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iZombie: Mr. Berserk

“If my problems are too big to forget, if the task at hand isn’t consuming enough, I just consume something else.”

Opting not to drop any of the momentum after last week’s dramatic ending, ‘Mr Berserk’ was a terrific combination of the best of the stand-alone cases we’ve seen so far, as well as one of the more important pieces in the zombie “mythology” that’s slowly starting to unravel.

Lowell’s death was all over this episode. Liv’s grief was real and genuine and I loved how this episode dealt with it. Eating a raging alcoholic’s brains doesn’t scream healthy grieving process to me, but if I was presented with the opportunity to lose myself completely by adopting a drink till I pass out mentality from a deceased reporter, why wouldn’t I?

Even before all the connections to Max Rager and the zombie hoodoo, this week’s case was already stronger that everything that came before it. It’s been great to see the show continue to bring the serialised plot further into the foreground over the past few weeks. It’s really starting to feel like we’re moving beyond iZombie’s initial introduction phase, and I hope it sticks. I’m excited to see where this whole giant evil corporation connection goes, and what will happen when Liv’s gets tangled up with them in the quest to take them down.

She’s been taken to some pretty dark places over the last few episodes, and even before Liv had to maim that creepy corporate hitman she was already in a pit of despair. Lowell was her one reprieve in the mess that is her after life as a zombie and now she’s lost him. I do think that she will have to bring Major in on the secret soon through, so maybe she’ll find some solace in mending things between them.

I think Major needs Liv just as much as she needs him right now. Stumbling into the zombie underworld has really messed up his life, and watching him come to a realisation that he’s losing it was kind of heartbreaking. I was annoyed with Liv for not choosing to tell him the truth at first, but she had a good point. He overreacted before he found out that the Candyman killed Jerome just to eat his brains, if he learns the truth he could land himself in an even bigger mess than he’s in already. I do think he’ll find out about Liv soon, it’s just a matter of how he learns about her that will make a difference to how he handles a bombshell like that.


No Blaine this week. No Peyton either, but she did get a few on-screen mentions. She definitely deserves her recurring status. Will there be more or less of her next season?

I genuinely thought Clive was going to eat Liv’s Brain/Shrimp salad. That would have been hilarious/gross.

He Said, She Said

Liv: “When I focus hard enough on the task at hand, I don’t have to think about anything else. And if my problems are too big to forget, if the task at hand isn’t consuming enough, I just consume something else.”

Liv: “I’m going to find Blaine, and next time I’ll be able to pull the trigger.”

As we enter the final episodes of iZombie’s debut season we’re really starting to see the brains hit the fan. Now that the show has found its voice and established a strong formula, it can start to take things in some exciting directions. Judging by this episode it looks like we’ll see Liv’s life get even crazier, and I’m all for it.

4.5 out of 5 shrimp/brain salads

Originally posted at PandaTV.


  1. Aly Michalka will be on another series next season so probably little to no Peyton. Was surprised that with her zombie metabolism that Liv could get drunk.

  2. Substituting brains for shit — nice, how come I never thought about that?

    Seriously, though, this show manages to make each single episode just right. Seems impossible. Even Buffy had weak episodes.


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