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Supernatural: The Things They Carried

"I know what you guys are thinking, but we are not going to hunt my best friend."

This was a sort of 'walk a mile in a monster's shoes' episode. And that was because Dean is sort of already a monster, or will be a monster. I'm still unclear about where they're going with that, or what the point of this episode was. That Dean probably cannot be saved? Or that he can be?

I did like how the focus was on saving the veterans that were becoming monsters, though. It just seems like there has been too much killing of demons and not so much exorcising lately. Dean and Sam probably would have just killed Kit without trying so hard to save him if Cole hadn't been there. Even though it turned out to be too late for Kit.

Much of the episode was about Cole's point of view. He's gone from an obsession with avenging his father's death by killing Dean, to learning about the world of hunters and monsters, to seeing Dean (okay, and Sam, but this was more about Dean) as a warrior without medals or recognition, an unsung hero who does what is necessary until he dies an early death. I really liked that, because it's true.

I haven't warmed to Cole before, but I sure liked him by the end of this episode. He had the chutzpah, or will power, or just plain courage to endure several shots of a car battery and hours in a sweat lodge in order to dislodge the worm monster and go back to his family, and he was honest with Dean the entire time. Dean felt it, too. He almost couldn't make himself keep hitting Cole with the jumper cables, and then he felt guilty about drinking water in front of him.

(I may like Cole now, but I'm not interested in them spinning him off. Just for what it's worth.)

A different version of the Khan worm appeared in season six's "…And Then There Were None," a better episode, but with a similar theme: the terrible life and early death of hunters. Sadly, it was Rufus's swan song (although it wasn't his last episode, since this is Supernatural). It also had a Three Stooges type of moment that I loved.

Bits and pieces:

— This episode was heavy on the gross out, even for Supernatural.

— Sam is still researching the Mark of Cain. Not porn.

— Loved Dean stealing a taste of cake frosting.

— The first thing I thought of when Cole finally ejected the Khan worm was that it had reproduced and he would die, anyway. I guess not.

— This week: Fayetteville, North Carolina. And a very picturesque deserted cabin.

— There was an exterminator truck in an early scene. A little clue there.


Dean: "The guy Molotov cocktailed himself. That's bonkers. That's like demon possession bonkers."

Dean: "When in doubt, eat."
Wisdom for all of us.

Cole: "I'm sorry, I should have let the Machete Brothers cut my buddy's head off."

Dean: "All right, let's fire this puppy up."
Cole: "You say that like it's just another Tuesday."
Dean: "Oh, buddy, it's only Monday."

Dean: "Nothing like a sweat lodge in the woods, huh?"

Cole: "Dino, would you do me the honor of tying me to this chair?"
Nicknames, even. Although I don't like anyone but Dean calling Sam "Sammy."

Cole: "Thanks for the talk, Coach. But honestly, all I can think about is slicing your wrist and drinking you like a fountain."

Sam: "I couldn't save this one."
Dean: "You know, you can do everything right, but even still, sometimes the guy still dies."
Again, what was the point? That Dean is absolutely going to die, or that Sam can save him?

I wasn't crazy about this one. Two out of four sweat lodges in the woods,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. What I thought was weird about this episode was the disconnect between Sam being so worried about Dean and the Mark and Dean's behavior. He didn't kill Cole even when he was being attacked, he sneaked some frosting off the cake, he relished that burger; he seems like the old Dean.

    Also, WHERE IS CAS

  2. This episode was kinda depressing (though I loved the cake moment). Not in a good way, just in a... depressing way. But I did notice that whenever Cole was around, I felt like he was a potential threat in a way Crowley hasn't been in years. There was a real tension there.

    And Billie I totally agree, I hated him calling Sam 'Sammy'! No one does that but Dean, and occasionally villains deliberately trying to make everyone uncomfortable.

    I'm confused and vaguely intrigued by where this season is going. On one hand, it seems obvious that the Mark of Cain is building up to a Dean/Sam fight to the death, because of the obvious Cain/Abel parallel. On the other hand, the season seems to be setting up a Dean/Castiel fight to the death (Cas said they might have to kill demon!Dean which Sam wouldn't contemplate, Dean begged him to kill him if he went bad again because Sam won't, and Dean gave Cas, not Sam, the First Blade). I guess at this point it could go either way. Not that there's all that much tension in either case, since they won't kill Sam, and even if they did try to really truly kill Cas again no one would believe it at this point!

  3. I liked it. I appreciate the fact they are trying new things with the MOW. I am happy I don't read any spoilers, it helps enjoying it.
    But I also hate when Cole called Sam "Sammy" and Dean "Deano", it seems childish and weird and the worst is that neither Sam or Dean said something, very OOC for me.

  4. Sunbunny, I agree that since the beginning of the season, I don't feel the angst about the mark of Cain. Dean is in control, even Demon Dean was. He killed someone who wanted to kill his wife and some rapists. Both Sam and Dean did much worst in the past.
    This season fail for me to show the urgency. To go down this road, they need to let Dean becoming very dark.
    Juliette, I think too we will go to a big fight but I don't thing Cass owning the first blade is so important. Only the owner of the mark of Cain can use it so Cass can't use it against Dean.

  5. I really liked Audrey L's comment about the lack of urgency. That is probably what is happening with the show. We still get little delights, like the frosting thing, but no deep, dark threat hanging over anyone. I hope that the writers have some brilliant way of turning this whole thing on its head. I've loved this show for too long to feel that dull, thudding disappointment of no payoff. (Hugs to all of the writers, tech and actors though... they've done such outstanding work for so long that the fans have faith in them!)

  6. audrey L, I'd forgotten that about the First Blade. I'm terrible at keeping the mythology straight!

    I hadn't thought about lack or urgency, but maybe it's something to do with getting renewed for season 11? Everything has to be dragged out for longer...

  7. I really, really love this show and have since the very first episode. But I wonder what the hell they are going to do with season 11, and worry that there is no place new to go for the show or its characters. It would upset me terribly to see SUPERNATURAL become an awful show that no one wants to watch after 10 years. Jared, Jensen and everyone else involved with the show has put in too much of themselves for that to happen. They need to do something brand new and exciting to bring life back to the show. I sure hope someone has some great ideas on that score. Love, Robin

  8. I was expecting Dean to come to the realization that the monster in this episode was the same one in Cole's dad. I think the liver is the organ that contains the most blood so it might explain why he was eating livers. It's probably better that they didn't go there though. It would have been too neat.

    I also thought it felt strange when Cole called Sam Sammy, but Cole was taking in a lot at the time so I guess it would have been less than sensitive for Sam to correct him.

  9. I like the actor who plays Cole, but not the character the way he is written. He tortured poor broken arm Sam, tried to kill Dean, and then he acts all chummy with them and uses nicknames that he hasn't earned the right to use. It just rubs me the wrong way. Benny calling Dean "brother" also made me mad. I get real protective of Sammy.

  10. I think you guys are being a little overprotective, lol. Dean-o or Dino worked for me, and I liked that they didn't shut Cole down on his nickname use... this isn't like with Gordon, where there was a mutual dislike with Sam. I guess I just really appreciate Cole not being turned into a season's threaten with his obsessive pursuit of Dean. So I can buy it as him awkwardly letting them know he's coming around on them..
    And truthfully Benny's special bond with Dean doesn't involve or threaten Sam's own bond with him at all. That's just the writers being lazy IMO, I don't think Sam would really have a problem with it


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