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Jessica Jones: AKA Crush Syndrome

"God didn’t do this, the Devil did and I’m going to find him."

Thought Kilgrave was a monster after the last episode? We're only getting started.

Though still drenched in shadow, the purple one made his first real appearance in this episode, taking over a nice family apartment because, well, he probably just liked their view. Kilgrave is like the ultimate spoilt brat, he's the kid from that Twilight Zone episode, the one with Will Robinson, all grown up and still getting everything he wants. I just pray he leaves that family in better condition than he left poor Jack Denton. Just as he didn't need to smash that kid's toy, there was no need for Kilgrave to take both of Jack's kidneys. He only needed one to survive, but took both anyway because he wanted them, he wanted to be whole, and what Kilgrave wants Kilgrave always gets.

With Kilgrave still on the loose, Jessica was determined to keep the one person in her life she still cared for safe. As is always the case with these comic book heroes, this meant getting them out of her life as quickly as possible, something Trish was strongly opposed to. By the sounds of it, Jessica used to be the one who'd look out for Trish and keep her safe. Now Trish wants to do the same. She wants to be Jessica's protector as Jessica was hers. Trish wants to be able to take care of herself and others. She wants to be certain that if someone ever does attack her, whether it be a crazy stalker fan, or very likely mommie dearest, she has the skills necessary to defend herself, even if it means getting bruised and bloody on a daily basis. Not sure what good kung fu will be against Kilgrave, though.

There is a fine line between taking care of someone and trying to control them, a line that Trish inadvertently crossed in this episode. I know she means well and just wants to look out for Jessica, but she went about it in the wrong way. It was stupid to send someone to fix Jessica's door without checking with her first. Jessica's on edge right now and doesn't need to come home and find strange men in her apartment. Trish might be doing what she feels is right for Jessica, but she fails to understand that, after what Jessica has been through, the very last thing she wants is someone telling her what to do, even if it is someone who cares about her and just wants to keep her safe.

Jessica and Luke's relationship took a turn for the complicated with both of them discovering that the other has powers. I guess they have more in common than they know, or at least more than Luke knows. Jessica's interest in him seems to be far from professional. The woman in the photo he keeps in his bathroom cabinet -- who is either his wife or sister -- is the same woman who was killed in the bus crash. Or was she? You can clearly see a body in the middle of the street before the bus topples over. Did Kilgrave have Jessica kill her? Is Jessica stalking Luke out of guilt? If so, that makes her sleeping with him even more messed up. How will Luke react when he finds out? A man who literally has abs of steel is not the kind of person you want to piss off.

Notes and Quotes

— It is always a joy to see actors from The Wire turn up on shows I like. In fact, until proven otherwise, I am just going to assume Lester pulled a Munch and is now working in New York.

— I love how completely bored Luke was during the bar fight. You've really got nothing to fear from pissed off rugby players when you've got unbreakable skin.

— Doctor Carter? Seattle Grace? You really need to come up with less obvious lies, Jessica Jones.

— I don't know what is going on with Jessica's upstairs neighbours and I really don't want to know.

— Because she has a good understanding of human nature, Jessica's default undercover persona seems to be the ditzy new girl who is terrified of getting in trouble because she doesn't know what she is doing so please help or she will make you uncomfortable by crying.

— This week's most obvious symbolism was the cockroach that came crawling back into Jessica's apartment because she didn't kill it the first time. A mistake she won't be making again.

Detective: "Any idea how a co-ed from Nebraska gets hold of a gun?"
Jessica: "Walmart?"

Jessica: "Do you know why I live alone?"
Ruban: "People don't like you?"

Jessica: "I'm life-threatening, Trish. Steer clear of me."
Trish: "I don't do that."
Jessica: "Please. I can't risk you."

Jessica: "My biggest weakness? Occasionally, I give a damn. And Kilgrave knows it."

Kilgrave: "Children should be seen and not heard. Or better still, not seen and not heard. Get in that closet."

Luke: "You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable."

Three out of four multicolour nurse uniforms with hearts on them.
Mark Greig is filmed before a live studio audience. More Mark Greig.


  1. I keep thinking Kilgrave will be behind any corner or that he already has control of anyone she meets or knows, and that she won't be able to stop him from taking and using her again. I wonder why he hasn't already?

    Table saw. Ick. But what an ally Luke could be if she told him.

  2. Oh, one more thing. It's so interesting that this woman who clearly has reason to cower behind a locked door, has a broken door that doesn't lock. And that she doesn't seem to want to fix it. What does this say about her as a person?

  3. That door makes me very uncomfortable, which I suppose is the point. I think it says that she feels hopelessly vulnerable. She is never safe, and a locked door offers only the illusion of safety. Otherwise, she would be living with Trish. I think it is interesting that Trish feels better about the door after it is repaired, even though glass offers only marginally more safety than cardboard.

  4. Trish claims it's krav maga, not kung fu. Although it would be in the next episode.

    And, strangely, I pity that cockroach.

  5. Have you seen Person of Interest? Lester already pulled a Munch and worked in the NYPD as a member of HR.

  6. Im liking this show too, even more than Daredevil actually. I find Jessica more relatable than Matt. Im at episode 6 and things are getting sick! I though about the door too. At the begining though that she was broke, so no many for repair, but then it occured to me that she being all strong and powerfull doesnt need a door. Why would you worried about anyone if you could smash their skull to the wall. Didnt though it was a metafor for her inner vulnerability. How cool! Also I pity the cockroach too :(. Hope it was all CGI. Great review by the way, keep them coming.

  7. I love that the cardboard that covered the door was marked "Fragile: Handle with Care."

  8. Practically, Jessica's clearly not among the world's wealthiest superheroes so it makes sense for her not to keep replacing a door she knows is going to get broken again. Metaphorically, I think it's a statement about how not only she is exposed but we all are. To someone determined (i.e. a person under Kilgrave's control) all but the most secure of doors would be a mere inconvenience. And even then, those aren't exactly danger proof (cough spoiler cough). We think doors and locks keep us safe but do they really or do we just tell ourselves that so we can sleep at night? Because of all she's been through, Jessica isn't going to bother with the pretense that she's protected.


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