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Justified: Trust

"I'm just saying last time we tried something like this, we ended up with his underwear."

Does love conquer all, even among the criminal element?

For Boyd it does. As clever as he was, figuring out that Wynn Duffy had betrayed him, what was really happening to the money and how to get it, and even selling out his own minions, Boyd still trusted Ava. I gasped out loud when she shot him, even though the entire episode should have told me she was desperate.

Of course, she did shoot Boyd in the shoulder, not the heart, and I am not looking forward to how he reacts when he regains consciousness and realizes what Ava just did to him.

As clever as Boyd is, Raylan is possibly cleverer. Even though he spent the entire episode uneasy and feeling like something would go wrong (much like the audience), and even though he kept herding Ava into a figurative corner, he didn't pick up on what Ava would do. Of course, Raylan couldn't know that Ava would finally notice Dewey's highly significant gator-necklace and leap to a certain conclusion. Ava just didn't believe Boyd loved her that much, and she was wrong. Sigh.

Which brings me to Markham and Katherine. Did Markham really just sacrifice ten million bucks for a woman he knows full well betrayed him? Okay, wait, the marshal service was setting things up and the money might have a tracker, but after Boyd left Markham with that little bit of information about Katherine's betrayal, I honestly don't know which way Markham will jump. Does he truly love Katherine, even though she's a total snake? Does he love her because she's a snake, much as he is? When we left them, Markham was giving Katherine that sideways evil look that has given me the shudders. I bet he's going to kill her, if she doesn't kill him.

Boon, Markham's shuddery minion, just killed Loretta's next of kin great-aunt Lillian (nice performance from K Callan) and clearly, Loretta is next. Since this episode was about criminals who love, we also got Boon's completely perverse reference to Loretta as his girlfriend as he completely freaked out a couple in a local café. I honestly had no idea what Boon had in mind with the whole buying the hat thing, and his earlier insistence to Raylan that cowboy hats didn't make someone a cowboy. Was he just exercising his creepiness muscle with the young man and his fedora? Does Boon just like to scare people? Boon is super creepy and he totally works as a threat to Loretta, but it doesn't feel like the writers will go there and actually have him kill her. But it's the final season. Who knows.

Boon, to Markham's surprise, appears to stay bought. Mikey has decided that he also stays bought, and his disappointment in Wynn Duffy has taken an interesting turn. Of course, Mikey called Katherine, who is a little busy herself at the moment and possibly about to be killed for betraying Markham, so maybe Wynn will stay alive long enough to get rescued by Raylan and Tim. Or not.

Who will live, and who will die? Tune in next week. Honestly, I thought the bodies would start falling by now. Not that I'm complaining.

Bits and pieces:

-- Limehouse got the whole 100K, and Boyd's promise to leave Harlan County forever. Of course, that situation has now changed.

-- I've always rather liked AUSA Vasquez, but the way he tried to screw Ava out of her deal and her freedom made me change my mind.

-- Is Zachariah still alive? We still don't know.

-- I loved all of the weapons that Mikey took off Wynn Duffy. They just kept a'coming. Too funny.

-- Raylan really does love his ice cream, doesn't he?


Raylan: "You really think Boyd is gonna let us take him in instead of going out in a blaze like the outlaw he's spent his whole life trying to be?"
Tim: "I guess that'll be up to him. Won't it, Raylan?"
That was pretty obviously "You're not going to shoot him, are you, Raylan?"

Boyd: "There ain't nothing in my life ever come for free."
Boyd nearly achieved his life's ambition there. It's sort of a shame.

Ava: "'Mister and Missus Ofay.' Gotta hand it to Limehouse. He does have a sense of humor."

Another excellent episode. Three out of four fedoras,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Really great episodes. I didn't see the Ava twist coming at all. In hindsight I should have after hearing her deal with the Marshals was null and void. Boon..he gives me the creeps every time. He's just beyond creepy. I can't wait till Raylan takes him out. He has to right?

  2. Well, I wanted Ava to assert some agency. Looks like I got my wish! And her shooting another Crowder lover to gain her freedom (for now) has a certain poetic quality.

    I can't decide if Boyd ultimately did Carl and Earl a favor by throwing them to the marshals. Jail might be a better fate for them than the typical Boyd henchman gets. Maybe. Carl buried Dewey and knows Boyd killed him, so maybe he can cut a deal. Either way, it was a pretty cold turn for Boyd. Especially after Carl just saved his damn life! No honor among thieves, Mikey. No honor.

    I also can't decide if that Markham look was "I'm going to kill you" or "Damn, I love this wily woman." I lean a bit more towards him being impressed with her initiative in getting revenge for her ex, but I'm just not sure. If they get distracted trying to kill each other, maybe Wynn can slip the noose one more time?

    I had a tough time with the "Boon menaces folks in diner" scene because Andrew J. West was playing the hipster with the hat. I couldn't quite dissociate him from his recent Walking Dead role, which lessened my sympathy for him and made Boon a little less creepy. I did feel bad for the girl though. I hope Boon doesn't do anything terrible to her. They kind of left that unresolved.

  3. Please tell me if I am wrong but it seemed to me that Markham was holding his phone always up side down in this episode.

    It really distracted me.

  4. I've always rather liked AUSA Vasquez, but the way he tried to screw Ava out of her deal and her freedom made me change my mind.

    I agree completely, on both counts. I'm trying to remind myself that he doesn't know her as well as we do, but it's hard not to wish someone gets out of Harlan alive.

  5. Lol, Anonymous. Something did seem curious to me about the way he handled his phone. Really funny that somebody else noticed (although I wouldn't really say I was 'distracted' the same way).

    I loved that it seemed Boyd only spilled the beans about Katherine's betrayal because she was taking too long to go to Markham at the end there. Might not be the case, maybe he'd always divulge that info to buy himself some time while they deal with each other, but I like to think that's the only reason. Anyway... poor Boyd. He's long since joined the ranks of characters I'm officially hardwired to feel sorry for as soon as I see them cheering


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