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The 100: Inclement Weather

"Your life can be more than just impossible decisions and a tragic end. You can choose to live."

Apparently, in a post-apocalyptic world, you really shouldn't trust anyone.

Not even the givers of cake and art supplies.

Girls rule

Clarke is still smarter than her friends the other 47. I wanted to smack Jasper in the face for the way he talked to Clarke. After all she has done for him. He literally owes her his life and his friends' lives, and the best he can do to have her back and alleviate her (very realistic) fears is to tell her that she's being a pain in the ass?? I get it that he doesn't want to be separated from his lady friend, and they are all enjoying the amenities that Mount Weather can offer but come on... even if the place was exactly what it seemed (which it isn't) and even if they were safe (which they aren't), Clarke is still a friend that is going through something horrifying. Where's the love?

Did anyone else want to give Raven a hug? She just kept taking hits in this episode. First, there's a decision to be made. Leave the bullet in her spine, never walk again and accept that the next time an enemy attacks she'll be a sitting duck. Or take the bullet out, while she's awake and without anesthetic, and possibly die. Of course she picks the door that means a tremendous amount of torture for her and man, was Lindsey Morgan good in that scene or what? And even after all the wide-eyed screaming and tears, Raven's leg has nerve damage below the knee. And THEN she sends Finn, her only source of comfort (hey! there's no accounting for taste), to look for their friends. The girls got moxie coming out of her ears.

Over by the Lincoln memorial, Octavia is still trying to earn her black belt in badass, and she's got to be up to at least a blue by now. Maybe even purple after bringing that giant healer grounder to his knees, successfully negotiating a trade to save Lincoln and not letting the reaper get the jump on her. For the most part, this relationship has fully creeped me out. It's had a very stalker/Stockholm vibe, but I appreciate the way they've been taking turns taking care of each other now. Lincoln was taken by Reapers so I guess it's her turn to save him again.

Boys drool

To be fair, not all the male characters suck, but I couldn't resist these titles.

Bellamy is still in jail until Finn busts him out to help find Clarke and the others. I can not believe that Bellamy would trust Murphy for even .02 seconds. Let alone untie him and give him another chance to show his worst self. But he did. So now we get to see how that's gonna blow up in his face. Bellamy has turned out to be one of my favorite characters on this show. He hasn't always been perfect but his motivations make sense to me, and in the end he doesn't let down the people that he cares about. It'll be interesting to see how he will handle going from co-leader to being expected to fall in line without an opinion.

Kane is learning what the Grounders are capable of, and when he's not untying his half-dead soldiers from the trees in which they were strung up, he's issuing ridiculous proclamations about who can and can't handle weapons. Well sure, I'm sure when the Grounders show up they will totes only kill the ones with guns. No big. Kane's character is still giving me whiplash, and I'd really like it to start making sense.

Thelonious' oxygen deprived subconscious conjured up a baby to inspire him to find a way to the ground. Excuse this crude comparison, but he's kind of like a cockroach isn't he? Not even nuclear war and a lack of oxygen can kill him. It seems weird that Jaha landed in what looked like a desert. I can't imagine it'll take him long to find his people, because that wouldn't make a good story. But how close can the desert and the forest really be? While I'm griping, could a person spend even a few seconds in outer space with a cracked helmet?? Seems unlikely, but I've never been to space with a cracked helmet.

3 out of 4 ghost babies

Bits and pieces

We found out what happened to Anya. Maybe Clarke will sneak her some cake before she's hung from the ceiling and bled dry? I bet she will. Clarke's a classy broad.

I was super annoyed when Kane told Bellamy about all the extra guns and ammo that he missed. I thought the writers had taken an easy way out to not give the kids too much of an advantage against the Grounders last season and then changed their minds now that the people from the Ark needed extra fire power. But I thought about it, and when Clarke and Bellamy went to find those guns, they were pretty high on those special radiation soaked nuts. So I guess it's totally possible that they missed a barrel or two.

Do bullet holes look all that different from arrow wounds? Was the injury faked to look like an arrow? Clarke seemed convinced.

Ghost baby Wells and ghost teen-aged Wells both had knight chess pieces. I feel like this has to have more symbolism than they simply played chess together, but I don't know a lot about the game. I know the knight moves in an L shape.

Babies shouldn't play with small items like chess pieces. It's a choking hazard.

Bellamy: "The guns we found at the aid depot leveled the playing field, and maybe, maybe if we'd had more bullets, we could have..."
Kane: "There were more bullets. Search team just returned from the bunker. They found two more barrels full of rifles and a third filled with bullets."
Bellamy: "We should have looked harder."

Kane: "How is she?"
Abby: "Well, she survived the surgery. Don't ask me how. She's a courageous kid."
Kane: "That’s one thing these kids have. Courage."

Jasper: (to Clarke) "What would you do with a guest who kept calling you a liar and generally acted like an ungrateful ass?"
Miller: "Kick their ungrateful ass out."
Jasper: "Right now, our biggest threat is you."
I really want to use expletives here.


  1. Yeah, I wanted to smack Jasper, too. And while I like that Kane isn't evil all the time any more, he see-saws way too much for me.

    Loved the review, Laure. This episode was nuts!

  2. Can Clarke be more awesome? I just love when she rips her stitches apart to get back to the infirmary. That was badass.

    Glad to see Anya back!

  3. Should have posted with my earlier comment. Yes, humans can survive open space on naked skin for a few seconds. There's a famous scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey where Dave has to do it when Hal won't let him back in the ship.


  4. Great little bit of information, Billie. Like Laure, I wondered if it was possible.

  5. I am just catching up with the reviews and they are great and often really funny. You are so right Laure - babies should not play with small things - even imaginary babies.

  6. No mention of the new awesome opening credits they added this season? At least some of the world building can now be relayed visually through them.


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