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The 100: Survival of the Fittest

"Attack her and you attack me."

If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise. If you go down to the woods today, you'd better go in disguise, because there's a f**king giant mutant gorilla on the loose and it seems to be intent on eating Clarke and Lexa.

What is truly amazing about this whole situation is that no one at Ton DC thought to warn Clarke or any of the other sky people about the threat they would face from giant mutant gorillas if they went for a leisurely stroll in the woods. The giant mutant gorilla's nest can't be more than a few hours walk from the village, no way they couldn't have known about it. And yet no one bothered to say "hey, don't wander off, there's a giant mutant gorilla that for some reason we haven't bothered to take care of living not too far from here." Imagine how much trouble that would've saved everyone. No one would've lost an arm or died if they'd just been considerate enough to put up a sign saying "Warning: Giant Mutant Gorilla Nearby."

Still, this was a great bonding experience for Clarke and Commander Heart Eyes Lexa. Sure, they were under constant threat of death from a giant mutant gorilla that has somehow managed to go about completely unnoticed by everyone for the past few weeks, but at least they finally got to be alone without any annoying Grounder generals whinging about how Clarke kicked all their asses last season with her burning ring of fire (it went down, down, down as the flames went higher).

They got to talk like two regular people trapped in a cell with a giant mutant gorilla pounding on the door. Lexa tried to impart more of her "you have to be hardcore pragmatic to be a good leader" wisdom on Clarke, which Clarke quickly ignored. Lexa quickly realised that Clarke's compassion and refusal to leave anyone behind were not, like love, weaknesses but strengths. The two leaders came through this entirely contrived ordeal with a better understanding and respect for one another. As first dates go, it was certainly a memorable one. Lexa even smiled.

Contain those heart eyes, Lexa, I know Clarke is
amazing, but there's a giant mutant gorilla to fight.

The Blake siblings were also having Grounder bonding sessions this week, with mixed results. With the peace treaty now in place, Indra and her clique marched into Camp You Jaha and strutted around like they owned the place. Octavia tried a little too hard to get in with the cool kids. I wonder if Indra took her on as her second because she saw genuine potential in her or because she thought "I need to teach this sky girl to fight or she is going to get herself killed." Meanwhile, Bellamy learned that just because someone is dating your sister doesn't mean they won't abandon you to a horrible death for a drug fix. If Lincoln and Octavia ever do get married that wedding reception is going to be awkward.

Notes and Quotes

— If you are already all caught up (or don't mind mild spoilers) and fancy a good laugh, then check out my friend Kristina's LexaSwift posts.

— Murphy's father was named Alex. That has got to be a deliberate Robocop reference.

— Grounder Commanders are not appointed or elected, but reincarnated, much like the Dalai Lama. I loved how when Clarke questioned her about this Lexa was all "Duh, how else would it be done?"

— Did Kane really think Octavia was going to be his spy? The Arkers forced her to spend the majority of her life under the floor or in a cell. Not to mention they killed her mother. He's lucky she hasn't slit his throat while he slept.

— Poor Murphy. He's been sucked in Jaha's boring storyline. I know he's a selfish, murderous creep, but even he deserves better than this.

Come with me if you want more screentime, but
be bored by ponderous speeches.

Lexa: "To lead well you must make hard choices."

Clarke: "You may be heartless Lexa, but at least you’re smart."

Lexa: "Don't be afraid Clarke, death is not the end."

Indra: "Even a fool knows when to surrender."

Three out of four giant mutant gorillas.
Mark Greig has been writing for Doux Reviews since 2011. More Mark Greig.


  1. Now I know why you wanted to review this one, Mark. :) What a truly funny review. Was that the DC Zoo? I've been to that zoo! How did a gorilla reproduce for all these years without other gorillas? Why am I trying to apply logic to the presence of a mutant gorilla?

    Wow, Bellamy has guts. And poor judgment, plus bad luck. I wonder how much Lincoln knew about his own motives during that little sojourn? Was he consciously longing for red druggy or was he lying to himself that he could resist it?

  2. Mark, I love this review!! I don't know how many times I lost my place from laughing too much and had to start the paragraph over, but it has got to be a record.

    I like that I'm not the only one that thinks Jaha and his storyline are annoying. And YES why do Kane and co. think that the remainder of The 100 would ever listen to them? You killed their parents, put them in jail and threw them away as an experiment when your shitty scientists couldn't make enough air for everyone (or something). Sit down. You still suck at life.

  3. Yes, what Laure said. And I loved the reincarnation thing. "Your fight is over. At least until you wake up in another body later on. Then you fight once more!"

  4. ''Heart eyes Lexa'' long may it continue :)..She is one of many very cool female characters on this show..
    Loved her nonchalant knife throw, her offering the kill to Clarke as if she was asking her what she wanted to eat and then injuring Quint when they needed a distraction to help them escape. The grounders simultaneous bloodthirst and honor makes for complex viewing, and the scenes with Lexa, Quint and Clarke encapsulated it.

    Also like where Octavia's story is going..She used to be quite annoying but has really grown this season..Her becoming Indra's second was pretty cool development for both of them

  5. When can we expect to see the next review? This next episode has an amazing opening.

  6. Logan Hollis asked when we can expect to see the next review. In the next two or three days. We were on an every week schedule, but the new fall season sort of takes over and now it's every other week.

  7. I’m kind of curious to find out more about the Dead Zone and the City of Light, but do we have to watch Jaha play at “Moses and the Promised Land” to get us there? I actually laughed out loud when he announced his intentions to Murphy. Seriously? Hopefully they’ll just keep things focused on the shaky Sky People/Tree People alliance and the assault on/escape from Mt. Weather. Poor Bellamy and Lincoln. That ending really hurt.

    I’ve gotta say that this season has really mastered the Alias-style cliffhanger, where I immediately want to dive into the beginning of the next episode to see what happens next. I somehow managed to not do that with this episode, but overall I’ve been super happy to be watching this season binge-style on Netflix. Managing the week-to-week pace when S3 comes back is going to be tough.

  8. That was an unexpected and farily random way for annoying guard lady to get killed, but hey giant mutant gorilla! Also a geat first date for Clexa.

    I love that they are building the world with namedropping places and not forgetting them, but I bet Jaha's journey to the City of Lights through the dead zone will be a bit boring. At least they lampshaded the fact he and Murphy should be 10 times dead already.

    Last episode an Ice Nation was mentioned. Canadiens, I bet.


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