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The Originals: Save My Soul

"We will defeat our enemies."

If everyone defeated their enemies, then there would be no show. But I want all the characters to win and be happy (well most of them). And I want the show to stay entertaining. And I want lettuce to taste like cake. Life is hard.

The witches have come for Eva Sinclair, and since she is stockpiling bodies in an abandoned warehouse I guess they have reason to. She even managed to snag herself a harvest girl. So I don't really understand how Rebekah is still in control at all if Eva has amassed all that power. Unless it's the body that has gained power and not one of the individual spirits. Or something. The workings of the body snatching business is still living in shades of gray, and haven't been explained yet. So maybe we'll get some clarification when we officially meet Ms. Sinclair. Also, Hope is a child witch with lots of power for her to channel. Poor Hope, she really can't catch a break. If it's not her evil Great Aunt Dahlia or her wicked witch of a Grandma it is, of course, the homicidal host of her Auntie Bex's spirit that's trying to kill her.

Vincent is Eva Sinclair's husband. Naturally. Cami was brought back to use her powers of chit chat to get Vincent to talk about Eva. It worked because no one can resist a Cami therapy sesh. I wonder if he is more than he seems. He tried playing it off as if his lack of power is why Finn took his body, but I thought Esther, Finn and Kol chose strong witches to jump into. Also, didn't Cassie remember being taken over by Esther? Wouldn't Vincent remember being taken over by Finn?

The scenes in the bayou seemed to be thrown in to connect Klaus' conversation with Aiden last week to whatever is going to happen in the pack next. Tensions are running high now that the pack is coming into their new powers, and in a way the wolves are the hardest to predict. Of course Hayley is going to protect Hope and that means Jackson is on that bandwagon, but how far down will that trickle before the pack tries to overthrow Jackson to get out from under Klaus? Hayley tried to put Klaus in his place again and again he was having none of that. Should we start taking a poll? Which will happen first: Klaus betraying Hayley by killing Jackson or Hayley betraying Klaus by trying to take Hope away from him? Knowing this show, it might even be a synchronized double double-cross.

And while all this is going on, the originals decided to brunch with Freya. Another Mikaelson meal where no one ate anything. Klaus was all high-and-mighty with his suspicions, but if you ask me Freya had a right to be angry. If you invite me over and promise brunch, I at least expect mimosas, but that's just me. The girl's been asleep for almost a century, make her some eggs for crying out loud. Anyway... Klaus doesn't trust his sister (maybe that's why he tricked her about eating?) even though his siblings want to and even when she might be able to save Rebekah. I literally laughed when he snapped her neck mid-sentence and joyfully called for a "proper family meeting" without his new sister. It wouldn't be Klaus if he welcomed her with open arms, but isn't it interesting how easily her story pushed his buttons. Me thinks thou doth protest too much.

3 out of 4 forever fluctuating and entwined factions of New Orleans.

Bites and pieces

Hats off to whomever is in charge of casting for this show. Yusuf Gatewood slid seamlessly into Vincent. There wasn't a hint of Finn.

Did anyone notice that when Freya woke up she was super quick to hide her blue necklace back underneath her shirt? It seems highly unlikely that if I noticed it, Klaus wouldn't. Speaking of her accessories, that was a bold earring choice.

Davina was back, but only long enough to remind us that Kol is still dead and get herself hauled off to the creepy warehouse with a fancy new tattoo. Also, if Davina is out of commission and Eva is evicting Rebekah, I guess Kol is going to stay dead for a while. Maybe until Teen Wolf goes on hiatus?

I still don't have shippy feelings for Rebekah and Marcel. Why can't I get on this ship? I love ships.

If I understand correctly, Dahlia's master plan was to build a coven of Mikaelson first borns that she could draw power from for eternity. When that didn't work, she decided that she and Freya would sleeping beauty their way to immortality. Or something. Where does Hope fit in? Are we reverting back to the original plan or will Hope allow them to stay awake 2 years out of every century instead of 1?

Josephine: "You have until tomorrow. After that it won't matter what I say. Witches will stop at nothing to protect their children. It's an impulse I know you can respect."
Since when? Wasn't it witches that allowed their daughters throats to be slit for harvest? And also witches that called for the murder of a newborn baby?

Elijah: "Right now, I'm inclined to give the benefit of the doubt to family."

Rebekah: "The point is, for the first time in ages, I'm vulnerable. Weak even. It's an uncomfortable moment realizing that you're genuinely afraid."


  1. I wish lettuce tasted like cake, too. :)

    I really enjoy your reviews of this show, Laure, probably because I tend to agree with you. I don't have shippy feelings for Rebekah and Marcel, either. I'm still mad at Marcel for burying his friends in his catacombs. I also think Vincent is very powerful and/or he is lying about not remembering.

    And yay for Claudia Black's debut as the meanest auntie of them all!

  2. Thanks Billie!

    I'm still mad at Marcel for burying his friends in his catacombs.
    -Ugh. I don't think he'll ever be able to live that down. Is that why you think it's hard to get on their ship? I honestly can't put my finger on it, but I think Rebekah deserves a little action in the love department. Especially now since Klaus has a lot going on and maybe won't throw a fit.


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