come up with more.

    I'm still enjoying all of your reviews and comments. Hugs and warm fuzzies to all.

  11. So I'm catching up on my Supernatural, and this one just made me nostalgic for BTVS. I mean, a red-headed, normally cute and quirky character suddenly has an evil, sexi, badass doppleganger? And they call her Dark (instert name here)? Haven't we seen this before, and better?

  12. Super fun episode as all of the Charlie episodes are.

    One thing I thought was weird was that Good Clive Dillon was able to lie. Should being exclusively the good part of himself make that not possible?

    Rocket and Groot! Ha!

    Juliette, the angels can't fly anymore. They're wings were all broken during the fall.

  13. I don't normally feel compelled to inform you when an episode leaves me feeling wishy-washy, but this one did. I'm going to give it another peak, and hey, maybe I can use the club soda to get the fresh spaghetti sauce stain out of my favorite white tank top. ;-)

  14. Ah, that's why the evil double is so popular. Honestly, sometimes I think it's overused.


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