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Castle: I, Witness

“I believe that he’s been right too many times not to consider it.”

Castle is still a PI, but this week the case was much more serious than his previous cases. He was not looking for a purse; he witnessed a murder.

Or, at least he thought he had. Turns out that while Castle did not witness the actual act, his client ended up in the Hudson (as so many bodies do in this show). The plot was full of twists and turns, some highly predictable, some not so much.

Unfortunately, the actual guilty party was almost too obvious. As soon as s/he walked into the precinct, I knew that s/he would turn out to the one who had killed Eva. While I appreciated the fact that said perpetrator had more screen time than normal, the motive was groan worthy. I don’t mind off the wall motives; I do mind when they are thrown in like this one was so that the final twist will “make sense.”

What I found interesting about this case was Castle’s reaction to Eva. She is a damsel in distress, a type that Castle has always been powerless against. More interestingly, however, like Damien Westlake and Kyra Blaine, Eva was someone from Castle’s past. As soon as someone who knew him when he was still Richard Rodgers comes along, Castle loses all objectivity. In this instance, he took a case he didn’t want to and he became too involved in its solution. His feelings of remorse and responsibility hint at an underlying cause that, I hope, we will discover. I keep coming back to that young boy in the woods witnessing something so awful, he hasn’t even told his wife about it.

Speaking of his wife, the Caskett stuff this week was heartwarmingly good. Beckett was incredibly supportive and understanding, without being cloying. She helped him in every way she could, but she knows him well enough to understand when to stay out of his way. I really like their dynamic since they got married. The respect and the love they have for each other is palpable.

Not the greatest mystery the show has ever done, but I enjoyed watching Castle’s reaction to everything that happened and Beckett’s support. Castle as a serious PI was a step up from the comical PI. Three out four boxes of cronuts to get information.


— The subplot with Ryan and Jenny putting Esposito’s profile on a dating site was amusing. I must admit that I laughed out loud when Esposito turned the tables on their ski trip at the end.

-- No silly noir voice overs this week. Thank you, writers.

-- There were several mentions of Alfred Hitchcock, the master of the plot twist. I couldn’t decide which of his movies this one was meant to be an homage to. I finally decided it was just an homage to the man himself.

-- The product placement this week was crazy. Apple computer; a car that was clearly a Buick. Not to mention, match.com.


Castle: “Beckett, are you still awake?”
Beckett: “No.”
Castle: "Good. Something’s bothering me.”

Beckett: “Castle, stop chasing the mice in your head.”
Castle: “But, what if they’re leading me to the truth?”

ChrisB is a freelance writer who spends more time than she ought in front of a television screen or with a book in her hand.

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