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The Originals: Savior

"Don't get me wrong, my in-laws really suck but they fought like hell to protect each other today. I respect that."

Well, Jackson is right. You have to respect the effort. But that all happened.

For the love of Christmas, tell me Cami had vampire blood in her system.

And this is The Originals idea of a Christmas episode.

There was a lot of talk about wishes and whether or not they come true. Rebekah built a makeshift bonfire so she and her brothers (but not Freya, kind of rude to leave her out this being her first family Christmas and all) could make their traditional wishes and throw them into the flames, and as Klaus pointed out they never wish for enemies to come beating at their doors but it keeps happening anyway. When it comes right down to it, how often does this bunch actually get what they want? Sure, they're formidable opponents, but really crappy things happen to them too. A lot.

Klaus finally admitted that he wishes for him and Cami to be together, it seemed to be coming true and then he woke up with a corpse in his bed. Alone again and down a therapist. I don't want Cami to be dead. The biggest reason being that I really like her, but also I just don't think I'm prepared for the emotional spiral that Klaus will be headed for if she's gone. And died on his watch no less.

Hayley and Jackson wanted a night in at home with hot whiskeys (not chocolate) and Netflix, but all they got were a house full of Mikaelson fires to put out. Jackson said it was instinctual for him to save Freya. That she was part of his pack. I don't think Freya would appreciate being referred to as a follower and Jackson was trying to convince Hayley to stop helping their neighbors a hot second ago. But despite the character whiplash it gave me, I still thought it was a nice thing for him to say. If the writers are keeping Jackson around. I need him to be on board and not pouting. There is plenty of drama with Elijah's broken heart and Hayley's suggestive eye contact to keep the love triangle plot alive without forcing Jackson to do character gymnastics.

Marcel couldn't stand that the Strix could have control over the witches, so he set up Vincent to be pissed enough to take the job. Smooth move, Marcellus. Marcel wished for a regent that the Strix couldn't buy, and Vincent can't be bought. He genuinely wants to do the right thing, but everyone has a weakness. Fearing losing his agency could be a much stronger incentive than money could have ever been. So in the end, his enemies still have the control.

And then there's Rebekah and Elijah. Tsk tsk, you two. Elijah wanted so badly to save his sister from the dagger and he did just that. But saving her meant making her into something that she didn't want to be. Not to mention something that tried to rip the heart out of the love of his life and would have been a danger to everyone he cares about. So in the end, he put her back in the box he had just released her from and fulfilled the most painful part of the prophecy. Family turning on family. I love that the two of them didn't even consider the possibility that Elijah could be the one to take out a family member, and then he did. Stupid. I hope he isn't too hard on himself. She did beg him to. I just think it's such an idiotic way to go: doing the exact thing you've been trying to avoid.

I don't understand what happened with Freya's magical slicing and dicing of Rebekah's arm. It worked, but then it came back? Is it because someone stole the knife? Did we only think it worked and really it was just a super intense tattoo removal? If it's only temporary, then could they just cut it off every few hours?

I've been having trouble connecting the dots this season. It's still a decent show, but not up to the standards of seasons past. Like why send Jackson on a hissy fit in the bayou just to have him come back and revert to his old self? Why give Detective Kinney the worst case of self-doubt just to have it fixed almost immediately? But TO writers have always been masters of the long game and the season isn't over yet so maybe I should shut up and see what happens.

2.5? 3? 0? 4? How many hot whiskeys out of 4?

Bites and pieces

No Lucien.

Did Aurora kill Cami or compel her to kill herself?

How the hell did Tristan steal Freya's Finn necklace? Did Aurora take it after she popped in on Klaus and Cami?

Why did Rebekah have to leave town? The last time I checked, the plan was to kill everyone once Rebekah was found. She could totes help with the mayhem.

I hope what's-his-name got to keep the Strix money even though he wasn't appointed regent.

If Cami comes back as a vampire, I wonder how Klaus will handle it. He fell in love with Aurora when she was human and didn't seem to want her to become like him. Maybe he just isn't into chicks with fangs. Caroline had already turned, though, when he met her.

Did Finn somehow double-cross Freya from inside the necklace? Ugh. That guy is the worst.

Weirdly, I noted that there is was a lot more female energy than male in this family. Rebekah, Freya, Hayley, Cami and Hope vs. Klaus, Elijah and sometimes Jackson. That might not be true anymore if Jackson stays in the fold, Bex stays daggered and Cami really is gone.

Elijah: "Hello sister."
Rebekah: "Tell me I didn't miss Christmas."

Rebekah: "Well, that leaves Nik. Do you think he's learned his lesson? About backstabbing family?"
Elijah: "I think he learns that lesson all the time, he's just a terrible student."

Rebekha: "Don't fret. I haven't gone full hellion yet. No more than usual."

Klaus: "We write our wishes and then burn them for luck. Strangely, I don't remember wishing for an influx of enemies and yet year after year..."
Elijah: "How odd. Forever on Santa's naughty list."

Klaus: "Thank you for helping Freya. Sorry we're all out of mason jar moonshine."

Klaus: "Run far and fast. Stay on the move, and if you should happen to meet some handsome fool, know your weaknesses."
Rebekah: "Perhaps it's time our roles reversed. I'll run away from love if you run toward it."
So said us all, Bex.

Cami: "I've lost count of the amount of times you've been there for me and everyone you care about. But today you saved someone who doesn't mean a thing to you. Why?"
Klaus: "Because you wished it. Because what's important to you is important to me. What makes you happy makes me want to keep you so. What scares you, I want to tear apart. I do not wish to watch you from behind glass, Camille."
Cami: "What do you wish?"
**smooches. smooches everywhere.**

Happy Holidays, everyone. Careful what you wish for.


  1. Question: Why do you think Finn double-crossed Freya? You're the only reviewer I've seen suggest it. The general vibe is that Finn saw that Elijah was genuinely concerned about Freya and Finn decided to help Freya despite his hatred for the rest of his family.

  2. Morgan, I don't necessarily think that he did since he is still stuck in the necklace. It was more of an errant thought I had. Tristan does seem pretty sure that Finn would take his side over the Mikaelsons, and I often wonder if Finn had a choice between Freya 's safety/happiness and taking down the rest of his siblings what he would choose. And I really don't understand how the necklace and knife went missing and it made me wonder if Finn had a hand in it.

    How have you been liking this season??

  3. I wasn't happy about how this ended. I've always liked Cami and have been waiting for something to happen with her, and it feels like this is it. Yes, it's a supernatural show and death isn't always the end, but there wasn't even the slightest suggestion that she might turn. I hope I'm wrong. As you said, Klaus will go on a rampage.

    They made the blood on her neck look like a necklace, didn't they?

    "Character gymnastics". Loved that. :) You know that I like Jackson more than you do and I loved the way that, after all the bitching about putting out Mikaelson fires, he just ran to Freya's rescue, axing right and left. And then he gave her the shot, too. It made me wonder if they're setting up something there, since of course, there is still Elijah and Hayley.

  4. I was glad for a Rebekah episode and then they told her she had to leave and I'm like "Really?" and then Elijah put her on ice until the end of the season most likely? Ugh, I really wish she could be a regular character on the show again. And I like that it was Rebekah who suggested the work-around to the prophecy but are they really not going to tell Klaus, the most paranoid person on the show, that the family 'betrayl' has already happened so he need not worry?


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