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The 100: Day Trip

"I can't change the tide if the moon won't cooperate. It's basic physics."

A bunch of teenagers are basically at camp with no parental supervision. This episode was bound to happen sooner or later.

While trying to prep for winter our pioneers found enough nuts to feed the entire camp straight into a hallucination-filled hippie rager. Monty wants to hug the earth and ate a pinecone. Monty has been kept pretty jaded about the dangers they've faced, hasn't he? When everyone else was out getting speared by grounders and attacked by giant snakes he was stuck in the ship working on a radio. When Jasper tries to talk to him about Lincoln, Monty even says that he doesn't want to think about it. Jasper sees grounders coming to kill him and his friends. I have to say that I love Monty and Jasper together. Like modern day stooges. Very lovable stooges.

Chancellor Jaha basically told Clarke that it was time to get over her dad being floated. I half expected her to throw that monitor into the wall.

Contact with the Ark means the luxury of the Ark's resources. Like the location of a storage facility full of weapons and supplies. But hey, couldn't someone have done that research before sending children to earth with no food or shelter? Of course the people for this mission are the two leaders. Doesn't that seem like a bad idea? What if they were captured or killed? Shouldn't one of them always be at camp to sign off on the torture and what not??

Bellamy's hallucinations are the Chancellor with a fresh bullet wound plus the 320 people that died during the culling on the Ark. The 320 chased him chanting 'murderer.' I think this was the writers making sure we believe that he has a conscience. He was pretty adamant about not killing Lincoln in the beginning of the episode, too. Is Bellamy going soft on us? I feel like the writers are having the same problems with Bellamy that they've had with Kane. They were both painted too few shades of gray that when one of them shows something different, it just doesn't add up.

Of course Clarke would hallucinate her dad and of course she would be the only one to realize that it wasn't real. The whole scene was quite lovely and really well done. It made sense that she would see him on the Ark since it was the only place he ever knew. And since it was Clarke's mind that conjured him up, we can only assume that somewhere inside herself, she wants to forgive her mom. Maybe she wanted his blessing first. Also, when her dad/Dax called her a crazy bitch it jarred me a little. I spent so much time before that waiting for Dax to make his move, but still didn't see it coming.

I like Octavia. There. I said it. Yea, yea. She's spoiled and a little more annoying than I generally like, but she's smart. She escaped from the cave that Lincoln dumped her in, she figured out how to make Lincoln give her the antidote without torturing him, and she used everyone's altered state to help her set Lincoln free. She's got spark.

In non nut-related news, Raven is pretty desperate to convince herself that Finn is still in to her. Girl, you can do better than that. And Finn is pretty desperate to irritate me. Sadly, he's winning.

I don't know. 2 out of 4 Grounder sticks?

Bits and pieces

Finn was covered with some kind of animal skin blanket when he was laid up. Are we really supposed to buy that the 100 not only killed an animal that big but also took the time to turn the hide into a blanket? You know while also scavenging for hallucinogenic nuts and berries, building a wall, getting murdered/burying their murdered friends, skyping with their parents and engaging in random acts of torture.

While I'm harping on this, how did they suddenly get a monitor, video capability and headsets?

During the scene that Bellamy was teaching Clarke to shoot, was that target set up in the doorway? Because... genius! Just kidding, that's really stupid and dangerous. Don't do that.

By my count, Dax is the third person to die by throat impalement. Clarke is such a trendsetter.

Clarke openly admitted that she trusts Bellamy. She also said that he's a jackass half the time.

Did those nuts get LSD properties from the radiation or can I pick some up at Whole Foods?

Clarke and Bellamy took a day trip, but the entire camp spent the day tripping on drugs/nuts.

Now we know who's behind Jaha's assassination and she's got a seat next to him on the council. Has he made ANY good decisions?

Miller: "Telling all these parents that their kids were murdered by Grounders, I just wish I could say we were getting some justice."
Bellamy: "We're not killing him!"

Bellamy: "Why are you asking me?"
Clarke: "Well, because right now I don't feel like being around anyone I actually like."

Clarke: "That's a lot of rations. You realize this is a day trip."
Bellamy: "A lot can happen in a day."

Octavia: "This is all my fault because I freaked out so bad when you locked me up in that cave. You'd totally understand why if you knew how I grew up."
Well, no, Octavia. Generally speaking, it's totally allowed to freak out when a stranger abducts you and proceeds to hold you against your will. No matter how you grew up. It's like rude.


  1. What a great review, Laure. Laugh out loud. I think I liked it more than the episode.

    I confess. I like Octavia, too.

  2. That was so much fun! See snark is good! Thanks for that review Laure it made my evening.

  3. Oh my god, I had so much fun watching this episode.

    The best bit of the episode comes from Octavia giving Jasper and “anti-grounder stick” and later on we see Jasper doing this...



  4. One more thing... I love Clarke and Bellamy’s scene towards the end, in which she says something like “is it forgiveness you need? I’ll give you forgiveness. You’re forgiven.” Their co-leadership of the hundred has been earned, I love it.

  5. I have no idea if you monitor this, but I'm just now getting into this show and have thoughts.

    If Lincoln was scrawny and snaggle-toothed instead of gorgeous and buff, would Octavia be quite so protective and grateful?

    I found it interesting that Finn let Lincoln go without telling anyone.

    I KNEW that woman was evil.

    Also, I agree very much that the writers are struggling to show us a Kane and a Bellamy that we care about while knowing they are capable of darkness. I keep hearing the show gets better, so I'm going to be patient with it.

  6. Wendy, we read every comment and it's never too late to post one. And the show absolutely does get a lot better; we're still covering it.

  7. I've never gone wrong with a show this site recommends.


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