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Teen Wolf: Status Asthmaticus

“I wonder how much insurance this school has.”

Despite having to work with the wrong ingredients, ‘Status Asthmaticus’ ended up being a pretty entertaining, albeit slightly messy finale.

Season five has so far been a massive disappointment. I wouldn’t say it’s been all bad, and it’s not been completely terrible either, but a lot of what this season has done has fallen flat with me. This week was still a bit off, but I still had a lot of fun.

Theo’s meddling which started to intensify last week ended up amplifying the drama this week. Scott’s pack is fractured right to the core; with both Scott and Stiles at odds, it’s hard to see how they can feasibly hold everyone together. The whole “super moon” took the drama one step further by bringing Liam’s long threatened anger issues back to the surface. It was being hinted at ever since Liam got close with one of the chimeras, but it was a bit contrived to use the moon to quickly pit wolf on wolf (or father on sun as the lame hashtags wanted to dub it).

Now that the big twist at the close of this episode has happened, it sort of makes sense of a lot of what confused me about this season. So many of the chimeras were introduced, giving us a fair chance to get to know each of them, only to reduce them to cannon fodder soon after. Now I get why; the plan was always to bring these guys back.

That’s why Cory was unnecessarily forced on Mason, and why we’ve had to suffer through so much Liam and Hayden drama (and will continue to unfortunately). I wonder what kind of role they’ll take on when they come back. The writers will have to be clever with how they inject them all back into the show at once. It was hard enough to handle all that new blood before and it could be what really breaks this show apart.


Parrish is a hellhound, which is cool, but I’m not sure why we had to wait a season and a half to find out.

Who else can’t wait for the Stiles and Donovan reunion?

I loved that moment between Stiles and Malia in the car. Those two better not get ripped apart.

Can we all take a minute to appreciate the amazingness that is Melissa McCall?

Can Lydia stop getting thrown around the place already? Where is the badass we saw in the flash forward?

What did the doctors find at the end of the episode?

He Said, She Said

Parrish: “So we’re both harbingers of death? I should probably add that to my resume.”
Lydia: “It’s on my college applications.”

For all its faults, this finale was propulsive and exciting, and I didn’t find myself drifting off like I have been the last few episodes. I’m still legitimately worried for season 5B though. A lot of the issues that have been plaguing Teen Wolf for the last few weeks are very much alive, which will be problematic when the show eventually comes back. I’m sure I’ll be back too just to see where they take Theo and his zombie pack, but I just won’t be half as excited for this show’s comeback as I have been before.

3 out of 5 zombie packs.

Originally posted at PandaTV.

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