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The 100: Remember Me

"The dead are gone, Clarke. The living are hungry."

The title implies that we are dealing with the fallout of losing a main character, but I think the fallout we are dealing with is the truce that's been made.

Even Finn dying is a byproduct of that truce. If making peace with the Grounders weren't so important, then Clarke and co. would have gone to war with them instead of the shanking heard around the world.

Well, it'd be nearly impossible to top last week's episode, but they gave it everything they had. Emotions were running high, treachery and double-crossing kept threats looming around every corner and that ending gave me chills, but we didn't move the story anywhere. Billie thought she drew the short straw and it turned out to be a fantastic episode. I think I drew the short straw for having to follow such a strong episode.

Raven is pissed and Clarke is barely holding it together. Both make sense for their characters and both actresses did well with the material, but this episode felt a lot like filler as an obligatory chance for the two of them to get past the trauma so they can continue working together. Raven is devastated over losing Finn and lashing out at Clarke to the point that it was hard for me to watch. Raven is wrong. Clarke played the only card she had left and in doing so saved Finn from being brutally tortured. I think it's also important to mention that it wasn't without its risks. She put the ever-so-precious alliance on the line taking Finn out the way she did. Lexa all but said that if it were up to anyone other than her, the alliance would've been off. We know it. Clarke knows it. Lexa knows it. Raven can't see past her grief until she sees what the Grounders did to one of their own. And the way that realization played across the actress's face earns her gold acting stars for me. Of course the writers gave her a line to make sure that we knew what realization she had come to, and it sort of ruined that moment.

The scene where Abby forced her daughter to acknowledge having her father floated was the same as Clarke killing Finn broke my heart a little. Even though she can rationalize that it was what had to be done, we saw how much Clarke hated Abby for what she did. Ergo, Clarke probably hates herself now for the shank-gate shenanigans of the last episode. I think that's why she was taking so much flack from Raven. She feels like she deserves it.

There were a couple of special moments between Abby and Kane this week. When Kane blatantly pointed out that Clarke was leading them and Abby stopped fighting that fact. And again when, after watching Gustus being killed by his own people, Abby commented on how the Arkers maybe aren't that different from the Grounders. Both times I wanted to yell "finally!" The adults are starting to see the bigger picture and accept that things aren't going to be the same as they've always been. Maybe there is hope for them yet.

Clarke and Bellamy continue to be the best partners/co-leaders/BFFs in the history of time. He didn't blindly follow her command when she told him not to go to Mt. Weather, but he respected her enough not to go off on his own when she explained why she didn't want him to go. When Gustus started reacting to the poison, Bellamy was the only one with the instincts to knock Clarke's cup to the floor and when the Grounders looked like they were going to attack, he was immediately there to back her up.

Meanwhile in the mountain, Harper is still missing and Monty has a plan to unjam the radio majig so their message can be heard. I remember commenting on Day Trip about Monty staying pretty sheltered from the madness that his friends had endured since being sent to the ground. I guess I won't able to say that for much longer if Monty is about to replace Harper as guinea pig #1.

3 out of 4 team-building camping sessions.

Bits and pieces

When Raven stood there stubbornly refusing to give up her weapons at Ton DC, she gave Gustus the perfect opportunity to plant the poison on her while he frisked her. Was it pure luck as she was the most believable culprit to poison Lexa or did he plan on pinning it on her from the jump?

In true Bellarke fashion, he made a point to tell her that he supported her decision. That she did the right thing. I love that these two never forget to remind one another that they've got each other's backs when terrible decisions have to be made.

When the Grounders took the Arkers camping, Bellamy wanted Clarke to sleep on the 'Arkers side' because it was safer. But Clarke says that there aren't sides anymore. She says that the Arkers need to trust the Grounders. Is that really possible? Especially overnight like this? I think Clarke is desperate for Finn's sacrifice to mean something and she's reaching a little too far. She's all 'look how good this camping sleep-over is going. This truce was totally the right move. Goodnight ghost Finn, let's cuddle.'

