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The Originals: I Love You, Goodbye

"Welcome to the family, mate."

Well, I'm not ashamed to admit it... I cried.

I don't know if this many things have ever happened in one episode before.

The wedding was really beautiful. I can't quite put my finger on why, but I kept thinking that something bad was going to happen to Hayley. Like 'surprise sharing your hybrid power with the pack means you die', but no. I'm just too dramatic for my own good. The catch comes with Klaus of course and his plan to kill Jackson. I'm fuzzy on the why. Does he think he's next in line to lead the pack? Does he think Hayley will be easier to manipulate than her new husband? Is he really just jealous about yet another paternal figure in Hope's life? Anyway Jackson is married and alive for now. The vows were lovely and as follows...

"I pledge to honor and defend you and yours above all others. To share in blessings and burdens. To be your advocate, your champion, your comfort, your sanctuary, and as long as we both shall live. To be your family."

Hayley had two intense heart-to-hearts this week. With Elijah and wow do those two have chemistry! It was heart wrenching and honestly there wasn't much she could do but turn him away, but that single tear rolled down Elijah's face and I heard shippers crying around the world. Good Christmas on a cracker, that was fine acting. Gold stars. Hayley's little speech to Jackson was really sweet and a proper way to start a marriage (or a relationship for that matter), but I didn't have the same visceral reaction so... Silver acting stars? Maybe bronze? Whatever, Haylijah forever!

Jackson wasn't the only one getting welcomed into the family. As I feared, Kol made peace with his siblings and got himself a steady girlfriend just in time to bite the dust. His last day broke my heart. I couldn't figure out why he would care about finishing the dagger spell if he was dying anyway, and then I thought maybe he wanted to do it for Davina. So she would have a chance at protecting herself should she ever need it. (Or he just wasn't taking his impending doom very seriously until the nosebleed started.) And in the end he didn't die alone. He laid in his sister's lap as she swore she would find a way to bring him back, with his brothers close by and holding Davina's hand. That's when I cried.

Freya brought Finn back to life with her fancy blue necklace. Too bad for Davina, Finn is the only brother she seems to care about.

4 out of 4 vintage wedding dresses.

Bites and pieces

I wonder if Rebekah was really broken up about missing the wedding. She didn't seem to be, and she has lived an awfully long time without ever being able to have one herself.

What a nice touch that Jackson and Aidan had a 'love is love' conversation at 17, and that Jackson is standing by that. Jackson might be growing on me.

Also, Aiden is Jackson's beta now.

Of course Klaus watched over the wedding from the balcony, looking down on all the guests.

Marcel recognized Rebekah even out of her real body. I guess that horse hasn't been beaten long enough.
Unless he recognized the girl that was originally locked up in crazy town.

Kol never got to meet Hope. I don't know why, but that makes me sad.

Couldn't Freya and Finn just take off and go somewhere to have brother/sister bonding? Why would they stick around and wait for Dahlia to show up and make their lives miserable. Or whatever she does.

Klaus: "You will be queen to an army and a queen does not run."

Jackson: "Am I crazy or did he just do his version of a nice thing?"
You're crazy, Jackson.

Kol: "We've got a reason to celebrate. Come to the wedding with me."
Davina: "Fine, but if there's music we are dancing."

Rebekah: "It's white which won't fool anyone, but you can't get married in skinny jeans and combat boots."

Rebekah: "You may be marrying Jackson Kenner of the boozy backwater Kenners, but you're still one of us. A Mikaelson. Always will be."
Hayley: "Gosh, that's be such a nice compliment if it didn't link me to so many homicidal lunatics."

Hayley (to Elijah): "I have felt everything for you."

Jackson: "It won't be easy, but we got no chance of winning this fight if we don't have something to fight for."

Kol: "I know we're in a cemetery and that I'm terminal, but you got to admit the stars are lovely."
Davina: "How can you joke right now?"
Kol: "I'm not. Under these same stars, there's some guy and he's with a girl thinking he's got all the time in the world. And he's right. And I hate him.

Kol: "All my life, all I ever wanted was you lot to care about me."
Someone pass the kleenex.

Freya: "If Dahlia sensed Klaus' child, she's already on her way."


  1. I don't think Daniel Gillies gets the credit he deserves, because he has been so fantastic from day one on this show, but last night? You could feel every bit of pain he felt. I think something The Originals continues to do well is to show things from every perspective. I understand why everyone made the choices they did and why they feel the way that they do. For a show on the CW that's more than you usually get.

  2. Re-above comment on Daniel Gillies: especially when you compare him with his doctor on Saving Hope! A bit of a madcap, loose cannon there. Here so restrained!

  3. The "previously on" section reminded me of something that bugged me in the end of last week's episode: Elijah starts the fire (to blow up the house) by taking off what looks like a daylight ring and putting his hand in the sun... but I thought the Original family didn't need such rings to walk in daylight! Is one of the things that made them different! Or have I gotten it mixed up (what with hybrid Klaus etc.)

    BEAUTIFUL episode!!!

    Anyone else keep hoping that Freya would remember Kohl is her brother too and show up to save him at the last minute?

    And yeah, very sad that Kohl didn't get to meet Hope! :o(

  4. I totally agree about Daniel Gillies, but I have to say that I feel that way about a lot of actors on this show. New Rebekah blew me away. I didn't anyone could pull that off.

    CrazyCris, I thought the same thing about the original vamps being able to enjoy sunlight, but just figured I remember it wrong. It was such a long time ago that they (and their new rules) were introduced.

    I'll tell you a secret. I was convinced that Hope would be the one to save Kol. Whoops.

  5. Okay, each of the vampire vulnerabilities that have been established for the VD/Originals world do affect the Originals, but not permanently. Stake through the heart incapacitates them, wolf bite incapacitates them, sunlight burns them to a crisp. But nothing can outright kill them (I'm guessing decapitation and having their heart removed aren't permanent either but I'm not sure about that).

    They mentioned that the Originals wore daylight rings way back in TVD.

  6. Terrific episode. I actually cared about Kol, and I didn't think that was possible. The wedding was gorgeous, and his stint on True Blood made me a fan of Nathan Parsons (Jackson). I was worried that Klaus would kill him before the end of the episode, but so far so good. Hayley deserves a gorgeous devoted husband. And Elijah. Can't she have both? Did I say that out loud?

    (Or he just wasn't taking his impending doom very seriously until the nosebleed started.) LOL, Laure. :)

  7. Kol isn't dead, right? He'll come back, right? I mean, why would they keep Finn around but dispose off Kol? ISN'T KOL A POPULAR CHARACTER? For fuck's sake. I want him back. I mean... This is a Julie Plec show. She never takes death seriously. Everybody comes back.

    KOL MUST COME BACK. I started watching this show again because of Daniel Sharman, who by the way, is an amazing actor and I love him from his Teen Wolf days. OMG. I am in serious denial mode right now.

    Oh my god. I'm crying. Leave me alone to wallow in a puddle of my own tears ok bye.


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