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The Originals: You Hung the Moon

"This is New Orleans. We're always at war and collateral damage happens."

So... I wrote down a lot of snarky, barely interesting notes. Then about three-quarters into the episode The Originals found their magic again, and I could've re-watched those scenes a hundred times.

I can't believe we are in the third season. Time flies when someone's always trying to kill your favorite characters. Am I right?

The list of people Hayley deserves vengeance against just gets longer. And Davina, as powerful as she might be, is a much easier target than Klaus. I always found Hayley to be most interesting for her inner strength. She was never the damsel in distress. Even when terrible things happened to her she fought back and didn't let anyone hold her down, but two episodes into the third season and I was ready to join her in whatever pity party she wanted to throw. Of course, she needed none of that. Once she had an option, she leapt at it. Phoebe Tonkin is looking especially thin these days. I'm sure it has more to do with juice cleanses or personal training sessions of the actress but I can't help but think about how much sense it makes. No McDonalds in the bayou and lots of cardio running from poachers. Hayley would be in the best shape of her life.

Guess Jackson's still around. For now. He still does nothing for me even though he clearly loves her and she clearly cares about him.

Davina, Davina, Davina. I can't imagine her fellow witches will be impressed with the massacre she just orchestrated. If she thought she had problems before, I can only imagine that the son of her victim poking around will only make things worse. What is she going to do? Kill everyone that gets too suspicious? Maybe. She's gotten herself onto a very slippery slope, and I think she's starting to crack under the pressure.

Freya dancing in da club was great. I'm glad she's enjoying herself every now and then. Watching her enjoy Klaus' overprotective nature with Brody the frat guy was adorable, too. I wonder how long Klaus will entertain her until she winds up bitter from loneliness like Rebekah. And seriously, where is Rebekah? Is someone going to warn her about the prophecy? Freya is one of the only new kids on the block that I'm not annoyed with or bored by. Okay, she was around last season so she isn't new new. She's newish. She thought Klaus was genuinely worried about Hayley's well-being, but I don't know if I can buy it. Later, she stopped Jackson from helping Hayley with Klaus and I thought she was trying to help her brother, but she just didn't want Klaus to kill Jackson. Elijah said it best. "Misguided. Delusional. Refreshingly optimistic."

Was I getting flirty vibes when Marcel was warning Freya about the impending bloodbath? If they try to throw them together as a couple, I will probably go into full blown denial mode. You've all been warned. I just can't watch him have terribly awkward chemistry with another Mikaelsonette and pretend it's normal to only date people in one family. Next thing you know, Esther will be back with an insatiable penchant for fight clubs in old churches.

Elijah finally showed something other than the moping stoicism he wore last week and of course it was first to Klaus in defense of Hayley. And then again to Lucien to find Hayley. And when Hayley finally made her way home, we got to see all the emotion he'd been bottling up get gently released. Someone give him a hug. I am curious to find out why Elijah didn't create a friendship with Luci as Klaus did. I bet it'll be some kind of genius Elijah-esque catch that no one else ever noticed.

Klaus is still grating on my nerves. What happened to all the small progresses he was making in becoming a not always completely self absorbed ass? Are we supposed to be content that he isn't flying into a murderous frenzy over everyone's shortness with him? Is that even progress? Well, he did show something other than blind rage when Hayley confronted him and he didn't fight back when she attacked him. But still. I want more from him.

2 out of 4 jazz fest coffee mugs/Mardi Gras masks

Bites and pieces

Lucien 'the king maker's last name is Castle. He is a serial killer. He has secret anti werewolf venom medicine.

Cami's personality profile of Lucien:
Facial mutilation
Dehumanization of victim
Power hungry
History of abuse
Malignant narcissism
-He sounds super fun. No?

When Cami googled Lucien's name, the first link that popped up was about an $85 million donation he made to 'clean' up the bayou. The bayou where Hayley and her pack are now being hunted. Coincidence? Is he going after the Mikaelsons through Hayley? Last week someone said something about a turf war. I guess swamp counts as turf.

Points to the new detective for doing his research on the random, wannabe therapists he lets traipse around crime scenes. We should take bets on how long it will take him to connect the 'you aren't a very convincing catholic' dot to the 'must be friends with an evil ancient vampire' dot. Of course he loses points for stealing her computer and staking out her apartment.

Freya said that if the prophecy comes true that Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah will all die. One will be killed by a friend. One will be killed by an enemy and the last by a family member. Yikes. I kind of felt worse for Freya. She wanted her family back for so long and now that she has (most of) them, she had to watch them die.

Girl in temple played with swords and threw a tantrum. Her brother promised to bring her a souvenir from New Orleans.

Freya: "Elijah remains bitter and Klaus remains obstinate. Thus, tequila."

Lucien: "Listen to the advice of your superiors. Then, do better. Study the weaknesses of those that outrank you and eliminate them from your own experiences. Authority is meant to be challenged."

Elijah: "If anything should happen to Hayley, no one will have to take Hope from you. She will undoubtedly leave on her own accord."

Klaus: "Are you suggesting that I prove my redeemability by killing my oldest friend? Such irony."

Cami: "You're the strongest and the smartest and the scariest. So make him stop."

Klaus: "Yes, your precious pack. The family you chose over us and in doing so, you chose over Hope."
Hayley: "Is that what you were planning on telling her when she got older and asked for me? That I abandoned her?! My parents left me. Yours turned their backs on you. Look at us now, Klaus. She deserved something better than what we had. And all I have ever wanted for her was something better! Fight back! Fight back!"
Wow. I really wanted to use a picture from this scene for the review, but I couldn't find one. Gold stars all around.

Klaus: "So I have to listen while my daughter is raised by savages."
Jackson: "Because everyone here is so damn civilized."

Hayley: "There was a time last year at the bonfire that I thought Hope could be raised by a real family. For the first time I was happy. I hate Klaus for taking that away from me."

Elijah: "I thought only of you. Everyday I fought for your return. Searching for a way. You were not forgotten."


  1. Hayley is in the right of course but her character 180 spurred by the unbelievably annoying Jackson just makes me take Klaus side even though i know what he did was beyond despicable.
    He has a good point,Hayley is still breathing. the whole pack would have been if not for Lucian which Klaus could not have forseen..Hayley made her bed when she decided to take Hope and run with a terrible plan that consisted of traipsing through the bayou...What would have happened if Dahlia found them without Klaus.
    I still maintain the evilest act was Klaus killing Gia as that was directly just to hurt Elijah.

    I am actually very interested in the whole sire line 'war' and what it means in terms of characters we meet..Since the Originals where introduced on VD we have only seen them interact with young vamps, Katherine being the eldest but we never saw what we are finally seeing now..Some of their first sires.. What made the Originals so feared and hated throughout history..It seems those enemies are about to reveal themselves.
    Also Lucian reminds me of the Apt pupil type

  2. I thought Klaus looked a wee bit like he felt guilty in the end there. Maybe he's back to learning and growing just a little.

    Anonymous, I think you have a point about the "apt pupil" thing. If it's not Lucien, who is it? Have we met them yet?

    I just can't watch him have terribly awkward chemistry with another Mikaelsonette and pretend it's normal to only date people in one family. Lol, Laure. Enjoyed your review, as I always do. :)

  3. Oh, one more thing! Small apartment, my foot. I'd kill for that apartment. And just a random observation, I love the set decoration on this show.


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