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The Originals: I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans

"All day, all I can think about is ripping everything apart."

Everyone in New Orleans seems to share Hayley's feeling here. I don't think there is one faction that is enjoying lazy Sunday evenings of smooth jazz and icy cocktails.

Well, this is certainly an interesting corner we've been painted into. But first, let's talk about Lucien's story.

Court of Marseilles, 1002 A.D.

After taking the Mikaelsons under his wing and teaching them how to blend in with royals, he was 'betrayed' by Klaus shacking up with a girl who flirted with him as a toddler. Fact: Luci is very sensitive. I'm using the term betrayal loosely here because as far as we know Klaus had no idea about Luci's feelings until he was asked to pass along the kindergarten love note. And then of course there was no time to give the note to its recipient amidst the heavy petting and 749 layers of clothing that needed to be pawed at. The real reason Luci got caught and beaten and sliced up was his melodramatic shock of finding the two love birds. Aurora and Klaus both told him to run in plenty of time, but he just sat there feeling sorry for himself until Tristan came and had him dragged away. Fact: Lucien's self-preservation skills weren't great.

Lucien's story doesn't make me dislike him any less, but it should. I just don't. I'm noticing that I am just not a face of Klaus' proteges. Marcel. Lucien. Both make me wince. This week it was Lucien taking Cami's hand. *shudder*

Tristan isn't looking any more likeable, but what I found most interesting was the respect he showed Elijah. Tristan has formed the Strix. Cool name. So far we've met Tristan and Aya. Both sired by Elijah. I was thinking the entire group would be Elijah acolytes, but were they trying to recruit Marcel? He was sired by Klaus.

The Mikaelsons' situation is, by far, more interesting to me. Klaus is obviously the most likely to be the one to kill a family member. His temper and sadistic rage put him in the forefront to fly off the handle and do something dastardly to one of his siblings. But this show is anything but obvious. Maybe it's that kind of thinking that will push Elijah (or Rebekah?) into the ways of brotherly murder? And then there are the other kinds of family. Marcel, for instance, was like a son to Klaus and could be considered family in the world where prophecies are written. By that logic, though, the brothers are still at odds over last season's shenanigans and could presently be considered enemies. Maybe Hope will accidentally set the house on fire? As clues go, we haven't gotten very clear ones about where the threat actually lies, and I am itching to find out how this plays out!

Solid 3 out of 4 wes, but mostly for the Klaus and Elijah stuff.

Bites and pieces

Watching Klaus and Elijah figure out what their blood can do and how to sire a new vamp was kind of adorable.

Elijah using his forgiveness as leverage to control his brother can not end well.

Marcel's feeling were hurt when Elijah didn't let him sit at the adult table.

The chick in the temple has resorted to mass murder and is enroute to get herself a beignet. This probably means that I should start using her name. Aurora. Which was also Sleeping Beauty's name. I wonder how long Tristan has kept his sister cooped up in the temple (basically asleep), but she didn't need a prince to come and kiss her free so maybe I'm grasping at straws.

No Davina this week. Or Freya. Or Rebekah.

I'm still waiting for Detective Kinney to spread his wings and figure out his place in the middle of all this crazy.

Klaus: "We? I take it you will lower yourself to associate with your bastard brother, then. Have you finally forgiven me?"
Elijah: "I will consider it... when Hayley forgives you, Gia rises from the dead and hell freezes over. For now, however, let's just hope your little friendship with Lucien doesn't disrupt our mission."

Elijah: "I am not the patient, fun-loving, social butterfly you might recall."
Say whaaaaat?

Klaus: "It's good to hear that word again. We."
Elijah: "It's purely circumstantial. Let me assure you brother, this is not forgiveness."
Klaus: "I've claimed righteousness in my actions towards you and Hayley. Perhaps I did stray a little too far from the shores of reason. Freya's prophecy speaks of family against family, and I want you to know you will never fall by my hand."

Marcel: "I'm not sure whats more annoying. The Strix coming into my home or Elijah dismissing me like some kid."

P.S. I'm really hating my limited picture options this season.

P.S.S If you get the choice, opt for meeting in New Orleans. So much nicer than Hell.


  1. I'm not sure why I want Klaus and Elijah to make up, but I do. Mostly for Elijah's sake. Although he's right that some stuff is pretty much unforgivable, what Klaus has continued to do throughout the centuries has to also be unforgivable. He's Klaus.

  2. I disagree very strongly that Klaus is the most likely to kill a sibling. I'd say he is by far the least likely to kill a sibling. Most of Klaus' behaviour towards his siblings is borne of jealousy and constricting their free will to keep them close to him so that he doesn't lose them. Of all of them, Klaus is the most desperate for his siblings' attention and love. Thus he is least likely to kill a sibling.

  3. Thinking Klaus is the most likely to kill a sibling shows you don't really understand his character..I noticed this when you felt Klaus showed n remorse in episode 1..He showed and felt plenty he just likes to dress it up with arrogance and an aloof demeanor.
    Excellent review.


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