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The Originals: The Devil is Damned

"This family makes me want to murder people."

The cat is definitely in Fiji.

With the sometimes exception of Davina, witches on this show are almost entirely painted as self-serving, homicidal assholes. Freya was back .02 seconds before jumping on the baby murdering bandwagon that got rolling last season. She even managed to pick up a few 2015 make-up and hair styling tips before tracking Finn down. Here's a question for you... why didn't she look him up during one of her other yearlong sleeping hiatuses? Oh, because he was probably daggered. But wait, wouldn't she be powerful enough to rescue him? Is she more powerful than Aunt Dahlia who we finally got confirmation is still alive and kicking at least one out of every hundred years? Freya doesn't seem very fond of her aunt so maybe she'll be useful in taking a stand against her to protect Hope.

Finn probably isn't dead since Yusuf Gatewood was added to the cast, but he certainly went out with a bang this week. (:

I feel like the standoff between Klaus and Kol was supposed to be more heartfelt than I found it. The second time I watched it (after knowing the trust Klaus gave Kol in the end) I took the whole thing a bit more seriously, but it still felt like they were both just lying to manipulate the other. Was it just me?

Poor, poor Kol. Did he save the day and make peace with his siblings just in time to die? I spend a lot of time feeling genuinely sorry for Kol. Him crying all alone in the secret Claire tomb was one of those times. The kid just wants a hug. Although his plan to kill his brother coming to light so recently after tricking his sister into the looney bin of neverending torment didn't help his cause. And around and around we go.

According to Cami, Elijah is suffering from PTSD. Todo list to the rescue. Keep the mind from going wonky by keeping the body busy. I guess it's working too because Elijah was able to stay on task and outsmart Finn all without his pristine suit. I've got to admit, I love it when the bad guys make a mistake and give the good guys an upper hand. It rang truer for me than if Elijah were to suddenly be able to outsmart or overpower him. Also, he now has an entire house to rebuild to keep his hands busy so his mind doesn't snap. That's what I call a win-win.

Hope is turning out to be quite indestructible. We're talking self-healing, car-killing indestructible. I wouldn't be surprised if we learned that she was somehow the reason Cami decided to head to the local produce stand with impeccable timing to avoid Finn. Suddenly, Hope got a lot more interesting. Just to be clear she is 3/4 werewolf and 1/4 witch, right? Vampire isn't something she could've inherited.

3 out 4 panini presses.

Bites and pieces

Is there significance to Freya's necklace? She seemed to be clutching at it when Finn told her about Hope. Speaking of, she is going to be mad when she finds out he's dead. Unless she has the power to bring him back.

Not that it really matters anymore, but I was annoyed when Jackson pulled the sheet off the crib. It just seemed sloppy when so many other people were around. Secret babies don't get handcrafted cribs in front of prying eyes.

Snaps to Hayley for picking up on Marcel's stalking, and not killing him out of respect for their friendship. Snaps to Marcel for cluing Hayley in and not going for the easy way out.

Grandma wolf was back again this week.

I found Hayley going back to wolfy wedding duties and not heading straight for Hope far-fetched. I wonder if she would be able to put that kind of faith in anyone other than Elijah.

Finn literally stabbed Elijah in the back with a pickaxe. How's that for symbolism?

Hayley and Jackson are pushing up the wedding date.

According to Freya, Dahlia is a hunter during her year long jaunts awake. What exactly is she hunting? First borns from other families that she made deals with?

I really thought Cami was going to die during that car ride.

Kol: "Oh, you're angry, are you? Well, join the party. I've been here a thousand years."
Every once in a while Kol is forcefully honest, and Daniel Sharman does a beautiful job of distinguishing these times from all the others.

Klaus: "I'm not going to kill you, you idiot."

Finn: "Mother warned me that Dahlia would kill us all to acquire another first born Mikaelson. Me? I'm in no mood to die."

Klaus: "I know over the last millennia we haven't always seen eye-to-eye, but in this moment I am reminded once again of something Elijah has always said: 'family is power."

Finn: "Do your soiled clothes serve as a reminder of your filthy memories?"


  1. Not that it really matters anymore, but I was annoyed when Jackson pulled the sheet off the crib. It just seemed sloppy when so many other people were around. Secret babies don't get handcrafted cribs in front of prying eyes.

    I thought that as well, but then I decided that Jackson could cover it up by stating that he and Hayley are planning on starting a family right away, to cement the marriage.

    I'm having some problem worrying much about Kol. Yes, he's going to die. He also has Klaus and Elijah as vampire brothers who can just feed him their blood when he is dying and make him back into a vampire. Unless I missed Finn saying that wasn't possible. I mean Ester became one after jumping bodies, so why not Kol? He never objected to being a vamp.

  2. It's completely understandable that the Original family keeps expanding, because who else is strong enough to have a chance of opposing Klaus and Elijah? And I like how they've managed to make the family so weird and diverse -- most of the time. The way they just managed to replace Claire Holt was excellent. But it just seems like if they're not careful, it could be jumpsharkable. Maybe they should leave Aunt Dahlia in the wings. :)


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