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Arrow: This Is Your Sword

"None of you are particularly good actors."

Well, things have certainly started to move forward.

I guess that's the end of the series, since a majority of the cast is now dead. Well okay, the audience isn't fooled, but at least the characters are. Oliver's ruse is going pretty damn far, so far that his extended family believes he is willing to kill them. Even Malcolm, the treacherous bastard, was panicked.

That being said, I am finally enjoying where things are going. The game has been revealed to the audience, and team Arrow was finally brought on board as well. All the build up to taking down that plane with the Alpha-Omega virus was well done. Malcolm struggling to convince the group that Oliver was still Oliver, Tatsu showing up to back him up. Ray joining in for aerial support. All good.

The way things culminated in that rather impressive battle scene made the episode for me, because everyone had a moment to shine. Even Felicity got a badass moment (which was hilariously undercut). The stand out of course was Tatsu, in her full Katana costume. That mask, and the swordfight with Maseo, were awesome. His death actually got to me, and perfectly mirrored what happened in the flashback.

What wasn't so awesome was Diggle's anger towards Oliver. I get why Diggle is angry, but knowing it was all a ruse should've tempered that anger a bit. In retrospect, Oliver was never going to actually hurt Lyla, though I'm not sure what would've happened if the team had called his bluff. I hope this doesn't drive a permanent wedge between Diggle and Oliver, but I guess that's a possibility.

While all the rest of the cast was off to fight the League of Assassins, Thea got a chance to track down Roy. Their reunion was sweet, but it was mostly a set up. Roy was right, Thea's default is to bolt. Calling her out on it, and giving her the opportunity to step up was really lovely. He is at a crossroads in his life too, and it's probably true that she would never have a good life on the run with him. I do wish he had given her the option, but I understand his reasons.


This storyline has been progressing at a snail's pace, with little linear segments of tragedy and horror worked into each episode. This time we finally got to see poor little Akio die, because he was too young for the vaccine to work on him. The desperate search for a cure finally defined Maseo's grief, and also brought Shrieve physically into play as a major villain. While I wonder what's next for Oliver, Tatsu, and Maseo, I'm mostly just glad this particular arc is winding down. It has been a good story, but far too drawn out.


So are Oliver and Nyssa married now? That does beg the question; is a secret service done by a secret league of assassins mean they are actually married?

Roy giving his costume back to Thea was a nice touch, although it will probably have to be completely remade to fit her properly.

Laurel really brought it this time, and it is clear her training with Nyssa has paid off.

I loved the fact that Nyssa, who was totally devoted to the League, is showing obvious distaste for her father's actions. Ra's really is behaving like a child, which is ironic for a man well over a hundred years old.

Ray being so cool about Felicity and Oliver proved once again how classy he is. The character may not be fully fleshed out yet, but I like him. Enough that I think he'll be a good lead for whatever this new spinoff is going to be.

Ray signing over ownership of Palmer Technologies to Felicity was interesting. Me thinks he is planning to leave Starling City in the finale.

Ferris Air was mentioned yet again. Are all these little Easter eggs only, or is a certain green superhero going to join the action in the near future? I don't think The CW could possibly handle another spin-off though.


Diggle: "I hate when they run."
Felicity: "Well, at least you're getting your cardio in. I still have forty minutes on an elliptical in my near future."

Felicity: "So now Malcolm Merlyn can summon us. I really don't like the idea that he can summon us."

Laurel: "Any idea what this is about?"
Diggle: "No, but Merlyn assures me he'll be waving the white flag."
Malcolm: "I'm sorry, I forgot the flag."

Felicity: "You don't really believe Merlyn?"
Diggle: "Well, looking at this, we can't afford not to believe Merlyn."
Felicity: "He's a mass murderer who has lied to use so many times it should be a drinking game."

While I haven't liked most of the Ra's arc, this felt like an improvement. Still holding off rating these episodes until the end of the season, but I'm tentatively optimistic that things might play out well.

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.


  1. The Tatsu/Maseo swordfight was just awesome, and it got to me, too. I'm also really enjoying what they're doing with Malcolm. And I was happy that Thea got to say goodbye to Roy.

    Everyone dying? My eyes rolled. Come on, people. That'll happen.

    I can't wait for R'as al Ghul to go down. I can't stand him.

  2. Yeah, using the "they're all dead!" as a cliffhanger was a bit lame, especially when all of those characters appear in the preview for the season finale. Kinda ruins the suspense there, CW. Nice to see the Flash showing up for the finale, gotta wonder why they didn't call him for the initial assault on Nanda Parbat. Felicity called in Ray, why not Barry? I've gotta think he could make short work of a bunch of assassins wielding swords & arrows.

    I'm ready for this storyline to be finished. Ra's never really clicked with me, mostly because of the casting, but also because they've written him as being awfully petty when it comes to how he recruited Oliver. Like, "high school" petty. I've loved having more of Nyssa, though. And Tatsu has been a nice addition as well. I definitely wouldn't be opposed to either character making appearances next year, though I have a feeling at least one of them won't survive the finale.

    Roy leaving Thea with a good-bye letter like that was kind of a chump move, even if what he said was pretty much on the nose. Thea needs to stay and fight for her home, including her brother. Leaving her the Arsenal outfit wasn't very subtle, I guess "Speedy" isn't far away. I have no problem with this. :)

    Of course, at this point I have NO idea what Team Arrow as a whole is going to look like when the season is done, they all seem like they're ready to walk away from Oliver for good, despite the fact that he actually hasn't been brainwashed by Ra's. Of course using Malcom, the person they all trust LEAST, to explain the ruse was probably not the smartest plan there, Ollie. Maybe you could've left a video message or something? Hell, I was expecting exactly that when Malcom showed up to meet the team carrying what looked like a laptop/tablet.

  3. I absolutely loved everything Merlyn did this episode, including turning on Oliver in a heartbeat.

  4. Yay! Arrow is back! I have been so disappointed with the eps lately. Although I knew Oliver couldn't possibly have turned, the whole storyline with Ra's-Have-Google has been somewhat frustrating.

    Love everything with Malcolm this ep. John Barrowman has been underused lately.

    Damn you Colton Haynes for leaving, but I guess that happens...sob. (Hey, didn't he look good in a little moustache?)

    Everybody's dying? Well, that must go to history as the biggest un-cliffhanger ever. It was cool though...

    I'm back to loving this show. Yay:)


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