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The 100: We Are Grounders, Part 2

"It can't be that simple."

Well, no Clarke, it never is that simple in TV land. Wow, though, what a packed finale, and so much set-up for the next season.

Bellamy is a good leader because he can inspire people like Clarke said, but Clarke is a better leader because she's smart and always thinking ahead. People don't do what she says because she has a way with words. They follow her because she gives them better options. When plan A to run for the coast ended with a blade in the face for what's-his-name, Bellamy made a we'll do our best and it'll be fab speech. But Clarke came up with a real plan that could actually save many of her people. I've enjoyed the journey that he has been on and I enjoy watching the two of them lead. They make a good team.

The actual fighting part was pretty good too. Lots of action and excitement. Almost everyone got the chance to show what they were made of. Octavia is less annoying when she's being a samurai and she got to save Bellamy's life for a change. Jasper is such a character, and he always comes through in the clutch. Note to self: you should've paid more attention in chemistry, because someday you might need to know things about splicing wires and charging rockets. Good on Finn for figuring out a way to use the firefly reapers to his advantage. The Grounders are skilled fighters. They were smart enough to get their enemy to waste bullets, tore through the 100 82 and got in the gate in minutes.

The people in the Ark are planning to free fall their way to the ground. You know, if they don't explode first or crash violently into the earth. Not that it really matters, but the only way Jaha made it out before Kane did was if no one tried to stop him from making that sacrifice like Abby stopped Kane or slowed him down with consolatory 'thanks for saving my life' handshakes. Is it because he's the chancellor and people have been conditioned not to question him or because everyone is sick of his shit like Diana said in the last episode?

Set up for season 2:

Who are the Mountain Men? Obviously more technologically advanced than the grounders with smoke bombs and lasered sniper rifles. Not to mention their intense love of the color white from the looks of Monty and Clarke's cells.

Are Finn and Bellamy dead? Is Jaha close behind them? Hey, Monty is alive. Maybe there is hope for everyone.

Listing my hopes for season 2 seems silly because I've already seen it. But I will say this show isn't done improving.

Did any of the other stations survive the free fall?

Octavia was shot with an arrow, but Lincoln whisked her away to probable safety.

I am a fan of this show and episodes like this are the reason why.
4 out of 4 fried orange wires

Bits and pieces

Winning against the Grounders meant scorching the ground around them. Everything was dead gray ash. No living green. A little symbolic of the effect people have on the earth, maybe?

What's-his-name took a blade to the eye. Octavia stabbed the Grounder through the eye. An eye for an eye, and the whole world goes blind.

Raven yelling at Clarke to "look harder" and balking "it isn't rocket science" even though it was was funny. I like Raven. And Clarke telling Raven that she would pick her first was touching.

Murphy's gotta be on his last life by now. Even cats only have nine.

Clarke: "You did good here, Bellamy."
Bellamy: "18 dead."
Clarke: "82 alive. You did good."

Bellamy: "The gully is now mined."
Raven: "Partially mined thanks to Murphy."
Bellamy: "She also made grenades."
Clarke: "Again, thank you Murphy."
Bellamy: "We'll make them count."

Raven: "Give me enough time? Yea, I'll cook 'em real good."

Jaha: "No one said this would be easy, ladies and gentlemen. Just that if we don't try it... we all die."

Clarke: "Hey, Raven? I'd pick you first."
Raven: "Of course you would. I'm awesome."


  1. What a lovely review, Laure. :)

    This episode is a very good season finale. I was on the edge of my seat watching it. My favorite moment is when the fight stops, and the 100 and the grounders look at the Ark descending to Earth.

    Monty disappearing a few episodes before the season finale, and then reappearing captured by the Mountain Men on the season finale is similar to Garza’s situation with the Freelancers on the final run of episodes of Continuum’s second season.

    I love Raven’s “Of course you would. I’m awesome”. Aw. The way the actress delivers it makes my heart melt.

  2. Yes, an excellent season finale. Excellent review, Laure!

    I was shocked when the 100 (or what's left of them) came out of the dropship and saw the smoldering skeletons. Don't screw with Clarke and Raven. And I was thinking of Continuum too, Lamounier.

  3. This show is the proof that you have to be patient and see what happens next... I was sooo going to drop this show at the middle of the season, but then the eps got better and better and season one ended on a high note. Season two doesn't disappoint - can't wait for you guys to catch up with the reviews!:)

  4. So the Mountain Men obviously have the tech to save Raven, right? She’s not gonna die. She’s not gonna die. She’s not gonna die. (If I keep saying it, it will be true. Don’t tell me otherwise.)

    I hope Bellamy lives, too. Finn, I don’t really care either way. He’s useful once in awhile, so I don’t mind if he lives. But I really don’t care if he dies either. Bellamy, on the other hand, needs to live. I was really hoping he would leap over the lip of the door right behind Anya before it closed. Alas, ‘twas not to be. Hopefully he got clear of the blast zone.

    Loved the reprise of the Traveler’s Blessing. Both on the Ark, and with the “may we meet again” parting between Bellamy and Octavia. I also found Jaha’s (presumably) final moments quite moving. In peace may you leave the shore, Chancellor.

    I’m certainly eager to see where it all goes next! It looks like maybe S2 will be available on DVD in mid-October, so hopefully it will pop up on streaming around then, too. Until we meet again ...

  5. I started laughing when I heard Radiohead's Exit Music For a Film at the end just one day after watching the Westworld finale. Is there another song that features in so many tv shows season finales? ;)

    All in all a great end to a rapidly improving show. What really jumped at me is the writers having as many characters as they can with fates up in the air like they wanted time to decide who to keep and who to scratch in season 2 after analyzing fan responses. At least I can watch season 2 immedaitely after this. Will be a fun ride.

  6. Okay, I have not seen any of the rest of the season, so I'm going to throw out a theory on the Mountain Men and see how close I come. I'm thinking they're a splinter of the U.S. military that has survived and controls the supply site that was the reason for the 100 to try to land in this area in the first place. And I'm thinking they'll be a little like the Brotherhood of Steel in the Fallout Series: dedicated to preventing mankind from repeating its mistakes by keeping technology out of everyone else's hands. So my theory is that they showed up because the 100 were using guns and bombs.

    Certainly a strong ending to the season.


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