When Lexa walked up to kill Gustus, he saw her faltering and told her to stay strong. One, that girl has a poker face like no other. I didn't see it. Even after rewinding and watching again, I barely saw any emotion at all. Did anyone else see what Gustus saw? Two, how sad is it that even if you are loyal and take your job very very seriously you might still be tortured to death? Gustus' job (I think) was to watch Lexa's back which he thought he was doing by breaking up the alliance. Even in the end, as he was bleeding and in pain, his last words were about helping her stay safe by not looking weak to their people.

The loveliest part of the funeral was that hallucination Finn had to help Clarke light the pyre. Her hallucinations always say so much about who she is.

Lexa: "Blood has answered blood. Some on my side say that's not enough. They wanted the murderer to suffer as our tradition demands. But, they do not know that your suffering will be worse. What you did tonight will haunt you until the end of your days."

Kane: "Peace with the Grounders is the only way we will survive."
Abby: "Oh, I don't think they know what peace is."
Kane: "The Commander does."
Abby: "She's a child. They're being led by a child."
Kane: "So are we."

Bellamy: "Hey, you doing alright?"
Clarke: "Yea."
Bellamy: "You did the right thing."
Clarke: "Now I get to live with it. You still think this truce is a bad idea, don't you?"
Bellamy: "I think we’re wasting time with politics while our friends are in trouble."
Clarke: "We need their army to get to Mt. Weather, Bellamy, and you know it."
Bellamy: "Their army has been getting their ass kicked by Mt. Weather forever. What we need is an inside man. Someone to be our eyes and ears."
Clarke: "Forget it. It's too dangerous."
Bellamy: "Clarke, if you can make it out, I can make it in."
Clarke: "I said no."
Bellamy: "Since I don't take orders from you, I'm gonna need a better reason."
Clarke: "I can’t lose you too, okay?"

Lexa: "The Sky People march with us now. Anyone who tries to stop that will pay with their life."
The girl isn't a liar.

Clarke: "Raven, I need to know the truth."
Raven: "I'd step back if I was you."
Clarke: "You wanted me to kill Lexa yesterday. If you tried to poison her I need to know."
Raven: *punches Clarke* "You’re the only murderer here."

Abby: "You don't want justice, you want vengeance."
Indra: "You have not seen my vengeance."

Bellamy: "We need to do this now. We've got the alliance, now's the time to use it."
Clarke: "First, we need an inside man. You were right. Without someone on the inside to lower their defenses, turn off the acid fog, an army is useless. You should go."
Bellamy: "I thought you hated that plan, that I would get myself killed?"
Clarke: "I was being weak. It's worth the risk."

Clarke: "Love is weakness."


  1. Excellent review, Laure. It was a strong follow-up, although they went in a pretty obvious direction. As in, Raven needed to go nuts and blame Clarke for the dramatic tension, and then learn the much needed lesson that she should have been kissing Clarke's feet for what Clarke did for Finn. I liked what they did with ghost Finn and his dead eyes following Clarke everywhere, although the snuggle by the camp fire was a bit much (as you said so hilariously).

    I loved that Kane finally admitted that Clarke was their leader. They're being led by a child. So are we. Frankly, I think Clarke should do her hair in a radical style like Lexa's. It would give her more gravitas than that little girl style.

  2. I Love the Women on this show. Raven, Clarke and Lexa are all badass's.

    Loved the look of contempt Raven had on her face throughout especially when being searched..How many hidden knives did she have? Her initial pain and anger towards Clarke was easy to understand.

    Clarke has made impressive strides especially respecting the grounders customs..
    When she brought Anya's hair lock for Lexa a few eps ago and her saying ''your fight is over'' in their tongue..Small things like that have earned Clarke the position of Sky peoples leader in their eyes.

    I still think Abby is having trouble seeing Clarke as there leader.

    Lexa remains my fav character...So strong but also wise and clever beyond her years. There was a small sliver of vulnerability just after she stabbed Gustus that was very subtle but clear.

  3. I'm glad they got the inevetible alliance sabotage thread over with immediately so we can actually explore the long-term fallout of the alliance. They also got the inevetible Raven being mad at Clarke thing over with pretty quickly. It's that kind of show.

    Now that the transition is over time to focus on bringing down mt. Weather.

    I'm also glad they don't forget old plot threads in the midst of all the excitement so we got to hear Clarke being mad at her mom for betraying her dad and probably also accepting it in the end.


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