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iZombie: Physician, Heal Thy Selfie

“Looks like a no-brainer to me, Liv.”

Last week’s episode worked to bring this season’s plots together, but ‘Physician, Heal Thy Selfie’ put in overtime as we saw all of those plots colliding at full speed, with literally every arc that’s been in effect for the last few weeks in full swing.

All of the show’s big bads were present, here. Not just “the boss”, but Max Rager, who backed Major into a corner, forcing him to “claim” another Chaos Killer victim, a guy he thought he had snuck under the radar. But thanks to “the boss” and his trio of hitmen who framed their botched hit on Major by using his MO, he had to send this guy into deep freeze along with all the others he’s gotten locked away.

Luckily, we saw Major giving the DA a choice in how he bowed out, even giving him the chance to say goodbye to his son. Major’s giving these guys the better option in all this. That’s one thing I can give him; even though his likability has plummeted this season, he’s made the best of the shitty deck he’s been dealt.

Liv had to make do without the handy memories of one of this week’s three victims, thanks to Floyd’s handy machete skills robbing each of those men of their brainy parts. Instead, she had to settle for a social media obsessed millennial to feed her hunger, a girl who had very little understanding of what appropriate content for someone’s Twitter account might be, and when not to take impromptu snaps - I don’t know how I’d react if I saw one of my online friends posting a selfie with a blood stained boat.

There were some other really great moments too, as Liv shared almost every moment of her zombie life; her morgue vlog seems like it’d be a fun watch in and of itself (are unpacking videos a thing? Am I old now?), and I had a serious chuckle at her brain sushi insta post (#brainfood). Something tells me all of that was an intentional dig at those of us who like to overshare. Maybe it’s even a direct jab at Rose McIver herself. Not that I want her to stop sharing photos like these:

Luckily for Liv, she didn’t even need her visions to solve this case, and neither did us viewers. Now that almost all of the characters are in play, there’s very little holding the show back from really having fun with the different parts of Seattle’s crazy Utopium fuelled landscape. I think bringing Peyton on board has given iZombie a lot more of a liberty to pull these characters right into the action. It also puts them directly in harm’s way, too. Even Peyton tried to escape it all herself, but thanks to the mayor rejecting her resignation, it looks like she’s in it for the long haul, and the target on her back just got bigger.

It was cute to watch her and Ravi have fun together again. I feel like their jaunt in season one was so brief that I never got to appreciate how well the play off each other. There’s genuine chemistry between Aly and Rahul, and it makes sense that these two characters would find each other, and that Ravi would want to be there for Peyton after her badly judged romp with Blaine. I’m not sure I’d have the stomach to keep up with someone who can drink as hard as she can. I think Ravi should be proud he even woke up the next morning, let alone made it into the office.

Blaine didn’t get much of a chance to explain himself to Peyton before he got booted out the door. I think he’ll try his best to manipulate her from another angle, though. His turf war with the boss is about to get dirty and I think he’ll still need the police’s help to help put him on top of the Utopium food chain.


So Liv really likes last week’s booty call, Drake. It wasn’t just librarian brains after all. #bootyhadmelikewhat

Drake’s home situation surprised me. All of the scenes with his kooky mother were very cute.

Liv now knows about Blaine’s growing Lucky U empire. What’s her next move going to be?

He Said, She Said

Liv: “I’m sure that your Tinder photo is hair centric and flattering, but how do you spin that bio? ‘I’m a humble guy, always down for a hike’ or ‘we could just murder and chill’?”

Liv: “Stop trying to make Team Z a thing.”

There are so many different pieces at play here that it’s almost a little worrisome that the show hasn’t let anything drop or suffer accidentally. The writers have done their due diligence to every arc this week, and it’s so satisfying to watch them nail all of these moving parts. If it can maintain this momentum, then the tail part of iZombie season two will be quite a ride.

4.5 out of 5 brain sushi rolls

Originally posted at PandaTV.

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  1. Surprisingly, I didn't like this episode that much. But at least I can assure you that unpacking videos are quite popular on YouTube; every time a new gadget appears on the market (i.e., every day) there are several of those.

    Maybe I didn't really like it because I'm not such a big social media user myself.


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