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The 100: Reapercussions

I'll say "I didn't kill my wife" and then
you say "I don't care."
"You killed 300 of my warriors. I can't show my face without a prize."

First of all, a gold star to whoever it was who came up with that puntastic title.

This episode's A-plot featured Clarke and Anya staging their own amateur production of The Defiant Ones (with a little bit of The Fugitive) as they fled Mount Weather and the creepy creepies that reside inside, and I don't mean the Reapers. If the previous episode didn't convince you that the mountain men (and women) were up to no good (and I can't see how it couldn't) then this one was sure to do the job, because harvesting human beings for blood to stay alive is one thing, but feeding the remains to your personal army of crazy cannibals? That is a whole new level of creepy.

It looked like this daring escape was going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, until Anya ruined things with betrayal. Seriously, Anya, would it have killed you to show even a smidgen of gratitude? Clarke saved you from being another unwilling blood donor at Mount Dracula, and you betrayed her at every available opportunity. Sure you're enemies, but it is time to put the past behind you and work together to avoid being Nosferatu'd by Arlo Givens and Dr. Cylon.

With no annoying love interests around to get in her way, Clarke is continuing to prove that she is the one who truly runs this show. If she had business cards they would read "Clarke Griffin. Professional Badass. Come with me if you don’t want to die horribly." What makes Clarke such a badass is not her fighting skills, but how she thinks fast on her feet and always makes the smart, practical choices more TV characters should make. She grabbed the discarded clothes because she knew they’d need them, she knew to pick up the rifle after the soldier dropped it (I hate it when people don’t do that) and when the soldiers had guns pointed at her she pretended to surrender so they'd lower their weapons and wouldn't have the chance to shoot her when she jumped. Anya, if you know what's good for you, you'll let Clarke go now and call it quits.

Back at Camp Freefall, Kane foolishly listened to Major Iago and had Abby publicly tortured for helping Finn, Bellamy and the others leave the camp to search for their friends. But it's okay, because he felt really bad about it. Seriously? You're going to make Abby being for all intents and purposes publicly flogged all about Kane and his feelings? WTF???? Abby's first act as chancellor should've been to have his ass strung up and flogged.

They say absence make the heart grow fonder. In Finn's case absence seems to make the brain develop a full blown case of the crazies. He and Bellamy continued their search for their friends, and by friends I of course mean Clarke. Come on, there's no way these guys would be out there if she wasn't amongst the missing. While this storyline is helping to make Bellamy and (*gasp*) Murphy more likeable characters, it is doing the opposite for Finn. This more unhinged, Clarke obsessed, trigger happy Finn is twice as annoying as the original version. Why couldn't he have been captured by the reapers?

Notes and Quotes

— Is Tori going to turn poor Lincoln into a reaper? That guy just can't catch a break.

— What don't they have in Mount Weather? I'm starting to think they've got the Ark of the Covenant in there somewhere.

— Good to know the well-being of his friends comes second to Jasper's libido.

— The dam is named Philpott Dam, after James Philpott, the show's production designer.

Abby: "I broke the rules and I accept the consequences. But you can lash me a hundred times and I am still gonna do whatever it takes to find those kids. My kid."

Clarke: "Once we get out of here, we can find help. We can come back."
Anya: "There is no we."

Kane: "Are we really back to this? On the Ark, you did anything you wanted. Without a second thought about the consequences."
Abby: "On the Ark, I did what I needed to do, and I was right. Just like now."

Octavia: "I am not afraid."
Inara: "You will be."
— If you don't know what that is reference to, you've come to the wrong site.

Murphy: "You thought I was the crazy one, huh?"

Three out of four underrated Harrison Ford movies.
Mark Greig has been writing for Doux Reviews since 2011. More Mark Greig.


  1. Terrific review, Mark. You made me laugh at least three times. Especially the caption at the top. :) (I must have seen that movie ten times.)

    I do love Clarke. She's so smart and tough and just doesn't give up. And to be honest, I sort of like Finn's 180 cuckoo bananas act. He was such a hopeless character to begin with that it's interesting to see them stick him in reverse.

    So furious about what they did to Abby. I was telling the TV screen that Abby should tell them they could just do without a doctor now. Except Abby wouldn't do that.

    Poor Lincoln! I like Lincoln, dammit.

  2. Yeah, when Murphy is being the voice of reason, you got problems.

  3. Yes, that was a terrific review. A very fun read.

    The Arkers’ new punishment is torture? See, they really need to revise their laws. I got angry with Kane too, what was he thinking? Did he just forget all those times Abby was right and he was wrong? (Her response to him was priceless.) Then what was he thinking by giving her the Chancellor’s spot? Will she be respected at all? “Here, let me beat you in front of everybody and then give you the crown. That will make people look up to you.” Get your act together, Kane.

    Clarke is awesome. And so is Anya. Which means all of their scenes together are awesome. I watched them with pure joy.

    It’s nice to see the dots connecting, regarding the Reapers: their origins, their connection to the Mountain Men. Last season’s finale, the reapers sort of appeared out of nowhere, almost as a convenient enemy to the Grounders. But now things do make sense, and it’s always good when the writers have a clear vision of the story’s mythology.

    But I don’t think they have a clear vision when it comes to Finn. In theory, I like that they are turning Finn’s platonic love for Clarke into something darker, but the shift is too abrupt. One could say that the events on “We Are Grounders” changed him, but there were no signs at all of said changes on the previous two episodes. So, in the end of the day, Finn remains the weak element of the show for me, even when the writers are trying to make him more interesting.

  4. As best as I can remember, at the beginning of season two Kane and Finn were my least favorite characters. Kane is out of his damn mind having Abby strung up like that. I've never understood Kane as a character. He didn't work as a mustache twirler, and when the writers tried to redeem him it always felt forced and confusing to me. Now he's on the ground and still doesn't know which way is up. I'm glad he's left the group. Hopefully he'll do some soul searching find his inner character self.

    Finn wigging out makes sense... I guess. Then is it the acting that turns me off?? I don't know, but I remember hoping that he fell off a cliff on this journey of theirs.

    Love this review, Mark!!

  5. Good to know that Warehouse 13 surived the Apocalypse. :)

    Good point that the Reapers seem to be a defensive mechanism and organic cleaning crew for mt. Waether. So I guess project Cerberusis aptly titled then and that's Lincoln's fate.


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