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Teen Wolf: Condition Terminal

“How scared should we be?”

Now that this season’s big bad, or what we assume to be this season’s big bad, have finally made themselves known, season five is starting to hit its stride.

I don’t think these masked creeps are what this season is really about, but they certainly have enough menace to carry these early season five episodes out of their initial funk. Now that they’re on the pack’s radar we should start to learn a lot more about them. Maybe their existence is down to the actions of someone else. That book that Lydia found hints that they could be right out of someone’s imagination. Is Theo the person in charge?

We know he’s definitely a bad guy now, if his abducted stand-in parents didn’t already confirm that. Stiles hasn’t given up his vendetta against him either, which is good, though it does look like he’s going to pay for it in other respects. Did Theo send Donovan and his creepy hand mouth after Stiles or is the closing scene of this episode more about the bad blood between Donovan himself and our favourite paranoid freak?

The mad scramble to stop the doctors’ latest experiment, Lucas, was full of oodles of that kookiness that Teen Wolf does so well. Naturally, the majority of the action takes place in a bi club that has a very lax policy on under agers serving alcohol, and a very flimsy security policy. It was all a lot of fun, even if I still don’t get the necessity of Teen Wolf: The Second Generation.

The highlight of the fighting was Kira’s second Kitsune outburst. What is happening to her, exactly? Hopefully the mythology books that her mother seems to have swallowed can help. I hope we get to see her go completely off the rails and lose control. It’d definitely be a different role for Kira to play, and it’d certainly shake things up.


I love that Malia made a big deal about not being the one who killed Tracy. It was such an important moment for her, and it’s almost sad that nobody was there to watch it.

Lydia asked Parrish to teach her how to fight. We’re one step closer to the kick ass Banshee we saw in the flashforward a few episodes ago.

We finally got a bit more insight into Parrish this week. The final shot gives me the impression he’s there to help. In what way is anyone’s guess right now.

Scott’s random outburst after Kira threw her belt-buckle thingie at the alarm was adorable.

He Said, She Said

Deaton: “The rules have changed.”

This season isn’t the show’s strongest by any means, but it’s definitely not boring. I don’t know what the rest of the internet thinks about what this show has become. Somehow I get the impression it’s not a good consensus, but I still think Teen Wolf still has something special going on; this episode proved that for me.

4 out of 5 massive scorpion stings.

Originally posted at PandaTV.

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