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Teen Wolf: Strange Frequencies

“Don’t hurt her!”

Reliance on the weaker aspects of the show’s current dynamic is really throwing this season of Teen Wolf off its game. There’s so much potential, and certain parts of this season are very strong, but I still feel that I’m being forced into caring about characters that do nothing for me, or bring nothing new to the table.

Liam and Hayden were very much an afterthought last week, but here they were the main event, and it didn’t really help matters. It is better to know one of these chimeras a bit better than the rest, but making Liam and Hayden the driving force of the episode, and potentially next week’s episode, is a mistake.

I understand the logic behind it, and the writers do seem to be trying to make Liam an interesting character in his own right, but there’s not as much of a pull with him as there was with the pre-established cast. There have even been secondary characters, like Erica, that brought a lot more to the table. I just don’t get him, or why he’s become such an important part of the show.

The story this season is a good one, and I personally like the Dread Doctors as this season’s big bad, but I wish that there was a bit more humanity to them, just so we can understand more about them. There’s only so far the show can take the faceless menace thing without giving these guys more purpose.


The Theo/Stiles rivalry took an interesting turn. I liked all the talk about the moral ramifications of killing these chimeras.

Kira’s mother took a real risk coming at her like she did here. How was she so sure it would play out the way it did?

Was that just another random chimera in the McCall’s kitchen? Was that Kira’s sword that was used to kill her?

I guess Parrish overturning the jeep puts an end to it once and for all. I’ll miss it.

He Said, She Said

Stiles: “You can’t say that one life is objectively less innocent than another one, what if they turn blue because you feel guilty.”
Theo: “So it’s up to interpretation?”

There’s a lot that I do like about this season, don’t get me wrong, but the small problems that started as early as season four are starting to become a lot more obvious, and a lot harder to ignore the longer they go on. I’m starting to get worried that Teen Wolf may not be able to pick up the pieces when these problems really hit the show hard.

2.5 out of 5 totalled jeeps

Originally posted at PandaTV.

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